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Feb 17, 2006

the sea ward

what a jerk kristin 'jennifer grey' cavallari is. first, the episode of "veronica mars" (the newly titled second best show on tv) that she was supposed to be in didn't air and won't be on until in march. which is only really two more wednesdays, but it's the principle of it. now, she's got rub all of our collective faces in the fact that she's managed to find a pair of jeans that fit pretty well and she probably got 'em gratias. lame. well, i most certainly will not tell her to listen to "honey" by the affair and how awesome reflections of evils is.

alec baldwin has finally come to his senses and now is going to do a pilot with tina fey first, it was goldblum doing a pilot and now, alec baldwin. goldblum on tv would be awesome, but only if it was a show like 'larry sanders' or 'arrested development,' goldblum being goldblum is way more interesting than goldblum playing a wacky cop who talks to dead people boooring. where as alec baldwin, tv is the medium he should've made his home over two years ago. alec baldwin is likable, but only on tv. like if i were to see him in a movie, i wouldn't buy his performance, but on tv, he'd be like on par with jeffrey tambor as an actor. besides, isn't tv where alec baldwin got his start?

the submissions have come in for playboy's girl of myspace pictorial[maybe nsfw]. here's the thing, hasn't already somebody already done this? oh yeah, its called gods girls and one of these days, their site is gonna live and it'll be awesome. but the whole concept of doing a girls of myspace pictorial just sounds really bad. sure there are girls on myspace that i find cute, but as a whole, is the people voting on the girls going to be into the same thing as i am. i just forsee a pictorial of lots girls from long island with a faint whisper of eye borrows and a developing case of tanoxeria. although it'll probably be more interesting than g4tv's search for the myspace girl of the week

eon mckai sells out, if such a thing exists in the san pornado valley; i was at a prop house once and it was in the valley and the guy spoke really softly when he told me that they rented out props to porno movies, but then he went on to call it, the san pornado valley and it stuck with me ever since.

have you ever heard that song, "best rapper alive" by lil wayne? or that album by the artic monkeys? those are pieces of music that you believe you're better than. you know, what the fuck is this artic monkeys shit? is it some new cartoon from japan on the wb? or you like, lil wayne made a good song without mannie fresh? and you actually think he's one of the best rappers out there after listening to it, get the fuck outta here. you think that you're above liking such thngs. i'm too good for the artic monkeys, but really, nobody is above anything and sometimes, you'll be surprised. and quite frankly, this has nothing to do with what's being said, but sometimes, you need copy for a shout out. also, how seductive is that one girl in the gray hoodie? she's like molly ringwald in sixteen candles looking back at jake ryan in study hall, seductive

pharrell's solo album to come out in the spring, yet continues to remain elusive about the clipse. i know that its cool to be brooding, secretive and aloof, pharrell, but at the same time, its not cool to keep people in the dark about the clipse. its been like four years since their last real album and the world needs more of the re up gang. less r&b girl groups, less brandy records; more re up. i know that its the black card era, but does everybody else?


At 7:27 AM , Blogger Dan said...

"We don't holla back, n---a, we holla Black/ Card era...."
You know I feel you on the Clipse business. I mean goddamn, if the LOX could have that whole "Free LOX" Movement thing and get off Bad Boy, what the fuck does it take to get Clipse off Jive ("Fuck Zomba, that's the mantra")? You can't even tell me that they want the Clipse anymore, so just axe 'em and leave 'em to slang their 'cane somewhere else. Sheesh.

At 8:02 PM , Blogger Ian said...

You don't think the Clipse and Lil' Wayne are the vanguard of hip-hop lyricism in 2006? What kind of hipster are you? Really, though...maybe if the Clipse rapped about something other than trafficking cocaine in Virginia (which is a dead zone as far as I'm concerned) and Lil' Wayne actually wrote a lyric that people outside of the Pitchdork message board were impressed by, we could take them seriously. This is very much similar to Nate Robinson winning the Slam Dunk contest.


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