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Feb 2, 2006

it's comin' in hot

while this isn't the most altogether loveliest photo of this model, i must state that she is haunting me, but not in the horrible owen wilson sorta way, but in that 'hey, how's it going? are you flowing?' sorta way. and of course, mtv has no information about her upcoming reality show, but, dude if i wanted to buy that one season of "viva la bam" with that one episode where bam punched his friend in the nuts, i'm covered.

seriously, tape an episode of "next" or whatever on mtv, watch that girl's commercial and you're gonna be haunted for the rest of the week. or maybe, the slow build up will happen to you, thats what happened to me. saw her on monday, thought she was okay; then tuesday, i started to think she was hot and wednesday night; she's like a mario bava adaptation of edgar allen poe.

i think "veronica mars" cemented its title of one of the best shows on television last night. good, solid, interesting episode that used characters well. you know, a character that may have been briefly seen or mentioned in last week's episode actually made sense in this week's episode and moved the plot further as opposed to hang around for 8 episodes and not paying off until the very last 5 minutes of the character's last episode (howdy josh schwartz!). i know i've said this before, but i love "veronica mars" alot because its a show that's set in san diego and actually films in san diego. now last night, they did something even awsomer, they drove by the san diego convention center, the home of comic con and pretended it was a place in la. and i think they filmed outside club in the gas lamp district and called that la too. how rad is that? for years, la has pretended to be many things, most recently, its pretended to be orange county. now, its getting its just desserts because the first worst city in southern california gets to pretend to be the second worst city in southern california.

variety provides very little new information on the new tarantino/rodriguez collabo picture, grind house. i have a question, now i categorize my dvds by director, then by year of release. now with grind house, do i put it in the 't's or the 'r's? i'm a so cal kid, so i may have to put it in the t section.

remember on "gi joe," how it always seemed that snake eyes and storm shadow were always going to get into a fight on like every episode, but they never did. or maybe they did and i missed that episode, but i honestly think my life would've been different if i saw those fight each other. well, once again, i missed that fight and from the looks of it, it was pretty killer.

i've done some research and it turns out that i can not get the broken social scene to play my birthday because they're in france or something. i don't think i could get together enough money to lure them away from a european tour. so now if i have to re consider my whole birthday plans; perhaps i won't celebrate it at all. (insert that hiliary duff song here)

i guess my bank has enlisted the services of a security guard recently. although from what i've seen of the security guard, she just sits on a chair and talks on her cell phone. just in general, i'm seeing an increase in useless and random security guards at places. like i was at south coast plaza and i saw a guard standing outside the christian dior store and for what reason? an coup attempt those pesky yuppsters from the banana republic (i've finally reached a new low)? i understand the guard surrounding (breakfast at)tiffany's because there's some expensive, resellable shit there. where as i don't see many outlets to hock stolen and hot items from dior. what, ebay? or is the increase in the number of part time cops apart of the larger plan to increase and secure our freedom? cause you know, i feel so free when some random dude with a sketchy hair cut stares me down cause i haven't shaved in a few days.

while the masses have been completely blown over with boredum with this year's coachella line up and others are saying the bonnaroo line up is better, which i have to disagree. first off, bonnaroo sounds too close to bono, so it's cut from the list cause some douchebag in lionel riche's daughter shades may show up and want to talk about issues affecting the world and sing some horrible song. two, it's in tennessee and three 6 mafia is not scheduled to perform, lame. and thirdly, the only band that's worth seeing is radiohead and the rest of the interesting bands also happen to be on the line up for this year's boredchella, but filled with fucking jam band bullshit. sure, tom petty is cool and all and it'll be fun to hear 'free fallin',' and 'the national anthem' in the same night, but hanging out with all of those hippies, i dunno, lots of bare feet and hairy dudes not wearing shirts.

man, i need to find some investors, some promoters and some venue owners, so we could do skeetfest '06. the line up would be a hilary duff impersonator, a journey tribute band, rip taylor and all the coors light you can drink (limit 1 per festival goer). you know thats way better a tool show.

i would've linked the afi tribute band, but they didn't have a website and they said they were from tennessee, so they may be at bonnarooooo anyways.


At 7:13 AM , Anonymous TR said...

Veronica Mars is one of the better shows on TV. Great Writing and you cant beat Brtits performance last night.

Veronicas apartment is at the end of my street in Ocean Beach. I just pieced that together this week.Thanks for the rec.


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