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Feb 13, 2006


first and formost, r.i.p. jay dee. the man made some of the sweetest beats that my ears have had the pleasure of listening to over the years. from the s.v. stuff to the jaylib record, it's all been good.

now onto the fun slutty stuff. i don't know what it is about this photo and please stop me if i'm completely in the wrong here, but doesn't lindsay lohan look half way decent here and even dare i say it, remotely attainable? sure, she's not the girl who's at tower records at 7o'clock on a saturday night burning a hole into 90% off 2006 calanders about how stupid george bush is, but at this particular moment in time, it seems as if you could hang out with her, eat bbq pork sandwiches from lee's and cruise around town while listening to sleep's holy mountain with the top & sun roof open (that is if you have one). now, if she continued on with this particular image, i'd be support of her; i'd seriously consider seeing her films and perhaps starting up a petetion about her mother having her own gastineau style show on e!. dating jared leto isn't going to win over any fans. wait, here am i sounding like one of those guys who start to fall the drivel that models and centerfolds spout off in magazines interviews.

if i become one of those guys, please punch me in the face.

hopefully, you all watched the hopefully not, but if it was, its all kosher finale of the bluths. fuck the olympics. if the olympics were really important, they would be broadcasted live and not on 15 hour time delay. but that's neither here nor there. the conclusion of the bluths saga went well past my own expectations for it. did it wrap everything? sorta but at the same time, it created a whole can of worms. i hope that "arrested development" creator and all around demi god, mitchell hurwitz listens to howard stern and i say this, because, i don't know how it was for you and your neck of the woods when it came to stern, but here in southern california, there was about 20 to 30 minutes of commercials each break and the stern show would lose its energy, its flow and its humor. but now on sirius, theres barely any commercials and the only problem you have is, that there are no breaks, so you could get out of your car without worrying missing something funny and they can also swear and talk about more taboo subjects. i hope mitchell hurwitz watched the first season of "curb your enthusiasm" and saw that they did a very funny episode about a rather racy subject too. now i say this, because mitchell hurwitz has the offer on the table from showtime to do the show for two seasons and being on a pay service like hbo and sirius, he and his writers will have the freedom to go nuts and have an audience follow with. i'm not sure how cable outlets like hbo and showtime keep track of viewers; you know are ratings really important when there's no ads on the channel and its primarily a subscriber based service. cause to me, i think it'd make more sense, if the amount of subscriptions increase due to a show as opposed to how many people are watching in this era of dvrs and endless replays. so hopefully, mitch hurwitz isn't too beat up and depressed about people not tuning in because a look at the dvd sales and two, if the show moves to showtime, there'll be an icrease in subscriptions to that channel. so please, mitchell hurwitz, be a pioneer and be bold and lets move the show to showtime, but only if fox decides to cancel it, which they should please do already.

the thing that really frustrated me about watching the final four episodes of the bluths were the constant promos for fox's midseason shitcoms, "the loop" and "free ride". now, here's the thing, peter liguori, do me and r kelly piss on your face and tell you that it's raining? do i put on a song by scott stapp and tell you its brand new radiohead? do i take a shit on the script for "that 70s show" and tell you that i did just a great rewrite on it? no. then don't show promos for piece of shit "arrested development,"/ "my name is earl" / "the (american) office" knockoffs. you're no worse than the men who pedal chanel bags on canal street.

related, watching the bluths in hd sorta ruined watching normal televison for me, forever. the picture is just so clear and crisp and wide. shout outs to d. doi.

y'all know that i love me some "lost" when its kosher, but as of late, the lack of jj abrahams lincoln may have been hurting as of late, so i say this, "lost" isn't that clever when you really think about it and you check this show out. granted when it comes to head scratching science fiction, the same statement about how the simpsons did it already happen can be applied to "lost" cept with rod sterling.

related: was it a tom cruise powermove or a thought by jj abrahams lincoln to have kanye do the mission impossible theme song this time around? cause i can't see that being good at all. although, the thought of two raging ego maniacs like ye and cruise in the same room smells like an awesome reality show.

