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Feb 1, 2006

race for the prize

i think its safe to that everybody has not been wowed over the line up for this year's whoachella (for the full list go here or any other place on the internerd); for the most part, its a good line up, but the headliners are kinda weak sauce and granted, whoachella has yet to get a headliner of the same caliber and magnitude as thes ones from '04. there's only one place to go after having the pixies (in theory) open for radiohead, it's down. while the director of the greatest russian zombie film said that depeche mode puts on a great live show; i just don't know if its worth treking out to the desert for and what not. i don't know why but to me, the line up feels like the line up they should've had last year, you know what i mean? there's alot of that quasi religious, nu folk, hippie bullshit and i don't know but i thought that was all the rage last year and you know this year, is the backlash or at least so sayth the handbook. not to mention, james blunt is playing; that dude is just painful on the ears. yeah, i listen to the blood brothers and those guys scream and to most people, they're painful to the ears, but james blunt is like somebody scratching on a chalk board, but even far worst cause its like somebody wearing freddy kugger gloves scratching my bean bag and you know that james blunt will not be wearing any shoes while he sings. and for the cool kids worrying about tool fans, i don't think they'll be a problem because they'll just be there to see tool and sure, they'll get restless during the scissor sisters' set, but thats why coheed & cambiria is there. speaking of people with horrible voices, that guy in coheed & cambiria is just as awful, if not more so than james blunt.

i think the biggest problem with whoachella '06 is going to be with fred durst cuz he'll be there with his hommies, steve aoki and benji of good charolette, trying to ask lady sovereign for her myspace back slash name and she's gonna say it's rock star bassist. but you know what guys, we can all prevent fred durst from showing up; just don't buy that she wants revenge album and we'll be kosher like a sandwich from canters.

also, i don't know what people were expecting from this year's line up. sure, we'd all like to see that dream line up of a beatles reunion, radiohead, dip set, joanna newsom, and r kelly performing all 12 chapters of "trapped in the closet", but you know, peoples' schedules just can't be worked out.

related: in addition to a roscoe's in orange county, can we also get a canter's in orange county one of these days? sure, there's a large mormon community out here, but, i don't want to drive to fairfax for those fries.

further related: while i wouldn't pay with my money to go to coachella this year, i'll gland lend out the services of the skeet on...empire(the motto is 'we minor') to cover whoachella if somebody wants to foot the bill. i'll even use spell check.

i'm still hung up on the nominations for best picture at the oscars yesterday. crash thats a joke of a nod cause oprah says its a film that everybody should own, but whose really gonna trust an oprah recommendation these days? my thing is this, while i think 70 to 80% of munich was brilliant filmmaking, probably some of the best filmmaking spielberg has done since either saving private ryan or temple of doom, but it still falls into that clap trap every spielberg film out this decade has fall into; it doesn't know how to end. just goes on and on and then we come to that super awkward, weird and just disjointed cross cutting between that eric bana sex scene and the hostage release sequence. the hostage sequence was breathtaking and raw, but when you cut back to that show of eric bana thrusting in slow motion, with the sweat flying in there, it definately cheapens the power of the previous shot. and here's something extremely weird coming out of my mouth, you know that i'm a bigger support of nudity in films, but the nudity in munich seemed rather unnecessary and just awkward cause you know spielberg makes movies for moms and 9 year olds.

does anybody else think that jon stewart won't beat the brokeback mountain jokes into the ground as the host of the oscars? cause i mean, if billy crystal was hosting, i'd think crystal would bring out robin 'i smell like camel wee wee' williams and they'd probably wear chaps and dry hump, but you know, i want to say that jon stewart is a bit above that, but then again, who knows?


At 9:33 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woachella will be sub par. Should have cancelled it and regrouped for next year. If you cant bring anything great to the table dont bother.

They are going up against Clear Channel in TN who organized a better lineup this year. Although you do have to sit throu a whole lot of shit.

At 2:32 PM , Blogger wonderyak said...

Even freaking Bumbershoot last year was better than this Woahchella line up. So blurst.

I think that someone needs to open up a sandwich shop and sell a fried chicken sandwich where the bread is actually a waffle from Roscoe's. That would be the best.


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