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Mar 15, 2006

just drums

head lights

i feel sad in saying this, but honestly, the only news program i watch on a daily basis is e! news live and i go way back with this show. like i can fondly remember the days of steve kmetko and jules anser as the anchors. then that period when it was just jules anser, a post "wild on.." jules anser, may i add. there was even an incident on robin brown and myself's public access television show where we did an ambush interview with an e! reporter outside of their building. i remember when guiuliana depandi first came onto the news team with her blonde hair and how she referered to herself one time on air as 'the slutty girl around the newsroom'. i even stuck through e! news during the bizzaro period when some dude with salt & peper hair and the girl who used to be on cnn headlines with the dreads were the anchors. and as of late, some of the more frequent readers may have noticed that over the past couple of weeks, i've developed a slightly uncomfortable crush upon reporter samantha harris. so you can tell that i'm an e! news fan.

yet, the past two days, i tune into my news program and i get nothing but bullshit. i see this horrible set and i see ryan seacrest adding nothing. take that back, i see a weird plugs for seacrest's morning show on kissfm out in the greater southern california area and i'm just wondering what happened to my news? i mean it was bad enough that e! news interviews perez hilton on a semi regular basis in the same manner that a major news network department would handle one of their white house correspondts, then the extremely unnecessary dismisal of patrick stinson. what is the point of seacrest as the anchor? what these two to three minute softball tossing session with hiliary duff?

hilary duff, by the way, is starting to look like aileen wuornos in the face a little bit. i don't know maybe she's getting ready for a part in a movie, perhaps a prequel to monster or recently enrolled in the lionel richie's daughter's acting studio (personally, i would've gone with acting lessons with jeffrey tambor and dropping a couple hundred bucks, just talking about how he decided what was the best way to say, "hey now!"), but something is rotten in a stainless refrigerator in the hollywood hills.

but i'm getting off my point; if there even is a point, but i'm saying is this, e! is a network that builts its name on a few things: howard stern, late night showings of "wild on...", the true hollywood story and celebrity trial reenactments. two things of those things were dude centric things; we tune into stern cause it's stern and we tune into "wild on..." to see some blurred out boobies cause the free six months of cinemax ran out and the other two things are goofy, fun things to watch. they're the equilvent of comfortable food. but now, e! with this whole seacrest being the brand of the network is just shooting themselves in the foot. have fun in september when idol is nowhere in sight.

i have two questions to ask. myself, personally, i know two people who watch the show, "grey's anatomy," and that's about it. this show has become this gigantic rating drugernaut, but who exactly is watching it? i've never been in a conversation with somebody whose told me, 'man, you have to check out 'grey's anatomy'. it's so good.' usually, its a one sided conversation with me talking about how awesome 'veronica mars' is. but there are people out there who watch this show and i'm not being judgemental about the show or any thing, i just want to know, who exactly is out there watching or is it like spice girls cds back in the day? they sold alot of records, but nobody is fessing up about anything.

my other question is, and i think i have may have to give some junior high kids cigarettes to get an answer, but can somebody tell me the difference between panic at the disco and fall out boy? i think they're the same shitty band and millions of kids are being duped and quite frankly, we should pursue some legal action about the matter.

bencio del toro as the wolf man? makes perfect sense, but for 110 minutes? i don't know about that. maybe in one of those zippy, increasingly unfunny snl digital shorts, sure, bencio could go nuts, but a whole movie? anybody ever see that movie where nicholson was a werewolf? i think bencio wants to be nicholson and i heard that next season, he's gonna have floor seats for clippers

kanye: the movie? sounds like an interesting concept and can potentially be the big break for alot of new filmmakers, but it'll probably be chris milk and a couple of other video directors.

i'm signing off on the new jr writer mixtape; the more stuff dip set puts out there, the better. anybody know if that "the movement moves on" album is just gonna be a mixtape or a real album, let alone, the track listing; supposed to be out in a little less than a month from now.

