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Feb 15, 2006

just say whoa

remember when the sports illustrated swimsuit issue was a big deal? or is it still a big deal? cause i honestly don't know anymore. you know when josie maran stopped popping up in them with photos by terry richardson and then i found out that elsa bentiez had fake boobs, and i don't know, its just been bad news bear ever since, with exception to petra, naturally. you know the thing is slipping when a girl from a beyond forgetable season of the real world can get featured in the magazine and they're also trotting out the old timers. i thought this was a magazine for kids in the sixth or seventh grade who have dads that don't read playboy and still don't have internet access and don't realize that other nameless models do the same thing every month in fhmaxuff. although the main difference is that there's nipples. i've always wondered how they, being s.i. got away with having their magazine on displays all across the country and in supermarkets and wal marts, and for the most part, its magazine thats widely looked at cause there may be some exposed nipplage of say marisa miller. correct me if i'm wrong but are these the very same thing that made all of these religious folks go crazy in the sticks and force congress to seriously consider implanting regulations on satellite radio & hbo? how is this difference and by no means i am calling for a protest of such a thing; partially exposed nipples of models from countries i never heard is a good thing, perhaps its the most american thing i can think of, but i'm just saying, why aren't these people hootering and hollaring over materials like this? or do these people just let this thing sorta slide right on by because they're not buying it, so it's not a particular problem to them. wow, what a fucking concept. you don't have to buy it or watch it if it offends you and not everybody else. who would ever thought that a couple of buxom broads from the czech republic would've thought the world so much.

can we please get these same girls to tell everybody that stem cell research is good and will not create a human animal hybird hysteria.

at first i wasnt going to say something about this 'i hate pink...' my space fan club. cause you know, its the pinklash, but here's the thing, i understand being against the dude and speaking out because he's sold out and gets to meet celebrities and what not, but at the same time, if the guy has managed to parlay goofing on the computer into cash and great myspace profile pictures, then more power to him. what i have problem with, is the whole thing that trent steals stories from other blogs. i don't know if we want to be serious and consider this a form or literature or art or whatever, but everybody steals from everybody, its just that some people are more honest about what they steal and who they steal it from. i never expect a blog to have journalistic integrity, i expect some mispelled words, funny lines, links to fun things and good pictures. and given the subject matter that most blogs cover, naturally, there's bound to be repeats and there's even repeats in the real world of celebrity journalism; check it out, flip from "et" to "extra" to e! to "access hollywood" to "the insider" and guess what, there's going to be different variations on the big stories of the day. we all hit up the same sources and sites for news and pictures. you know getty images, lime light, and superiorpics, femalefirst, variety, etc. it's all a matter of how the writer puts their own particular spin on it.

did that make any sense? i never proof read my stuff, so i never know about anything and all i care about is getting a student discount copy of final draft, so i don't have to write on my old computer anymore.

i'm not a james bond fan; liked a couple of the connery films i saw, but thats about it. although reading this article in variety about they're filming without a much of cast, which isn't nothing new to hollywood; its just usually a unfinished script. what's interesting is that how low the producers have gone on the female totem pole to have eva green, who has some major bombs over baghdad and olivia wide whose best known as the girl with too much forehead that dyked out with mischa b on "the oc" on its worst season ever. like every actress must've passed on this role and why? because they realize that its career suicide being a bond girl. sure, there's been a few that has managed to bounce back after being a bond girl, but for most, the role is their lone moment in the sun or just crushes all cred they had been building for too many years (hey hallie!). thats why nobody is signing up.

jeff goldblum may been slumming it on tv next fall, but in a pilot directed by frank darabont; a word to the wise, if you're into writing, i highly suggest tivoing the episode of dinner for five with frank darabont. it was so good and i wish he would do a writing seminar or something along those lines.

just so you know, i may be eating my words in a day or two as i call cell phone store after cell phone store and asking if they could put a phone on hold for me. i did yesterday morning and i felt awful, but then the guy at the other end, said that they didn't have the phone after all. to which, i replied, 'man, finding this phone is harding than finding a needle in a hay stack'. after that, i sent off a writing sample to the tony danza show cause i figure if i said something that bad and douchey and didn't immediately jump out a window, i could probably write one liners and witty banter for the danza.

once again, i must continue on with my rants against nbc, i feel like dennis miller by the way, just not as intelligent nor as funny, but i digress. i tune in last night and i see the fucking tonight show is on. fuck that dude. if we get no conan, there's no jay leno for the rest of america. you picked fruit, nbc, and you have to live with it. so take off leno and take off all that day time programming as well. if we can't see another michael scott joint for two weeks cause i got watch some ice skater fall down, then yeetas don't get their stories. plan and simple. tit for tat, dudes.


At 4:58 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Forgot to mention how much I enjoyed the Keira Knightly pizza riff yesterday. Nice subtelty.

At 9:27 PM , Anonymous Brandi said...

Do you have a link for the 'i hate pink..' myspace fan club?


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