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Feb 22, 2006

regular john

you know how there's always that one scene in a teen movie where the cool outsider character; you know, our hero, whose a cool guy, but he's new in town and his ideas and behavior is a little too extreme or radical for that particular town and the only people he or she can make friends with are the nerdy guys. or it's like that movie with the guy from "sex & the e.r." where he betrays his nerdy friends who look like the people pictured above to become popular. okay, would you believe if i told you that these people are on finalists on this cycle of "american idol"? i understand not having full blown babes on the show (she's kinda & has a big ass), but why is this season like a reality version of revenge of the nerds? i don't think these guys have that diamond in the rough, post modern liberace vibe that clay aiken had a couple of years back. if there are photos of any of these guys doing this, we're not going to think, how funny, but we're gonna think, that's sexual harrasement. for pete's sake, these guys make dj qualls look like brad pitt. not that i would buy an album from an american idol person, but would you buy an album from some dude who looks exactly that one guy from high school that played basketball just cause he was tall, but you know he would've been more comfortable if he was in drama? its like the contest is about finding america's next best friend that we call up to complain about our relationship problems with who also happens to have a major crush on us, but you know, they're such great listeners and always there for us.

always a day behind, but i have to say that monday night's "24" was probably the greatest example i could show as to why its fun to yell at that tv during a show. of course, nobody hears you, but yet, there's a bit of vendiction in your statements. saying, "shut up, lynn! buchanan gets results!" is an ideal tension release during the show. you need it, other wise you'll go insane and have to take yoga classes with the real buchanan, which might be fun. and of course, once again, mary lynn rajskub had me in stiches as she sighed in frustration of her workload and the ultra covert nature. i may have to go and watch that movie, firewall cause apparently, she's in it and i have to see if she continues on becoming the lady version of steve buscemi. you know how there was that streak in the early to mid 90s were buscemi was in every other movie as the weird looking guy; well, mary lynn rajskud has sorta usyurped that title and become the go to slightly annoyned female co worker whose in every other movie.

i believe i've said it before and the less time i said, i got threats of violence, but is it possible to use a tv show as evidence to child services? cause i think we have a case with the most recent episode of "there & back". clearly, these people are irrational, completely vein, wear grandma sweaters, prone to violence and prone to bragging about bullshit incidents that were nothing at all. understand being cooped up in the house all day with a newborn baby, well not really, i'm not a fan of children, but thats neither here nor there. the point is, i understand the desire and need to get out of the house, but you know, as a mother, shouldn't there be a thought in the back of your head saying, okay, better not get too buck wild. you know, let's go to the moon and shit, but let's not go to the moon with billy joel. a month or two old child isn't going to understand that it needs to be quiet for a bit cause mommy & daddy are hung over. you know, wait until the kid's 2, and then maybe it'll be okay, but not now. and you can't pawn off all your bullshit to that poor woman; the real life version of meredith from "the (american) office". i feel so sorry for that woman cause she has to live with those two people, always walking around in the panjama pants, talking on speakerphone, whinning about not having any money. somebody seriously needs to netflix a copy of mike nichols' amazing carnal knowledge post haste with a note attached, 'it'll make sense in about two years.'

i have to commend the editors of that show because they really brought whole the fact that ashley angel will brag about nothing really. that fight was nothing. it was just bunch of dudes kinda slapping each other. it's nothing seriously like being playfully punched in the shoulder by a football player before history class. granted, we, we'll take anything thats remotely heroic that we've done and we'll blow it way out of portion. thats what we do, we expand and twist stories to make it sound better than it was. we never ask for directions when we're lost and we tell tall tales; sorry, dudes for blowing our covers.

and the last thing about this episode of "there & back," ashley & that other otown guy with the nu metal dreads working construction; the two of them talked about the other guys on the crew thought they were nancy boys because girls came up to them and talked about how they used to listen to otown. sure, that helped, but i think its the fact that you guys come to work in a corvette wearing designer jeans, desinger shades and a cool vintage billy idol tee you found on melrose. thats why they think you're a bit of a nancy boy.

why do i think i'm talking directly to the person i'm writing about? i'll never understand that. oh well.

so after a couple of years off, busta rhymes is back and quite frankly, he's over doing it a bit. he's got two new mixtapes; there's like 45 different remixes of the single, "touch it"; i think i'm supposed to record my verse sometime later this week since everybody else has been on the remixes so far. not to mention, busta busta is on every other remix on sirius right now. from "laffy taffy" to "state of grace," the guy is everywhere and my thing is this, i heard an interview he did on shade45 and he talked about how since being on aftermath(class), he doesn't have to jump on every remix out there, yet, i hear 3 to 4 times a day on other peoples' records. we all know that the south is kinda hot right now, but you know, let rick ross' song, "hustlin' be a rick ross song for a minute. let "laffy taffy" be its gross, danceable self without hearing busta trying to be sly and sexy at the same time. if anything, busta just needs to step back for a minute, go on 106 & park, do his interviews, do the videos and say to people, in the immortal words of large professor, "buy the album when i drop it".

the thing about the neil young movie is this: one, i'm not the biggest neil young fan; as sad as it may seem, one of my new years' resolutions was to get into neil young cause from what i heard, i liked, but you know, i'm too lazy and you know, he doesn't do a lot of stuff with james murphy or the heatmakerz, so you know, its a struggle. so i can't say if it was a good set or not, i assume it was, cause why else would they film it and release into the theaters? the music, it was great. loved it. but my main problem with it is, what are you supposed to do during a concert film? are you supposed to clap after each song or sing along or are we supposed to remain quiet like we do during regular movies? i wasn't sure of how to act during the movie. you know, i just sat there with a bunch of old people and a couple of sketchy guys wearing flannels sorta in silence, hopefully enjoying the show.

although, i'll say this, a couple of the sketchy dudes in flannels did that leave a seat open in the middle of us. now, i understand that move when you're in junior high or high school with your buddies cause you know everybody will assume that you're gay cause you're sitting next to each other, but as men in what i assume to be in their 30s, perhaps even 40s doing that, i mean, what's going on? you see when people act like that and go out of their way to sit apart from each other, it makes them even more suspicious or at least for me, it makes them seem more suspicious.


At 7:31 AM , Anonymous Travis said...

Purchase "Time Fades Away" by Neil Young

It may help...

At 11:10 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

the thing i recently discovered is that when you leave a seat open it enables each person to use both armrests. that way you don't have to sit through the movie silently resenting your friend cause you can't spread out the way you want to.

At 9:25 AM , Blogger kojak said...

Women are something else, ya know. Hard to figure out what they want and don't want. If you're having trouble with women, I've posted an article "Pointers for the Dunces" going through some DOs and DON'Ts. Check it out, you may learn something.


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