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Mar 13, 2006

the english are waiting...

i think its safe to assume that i love america and well, i think its safe to assume that we all love america. sure, i may not agree with all of the decisions of the current presidency and the bullshit wars they start and their bullshit supreme court appointees who'll most likely take away the right of a woman's choice, but i love all of the freedoms that are granted to me as an american. in particular, the freedom as an american, to boo and make rude comments about derek jeter and alex rodriguez as i watch them during the world baseball classic. is anybody else following this? i'll fess up, i haven't been and even though, i went to the game between usa & japan yesterday, i'll probably continue on not follow the thing, but since it was free tickets (shout outs to robin brown & his knowledge of sports talk radio call in shows), yesterday, this game between usa & japan was the most important thing ever.

the thing about the game play, is that its on par with an all star game. nobody is legging out a single into a double; nobody is going to knock over the catcher, darrin erstad style to secure a victory for his country. you know, its just a bunch of dudes goofing off during spring break. and like the usa team, i had no clue as to who a majority of the people on the team were and the way some of those dudes were hitting, i just assumed that they were pulled off the street and thrown into the game. then you got baseball's version of jack & ennis, derek 'cheater' jeter and alex 'a-fraud' rodriguez striking out and grounding out each time they were up to bat, proving on a global scale that the yankees suck harder than a hoover vaccum or paris hilton; whatever works out for you.

yet, here's the thing and for most people, this team brought people together. red sox fans were cheering for jeter and yankee fans were asking for the manager to put in jason vartek, but i couldn't make that connection with the team. i screamed and i shouted and i yelled 'go usa!' but there's no way in hell that i will ever cheer on derek jeter in angels stadium. i just can't do that; that's like telling me i can't eat anymore sandwiches from lee's or that i can't ever eat chicken & waffles again. it just can't be done. there's just too much hostility on my behalf to ignore and i must shower jeter in my boos and shouts of "easy out" much to the delight of myself and the japanese fans around me. i have to say that for those 9 extremely intense innings and even through that bullshit call that took away a run from japan, we all remained calm and peaceful. baseball brought us together and for the most part, we were happy about it. people were polite about things. a yankee fan who accused me of being unamerica cause of my jeter boos, later apologized for the fact that i was forced to cheer for a fraud as he knocked in the game winner and the japanese guys in front of us, shook our hands and said good game.

the olympics don't have the power to bring people together, but really good baseball players can bring people together. there's all this strife and conflict in the world today, why not play some baseball and bring everybody together. have a couple of beers, some overpriced hot dogs, load the kids up on cotton candy and just hang out for 3 and half hours, talking shit, laughing and cheering on your team.

so, i'm slowly making my way through the new season of "the real world"; i've watched like maybe 25 minutes of the first episode, so far and this season is sorta like that one book everybody tells you have to read and it's just pure torture reading the thing, so you'll read a couple of pages, put it away, forget about it, pick it up again, read a couple more pages, but then, you just forget about it and you just put it in some highly visable spot in your bookcase to impress people. and from what i've seen, i've sorely missjudged tyler, who is perhaps the most persnickety gay guy they've ever had. he's way more evil than justin from "real world: hawaii". my feeling about the key west show has changed from being a tempetation island knockoff to the key west season is a remake of the hawaii season just with not as much as nudity. janelle is kaia, svetlana is amaya, that anoxerica girl is ruthie and the dudes are well, the dudes. i'm telling you, its the same show cept none of the girls will be toploose.

dude, how creepy is harry dean stanton on "big love"? maybe, i'm a bit over zealous since "big love" is my first hbo drama, but i'm digging the heck out of it even though i had to see bill paxton's paxton. it has a really twisted sense of humor; full of creepy, atomspheric performances by the aforementioned harry dean stanton & melora "now that i've met you, would you object to never seeing me again?" walters and it's got lilly kane and mac from "veronica mars" in it. it was so good that i didn't even want to pause it with the dvr. seriously, its worth getting hbo just to watch harry dean stanton or at least, waiting 9 months until the dvd is on netflix, but by the time, you get it, it'll be all scratched up and won't play; seriously, hbo or at least, pester hbo to see it on itunes or at least hit up the torrent scene.

