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Feb 8, 2006


the problem with southern california right now, is, well, it's too hot to be actually be february. for pete's sake, its gonna be in the 80s and this of course presents a problem for not only me, but for lots of other people. one, we can't wear our fun and flirty winter wear, so celebrities have to go elsewhere to show off the winter goodies. two, since its hot, it means there's a mini drought and then there are wild fires.

the thing about this latest wildfire or maybe because i'm closer to the fire hotspot than i have been with previous local wild fires, but it seems like the ashes from this fire are just all over my car. i get to school an hour before class starts and generally, i sit in my car listening to the radio and you know, since its in the 80s, it gets a bit hot in a car after a while, so i have to roll down the window, but there's this slow trickle of little pieces of ash flying into my car.

also, given, but yet, everybody freaks out on the freeway during the wild fires. we're all really far away from the mountains, so it means, we could speed up just a smidgen. lets be safe, but lets not go 40 in the fast lane.

does anybody else get that stockholm syndrome feeling while watching "american idol" and start to think that paula abdul is kinda attractive? you never see a real outta control hot girl on that show; you know, pretty cute asian girls and lots of girls with yellow hair that i'm just not a fan, but most people are. so you're sorta forced into this hypnotic haze where paula abdul seems pretty hot. sure, she may be in her 40s, but she keeps up with the times with the clothes and the hair. i mean look at it this way, if she was on "date my mom," you'd pick her daughter cause you'd assume that the apple doesn't far from the tree; of course, her daughter wouldn't be at all; she'd have the body of girls varsity softball short stop.

what do you think these two talked about this celebrity function? we all know that celebrities even before meeting each other are instant bffs cuz they're in that super special club known as being celebrity, but you see, they even have more to bond over since both have had embarrasing things happen to them recently. ashlee, drunk at mcdonalds, fergie, peeing her pants in concert or at least i think thats fergie. thats what getty images said and i think that gives me the legal clereance to goof on her. i always thought fergie was a butter face, but did she put her lady lumps on her face for attention this time around? uf. sketchy.

the grammys are tonight, but who cares? the records we all love and care about aren't going to win any awards. and if they did win awards, it wouldn't be televised. to me, the whole concept of pairing musicians with each other just screams bad news bears and desperation. madonna & the gorillaz? smells like old madge is tryin way too hard to be hip and modern; what's next an apperance on the back cover of vice magazine rocking an american apparel unitard? wow, jay z & linkin park? nope. v. mars is on, dudes and the chick from "laguna beach" is playing a lesbo. mashing up, (i just shuddered as i wrote that) things should be left to guys who spend too much in front of a computer and know how to use garage band; not a bunch of stuffy old tv guys; come on, people, these grammy people think that the black eyed peas make good & innoviate music.

if they want people to watch, get duff set to make their first public apperance. the people could be getting off the island on "lost" and nobody would care if the duff set was at the grammys.

anybody else wonder if "lost" is gonna be lame tonight or not? i mean the one from two weeks ago was rather boring and uninteresting; so who knows with this one? i think the others are involved, but i mean, the others are becoming less and less scary to me; they're just a bunch of hippies. how scary is that?


At 4:20 PM , Blogger Najork said...

did you notice that grambo's got veronica mars season 1 in the 'regardez' box?

one blogger at a time... the world will be conquered.

At 7:35 PM , Blogger wonderyak said...

Dude. The weather is sucking so bad right now.

And there is no way Lost is going to be lame tonight. I feel a nice story arc coming. And rumor has it that things are about to get crazy go nuts.


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