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Feb 27, 2006

the kid with the golden arm

it would've made more sense to do this over at the spin off, but we're doing something else over there and when i have ever done anything that makes sense? so here we have willa holland, whose still against the law, riding what appears to be the bus. now there was a way too long period of my life where i rode the bus to school. i was a champion for public transportaion in california even thought it meant waking up way too early and getting to school about 90 minutes early for class coupled in with endless hours just spent waiting for a bus to show up, if class ended earlier and what not. in spite of all of those problems, i was a vocal supporter of public transporation in southern california. and when i rode the bus, there never was anybody who looked like willa holland there. i rode the bus with, well, how do i say this without being offensive and having people tell me that i need to watch that shitstorm crash again; let's just say that i rode with some housekeepers and special people. special people, who sometimes would be wearing a diaper on their head. special people who smelled so awful that its hard for me to describe it, but if i was forced to use a word, i may say the smell of urine is some how involved in the big picture. so given my experince and track record with public transporation, i have to wonder not only why is willa holland riding the bus, but how does she manage to pull if off? i rode it because i didn't know how to drive a car; granted, she's not of driving age, but you'd think she'd be friends with someone who has a car or at least have a personal assitant who could drive her to places? or is this some sorta act of definace and rebellion? yeah, she's an actress, a model and hopefully has a reoccuring character on a half way decent show (when it wants to be), but she's one of the people and she slums it up when she's going down to santa monica? or are the bus in beverly hills different? do they have a screening process which prevents crazy people who look like damon packard in reflections of evil from getting on the bus? lets face facts, people, if willa holland on occasion, can ride the bus in southern california, then maybe, just maybe, there's hope for public transportation out here.

if i was some ad wizard at the mta or even, the octa, i'd jump on this and do some campagin in which young celebirites are seen riding the bus. it'll be like doing community service for their underage drinking and the music/shows/movies/reality shows they're involved with. imagine all the fun of jesse mccarthy riding the bus in like glendale. how much fun would that be?

i'd like to point out this week's song of the moment, its a new cam'ron tune or at least, its new to me. i heard it on friday night on the aphilliates radio show and they threw a lot of 'exclusive' sound effects over it, so i'm assuming its pretty fresh. as for the tune, its self, its alot of fun. nice beat apparently produced by the alchemist. if cam is working with the alchemist for "killa season," then holy shit! cam's working with all of the producers that nas should be working with on his def jam debut, but won't cause large professor beats dont move as much units as a jazze phae beat. so far, its been an interesting year in singles: got that "state of grace" raewkon track, got this cam track, my theme song: "hustlin" by rick ross and oddly, i'm loving that new t.i.p. track. wish i could say the same about albums this year.

it should be noted that i'm on the 47th remix of busta rhymes' "touch it," its me, the rapping granny, and tony yayo. the rapping granny wrote yayo's verse though.

it's a crying shame that david lynch's lost highway continues to remain unavailable on dvd here in the states. there are copies available, but it's a imports and not all of the editions are letterboxed either. so if you do manage to get a copy and pop it, there's a really good chance that you'll only end up seeing half the film anyways. lynch shot in scope and if you can't see it on the big screen (3 times for me) or letterboxed, then you're not watching the film. i had to watch the film the other day for a class and i enjoyed watching the film again for the first time in nearly a decade, but i think this is a film that more people should see and i think now people would apperciate it more than it was first released. i'll never forget the ads in the newspaper for it: "two thumbs down" -siskel & ebert: two great reasons to see it". to me, i think the film was testing out the plot device that made mulholland drive so well received a few years back. it's a great film that just is collecting dust on some shelf in universal city. we can get 14 different version of evil dead on dvd each year, but one stinkin' david lynch film, nope.

also, natasha gregson wagner was in lost highway and it just made me wonder what exactly happened to her? i remember '97 was her year, but you know, she just disappeared or just never popped up in movies i saw. she was pretty cute. oh that late 90s nostaglia.

two things:
-who else was stoked that stacey keilber elf didn't win "dancing with the stars" last night? she probably gets every guy in the whole wide world bending over backwards to help her out or at least made sure she got some breaks cause she's got legs, zz top steez; you know that she gets free drinks at starbucks cause dudes behind the counter think she's cute; its something i did when i worked.
-did you see flavor of love last night when pumkin spat at new york's face? that was one of the greater moments in the vh1 celebreality history. so classic. the thing about the show is that sorta tricks you into wanting flavor to get with hoopz at the end, but at the same time, you're like why would i want hoopz to deal with flavor? miss new york is perfect for him, but you're rooting for the villian and we've been trained that we can't root for villian, but i think this time, its more than okay to hope that the villian squeeks it out. and the producers need to do a reunion immediately and get jerry springer or joey greco to host it cause you know some shit will definately go down.

i don't know if anybody else is staying abreast with playboy's search for girls of myspace, but i have a sneaking suspicon that some of these people who have submitted photos and manged to make it through the screening process, which from the looks of certain candiates so far, appears to be non existent, which leads me to my point, how much you want to bet that one of these submissions so far is a dude? what a buzz kill thats going to be.


At 7:30 AM , Blogger Dan said...

Fishscale is leaked; I haven't heard it yet, but Joey over at Straight Bangin' calls it one of the best albums of the decade. We shall have to see bout that...

At 11:47 AM , Blogger Lauren said...

Oh god! Ddi you see how Hoopz's mother was trying to "get with" Flavor. Hoopz said that her mom once tried to get with Hoopz's boyfriend. Ew ew ew ew!


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