it should be noted that not only is howard stern on letterman tonight, but starting today, on howard 100, they're gonna be playing his show all day long. so in theory and if my sketchy math is correct, 19 hours aday, one will be able to hear the howard stern show on howard 100. although, i'd highly recommend tuning into the btls from 1 to 5 (my time) on howard 101. those dudes are always up to shady shit and ned will have you peeing your pants. and just in general, sirius radio is something you need to get. not to just hear howard or ned prank calling some retirement home, but the music on there is so good. one night i was coming home and on one station was ice cube's "cave bitch," which i think was when cube was at his most miliant and on another was pulp's "this is hardcore." honestly, tell me where are you going to hear that on the radio? unless, revenge is some how added into pulp's name, you're not gonna hear them and the only cube record they're gonna play on the radio is that put your back into one, which was pretty lame back in the early 2000s.

a heads up to everybody, the new rainer maria album comes out in april and i'm not a fan of them, but i love the single from the album. i think it's the best song out there right now and i'm getting a very strong "more adventurous" type of vibe with this album; they just seem a lot more confident, but i haven't heard alot of their stuff, but keeps your ears open in april.

i never thought i would say this, but the most subversive show on tv right now is "x-play". it shouldn't make any sense that a show that reviews video games packs in so many jokes about the current political situation and today's society as well as hiding them in a review of the lastest mega man game. some of the jokes on the show, i don't get because i don't play video game, but for the most part, i get it and it's funny; real funny. and now, i bet you're thinking to yourself, i'm too good for a show on g4, and here's the thing, you are, but you're not above watching an episode of "x play". this is a show that did a whole episode preaching the values of communism, then a follow up episode about how awesome america is. i'd love to see the people who write for this show do something outside of the world of video games and tv producers, pilot season is coming up and you should probably steal away some of those x play writers to make that joke where an overweight guy says something about overeating to his incredibley thin and attractive wife sing.

i mostly wrote about "x play," so i could have some sorta segway between topics. okay, last friday, in a class of mine, we had a special guest lecture from a professor that my department was thinking of hiring. besides totally destroying the schedule of the class, creating no time for both a lecture & a screening; instead, we just got the lecture and some g.i. joe psas, but thats besides the point. my thing about this special lecture was that it fell completely on its face and had absolutely no 'wow!' factor at all. you're telling me that you're gonna impress a department by giving a lecture about the differences between the game, halo and the film, the matrix for 30 minutes straight? that makes no sense whatsoever. if one's going to talk about the cross influences between video games and films, why not talk about grand theft auto lifts most of its plotlines from gangster films. and as i'm watching this guy giving his lecture, i realized that i probably have a shot of being a professor at my school. you know, if i learned how to whip up some snazzy power point business, i could give a killer lecture on the film, the raiders of atlantis and the science of awesomology. me and mark from hella awful over last winter break nearly wrote a course outline for a class on explotion films, but now, i think we have a shot of getting somebody to listen us give a lecture. i mean, who wouldn't love to have watching switchblade sisters as their homework?

and finally, that reunion special on "flavor of love" can't happen soon enough. i can't wait two weeks.


At 10:47 AM , Anonymous josh said...

if Hunter Carson were in Big Love as well, that would make me watch.

At 12:34 PM , Blogger Najork said...

i'm totally into the WBC, and i'd love to go to one of the games. what was up with that sac fly call, though?

comments are acting weird for me today; i hope this didn't show up twice.

At 9:58 PM , Blogger Mark Haslam said...

we should write that course outline. but you know it would just turn into watching a slew of movies with christina lindberg and jack hill movies. not that that's bad, but no work would get done.


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