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Feb 3, 2006

not good, still terrible

the untalneted, boring sister of that slutty heirness called mischa b a 'fat pig'; isn't that calling the kettle black? cause by those definations, nicky hilton is about the size of a fucking whale.

the thing about 50 cent's new game diss track (it can be found at best of hip hop) is this, its beyond awful. i guess 50 is trying to take apart 50 but he can't. there's no lyrics to his attacks. sure, cam's jay-z diss track was a little soft, but at least it was entertaining. 50's attack on game amounts to him talking over some beat about stuff we've already read at all hip hop. i don't understand how 50 can finally come back at game with this track after "120 barz". i mean, did 50 actually hear that song and how one dude with lamey butterfly tattoo took apart him and his whole collective. but then again, 50 smiles like he's lindsay lohan on calanders. how can you go all hard at somebody when you're fucking smile like it's the fucking cover of tiger beat magazine on some calander? let alone, what gangster puts out calanders?

and what further gets my goat is this, i first heard the track on shade 45 and of course, you excepted a bit of dick riding, but i was shocked by the lack of comments on how much the song sucked from rude jude. sure, the guy may have been on jenny jones, but on the radio, the dude is rather blunt and straight to the point; in other words, if something blows, he'll say it blows. yet, he was oddly quiet and they stop taking phone calls on the song after they got about 4 calls in a row from people saying that they were 50 fans, but they thought the track was utter shit. what happened to rude jude? i expect this degree of dick riding from the world's worst dj, whoo kid, but rude jude, come on?

maybe he said that the thing sucked and i missed it, but i dunno, something was rather shady over at shade 45.

although tune into g unot radio on saturday morning and listen to whoo kid play that song every 15 minutes like it was a lost gem from "the pet sounds" sessions. i swear if whoo kid had audio of 50 taking a dump, he'd play it and he'd re start it like 5 time and shout, 'damn!' and it'd get alot of gun shots.

in a shift to the more positive, well i don't know if it's positive, but who else is stoke that johnny is finally gone from "the oc"? i mean there's no way he can come back from that and fuck shit up. i have to commend the writers for actually closing out an awful character and leaving no loose ends. most of the time, the character just moves away, leaving things slighty open for a return in season 4, but this, it's completely dunzo for johnny. finally i have a situation where i can apply that infamous stern soundbite to, "it's over, johnny. its over!"

anybody else pick up a brokeback mountain vibe to sandy cohen's relationship with that one dude at the newport group? sandy has strayed a couple of times, but you know, maybe sandy's reaching that mid life crisis point and a sports car won't be the solution to the problem.

also; seth is smoking pot to mask his cocaine problem; the dude loves his key bumps. and katlin cooper is saving this show; don't you wonder where she is when her character is not on screen? and why was rachel bilson dressed like joanna newsom in that one scene? it was very weird.

you can't tell from this photo, but this girl has huge wawhobes and i believe the producers of "survivor" told her to zip up her jacket because it's a family show, but this girl's wawhobes fell out of her top during a challenge and quite frankly, nobody wanted to see that. on the new survivor, there's a very strong bro back mountain vibe.

mindy kaling had the best 'mugs to the camera' moment on "the (american) office" ever and brian baumgartner proved why he's one of the funniest people on television and i'm not saying this because he's a myspace friend of mine.

daft punk is also playing coachella. about a year and 14 dollars too late, french robot guys.

i sold out on thursday afternoon. its a long and complex story and i have friday morning classes this semester. what was i thinking?


At 5:16 AM , Blogger Ian said...

"O.C." writers have seen people drunk and/or stoned before, right? Johnny's sermon from the mount was the highest of high comedy. Plus, the liner notes of Dr. Dre's "2001" was the only place I saw a bag of dope as big as the one Seth had.

And if we're gonna talk "Brokeback" in reference to "The O.C.," Johnny and Chili (sic?) definitely have that locked down.

At 12:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

best blog ever


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