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Mar 20, 2006

la dolce vita

isn't life great for rachel bilson? hit tv show, a stoner boyfriend, starring in a movie with zach braff written by the guy who wrote crash, and she gets to eat ice cream whenever she wants. probably even for breakfast.

dudes, i got so inspired the other night. not to update this thing more frequent, remember this month is a wash, look forward to april. but i just got inspired by sheer artistry and brilliance. saturday night, i saw boom bip at the walt disney concert hall and during his set, boom bip brought out local favorite busdriver to do a tune and i don't even know where to begin. it was just one of those moments that my words or the snoddy video i recorded on my cell phone would ever done justice to. like if you were to rank it on the all time fun things scale, i think it'd be right above talking to mormon missionaries while watching a movie with a boat load of swears in it, something david mamet. but the word 'fun' isn't really the right word. maybe 'awesome' and 'wow, i wish i could be as creative as that' and perhaps, 'fuck' is the right word for the situation. now, allow myself to add this into the mix, i was not a boom bip fan before the show; i was sorta bored by his last album, but on stage, the guy is amazing; seriously, if boom bip ever goes on tour and he's in your area, check him out. although, if he pulls a dntel, then don't hold it against me.

i've seen jimmy tamborello a couple of times, but as apart of the postal service, but you know, i dug the dntel record, but when he performed at the walt disney thing, he just dicked around with his laptop for 45 minutes playing tea kettle sound effects and static. you know, if i want to people dick around with sound effects, i'd open up soundtrack pro and get back to work on that song i've been making using nothing but gun sound effects. yeah, i know he's probably in the process of making a new album and he wants to experment, but you know, don't experment at the disney hall when people have paid good money. save that for the echo or internet radio.

and there was this other guy, john tejada, he did a set and it was good, but it's werid to watch somebody perform who simply bops his head up and down as he touches a couple of keys on a keyboard and taps some other electronic device. you know, he'd touch a couple of things and a slightly different song would come on and you know, he'd do a little hand twirl after he had something new to the song. and the audience were going nuts like a couple of 14 year olds at a blood brothers show.

i'm always weirded out by audiences at shows, but this one was one of the rare ones were the audience actually made me feel young. there were alot of old people, but you know, they acted young. you know, i'm in mid 50s, but i still wear a leather jacket and make art kind of old people, yet the andy warhol looking dude and his wife were the first ones to fall asleep during the show. then, i saw some guy who was wearing the same exact shirt i was that night and that's always an unusual situation. i think its more awkward for women then it is for men because i treated like it was a mirror, okay, that's how i look in this shirt, all right, well, i better eat less food tomorrow and run a couple of laps.

also, the walt disney hall its self. beautiful venue, sounds great, but the leg room in the terrance section is terrible. i'm not a super tall person, if anything, i'd say i'm short, but my legs were crushed. so a word to the wise for anybody going to that place; maybe do some yoga and park in the employee parking lot cause you won't have to pay.

semi related, at this show, i saw a professor i had last semester and i didn't know what the protocol was. do you say hey or do you snicker in the corner with your friend about the situation or do you say, 'wow, i got better seats than my old professor does. maybe i should trade since i got an a in her class'? its always weird seeing teachers out of that environment; let alone the small talk that has to be made.

then again, when ever have i been good with the small talk?

everybody is kicking themselves right about now cause the criterion editon of dazed & confused comes out in june after most of us bought the last version that came out a year or two. although, some may say and i tend to agree, that this film is worth the double dip.

i'm not into gq; cause why is it called gentlemen's quarterly when it's out every month, but anyways, their story on adriana lima is killer. well, i didn't read the story as much as i got distracted by adriana lima's amazing shoes and how she's bringing back the fonzie look.

anybody been keeping abreast with jessica from "laguna beach"'s travel blog? if you're into chicks wearing pea coats, then it's a must read.

the other day i went to the marc jacobs store on melrose with my friend, rose. she had ordered one of those blondie shirts, which look pretty cool, and she was picking it up. me, being me, i just stood right next to the front door and waited. the store was about to close up and all the people who work there seemed like they were getting ready to have a good saturday night as they had cracked open a bottle of wine and having a couple of laughs. and i was unsure what to do, do i just continue to stand in my spot and wait or could i look around the store, i took a step forward and put my shoe on the carpet and i quickly retracted my foot cause you know how when you're over at your friend's house and they play by canadian rules (no shoes in the house), but you didn't know they played canadian rules and you took a small step onto their super new carpet and you felt like a jerk cause you know, you're wearing dirty sneakers. thats how i felt at marc jacobs, that my dirty new balance sneaker was about to ruin their nice, fluffy carpet and i just continued to wait inside in a corner. sure, i could've played some tunes on my phone, but i don't know if the people at marc jacobs would've apperciate bo hagon's "w'zup" as much i would've at that moment.

for those who've been keeping score, i've been talking alot junk about busta rhymes and his 48 different remixes of "touch it" and how he's on every single remix on sirius right now, but i have to say that busta is rather nice on the tune, "cannon" from the gangtsa grillz album. and if you didn't already know, the best way to sleep a friday night stuck in rush hour is with the aphilliates on shade45.

can somebody explain as to why it costs $265 dollars for an ice cream hoodie? i'm just wondering.

the best part about you tube is the variety of it: you could watch the new cam'ron video (jj walker is priceless as jay-z) or you could watch the trailer for johnny benson (the guy in the yellow shirt is loosely inspired by yours truly), but probably the best part about you tube aside from the random music videos bored junior high kids make, is that people post videos for classic songs like souls of mischief's "93 till infinity". watching that video makes me wish that spring break shark attack was sooner and the weather was better. geez, its in the 50s and its been raining. i thought this was southern california, people?

forget about v for vendetta, what natalie portman needs to do is a remake of every which way but loose. and just in general, we need more movies where people are paired up with chimps and what have you nots; it just would things that more interesting. people would actually want to go see a kate hudson movie for a chance, if instead of having to raise a couple of wacky kids, she had to take care of a chimp, a gorilla, and a orangutan. that's more interesting and that's more funny, too. you know, that scene, i think it's a couple of scenes before the one where they sing along with a pop song with hairbrush microphones, but you know that scene where the single girl is getting a bit cheeky with a guy, then the kid cries or something stupid that stupid kids do; but instead of a crying brat, it's replaced with a chimp throwing shit onto the back of the dreamy, rude guy, who at first, is sorta into it, but then you know the female actress freaks out and the guy starts to realize that shit is covered all over his back. this is the kind of magic that would bring people back to the cinemas or at least start an outbreak of netflix subscriptions. or say, if it's a rom com with sarah jessica parker, like the guy could end up making out with the orangutan, thinking it was sarah jessica parker and once he realized it was an orangutan, he'd probably end up sticking with it. come on, hollywood, let's move that bus and bring back the ape sidekick!


At 10:29 AM , Blogger Dan said...

The ice in that Cam video is absolutely mindblowingly ridiculous-- I mean damn, how many chains does a dude need? And yeah, I need Killa Season like yesterday.

At 8:19 AM , Anonymous Travis said...

What about Blow Out last night...?

What happened to the tantrums and telling everyone he's a stylist not a hairdresser.

Jonathans gone soft.....

At 8:20 AM , Anonymous Travis said...

What about Blow Out last night...?

What happened to the tantrums and telling everyone he's a stylist not a hairdresser.

Jonathans gone soft.....

At 11:32 AM , Anonymous Xander said...

I skimmed that GQ the other day when I was at the mall between classes..Adriana Lima claims to be a virgin in the article. I always thought models were required to do mountains of coke and have wild sex marathons.


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