you know that i have to go there, so here it is, 8th & ocean last night, please tell me that you caught the cold open and you saw the greatest thing in the history of the world, the "model's for christ" group. holy shit. holy shit, so brilliant. i could never ever think something that brilliant even if i had portions of david mamet's & mitchell hurwitz's brains transpanted into my head. the dvd for the series needs to be out next week and it needs to have all of the footage from that shoot. just imagine one of those stupid abercombine & fitch ads coming to life and they're sitting in a circle, talking about their relationship with jesus. now if real church was like that, i'd go. i'd be there for every meeting, listen, be supportive and hell, even bring some punch and treats; you know, a small supply of sandwiches from lee's cause you know, with all of the left overs, i'd have lunch for a few days. then the rest of the episode, we're introduced to vincini who has to the 'tony montana' of male models; he gives this great speech about how can he can't sleep at night because he's worrying about how he has to call in the morning to figure out what castings to go to; i can't describe it and i wish it was youtubed, but it's just so amazing. that whole entire scene is amazing. i am telling you guys, tuesday night is going to be the best night for ego maniacs tv. next tuesday is the return of "blow out" and i can hardly wait to hear jonathan antin's speeches on how having a child has really changed his perspective on hair styling and how he's in the process of creating a hair care line for tolders cause what parent doesn't want their child to have volumized hair? your tivo may explode next tuesday.

although, it should be noted that i most likely will not sign off on "the real housewives of orange county; only because who wants to watch a bunch of old ladies pumped full of valium, botox and saline parade in capri pants acting like they're l.c. from mtv's "laguna beach" or something.

sorry that i've been so scatterbrain with the old skeet shoot this month. i've been too wrapped up in this script i'm writing for class and i want to say i'll do a better job updating the rest of the month, but i probably won't. just look forward to april because i should be done with the script by then.

i totally thought that the will ferrell dying in a paragliding accident story was real because when i first heard about it, i was in a car, going to get my haircut and i've reached a point in my listenership with the btls where i can trust bubba and his producer came on mic and told the story and i freaked out because i have no access to computer in my car, naturally. so i'm frantically flipping the dial to get to the one of the cnn stations to hear confirmation, but i get a message fron a friend who says that it wasn't true and then i felt better about myself because i was so close to writing something about i thought will ferrell was losing his edge; anybody see the trailer to his nascar movie yet?, and i would've looked like a total asshole, well i'm already an asshole, but you know what i mean.

and finally, after what seems like months, perhaps even years, the best hour long drama on tv, "veronica mars" (the best drama on cable is "big love," trust me, it'll get good) is finally back on. you have no excuse to miss it tonight. "lost" is starting to suck these days and it's a repeat and quite frankly, i'm ankling the show after this season and the best way to watch the "american idol" results show is if you fast forward to the last 5 minutes. there's no excuses, unless you know, you're getting an hj in the alley after the models for christ meeting.

one more thing, there's alot of talk about kristin cavalleri & nick latchkeykid hooking up in the press and i just have to wonder, don't these reporters know the rules about bros? nick lachey is best bros with matt lein(lion)hert and as we all know, matt leinhert has gone out with kristin cavalleri; it's just an unwritten code that i believe ken baker of us weekly doesn't get, bros don't date each other's ex girlfriends even if the guy says its cool because if you have to ask if it's cool to date the person, then you know its not cool. and you have to realize that the last thing nick lachey wants to be around is another ditzy blonde; you would think the guy would be having a jam session on par with shawn kemp with all the brunettes in la la land. you know, lacey, meadow soporano's ex husband and leinhert were supposed to be the new pussy pose and they were supposed to be leaving their signature stds with so many personal assitants and girls who work on roberston blvd.


At 6:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Veronica Mars. So painfully overacted.

At 10:09 AM , Blogger Najork said...

oh no you didn't.

At 11:51 PM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

I said the same thing about Panic At the Disco and Fall Out Boy. I'm not sure if panic at the disco is even real because at the same time they were being played in the KROQ furious 5 at 9 they were also having their asses handed to them in an online popularity contest over at Spin.com. The Fall of Troy beat them soundly and I assume this is because they actually play shows and exist and have real fans.. versus Disco which is fake and possibly just Fall Out Boy whose fan base has not been given word that they are the same band.


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