it's really weird because up until sunday afternoon, i was having this sorta positive attitude towards life. perhaps it was the well fitting jeans from the gap or the freak heatwave in the mid of february, but you know, for the most part, i've been upbeat. i mean, i manage to make the expression, 'i just threw up in my mouth' a bit peppy, but sunday, it just went out the window. now, i don't know how exactly this applies to the story, but i live my life, well i live it by many mottos and codes, and one of them happens to be, 'you picked fruit, you live with fruit'. you have to stick with your choices and just grin and bear it. okay, wait, that probably has nothing to do with my story, but here's my thing. i'm probably eating previous words i've written, but here's the thing, i fucking hate it when people put things on hold and you're there and they're not there. you know what i mean? i'm here, i have money and i'm willing to spend money on said, but you're not going to give it to me because i'm not a person who placed a call 20 minutes ago and asked nicely. yes, i've called stores in the past to hold items for me, but here's my reasoning; to save time. now, i'd call a store thats on my way to school and ask them to hold an item for me, so i could pop off the freeway, cruise in, have the item at the register for me, pay and leave before the traffic gets too heavy on the freeway. usually, its just a cd and there's probably a few more copies kicking around, so its not like i'm taking anything out of anyone's hands.

as of sunday afternoon, i will no longer ask for things to be placed on hold for me because, quite frankly, its bullshit. if there's somebody there before i get there that wants the same item as me, then fuck it, more power to them for being on their shit while i was dicking around. which brings me to my point, i went looking at a couple of stores for the new motorola phone, but of course, nobody had it. i understand the principle of supply & demand. have very little in supply, thus creating a demand; but you know, lets have a bigger supply than five fucking phones in stock at a single time. lets carry 10 of the new it phone; you'll still sell them all, but you know, it'll give more people a fair chance at getting the new cool phone. and let's not put shit on hold for people. i walk into a store, all ready to drop some dough. well not really, my dough, its a birthday present, but its the same principle, and i ask if they have the phone in stock. they did, but its on hold for some one who'll be 'there shortly'. i'm here, they're not. darwinism, bitches. and fuck, who are these people who constatnly get new phones? me, i've had my phone for over a year and half and these people make me feel like i have a brick cell phone.

and fuck, who are these people who have fucking life other than calling cell stores all day long to grab a new phone? i know that i have no life whatsoever, but these people are worse than me. be nice. fuck, its thanksgiving.

related: anybody else see that part in "desperate housewives" where eva longoria was just walking around in her undies for like three minutes? yeah. sweeps are awesome.

dear dimension films, let donna martin graduate and free john gulager! the world needs to see feast and not another shitty remake of an only okay japanese horror film even if it has kristen bell in it.

remember willa ford? i do sadly cause she did a song with royce da 5'9, but here's photos of her without any clothes (nsfw); when the people at playboy realize that the world wants to see nude photos of celebs when they're happening, not 5 years after the fact. [via dont link this]

anybody have the scans of kristen bell in maxim? cause that may be outta control.

and if i forgot something, it'll be on the spin off sometime later this morning. go pick up a copy of refelctions of evil in the mean time.


At 7:53 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm, heat wave. The only other blizzard I ever want to see better have Butterfinger crumbs sprinkled on top of it.

As for TV, let's say we get rid of all shows after their fourth season. After four seasons, we get it. Everything that could be said has been said, now t's time for celebrity cameos. While there are exceptions to this rule (the deft comic nuances of "Yes, Dear" for one), I think we can agree the majority of TV plays down to the lowest common denominator and is just a rip-off of something more original and better executed.

A lot of shows lose their way after the fourth season, so let's cancel them. Let's constantly put new shows in production, have a higher turnaround of new ideas rather than bleed old warhorses to death (I'm looking at you, "Must See Thursday"). America will rise to the challenge.

Won't we?


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