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Mar 7, 2006

lets not forget aka going postal

dudes, hopefully you're like me and already set up your dvr to capture the commercial free greatness of mtv's "8th & ocean". i will unfornately not be home to capture the magic (thus, putting my return to normal updates back a couple of days; sorry, charlie), my dvr will and i'm go out on a limb here, but i think this one is going to be way better than "laguna beach".

also, i tried to watch the new real world the other night. yeah, that crushin' russian's knobs are phenomenal like dario argento's phenomena, but watching this video of just blaze playing on his mpc was way more interesting. if they could combine the two, that crushin' russian and dudes dickin' around on mpcs, i think you may have a winner there.

also, what the fuck? no veronica mars this week, but there's a two fucking hour episode of "american's next top model"? who the fuck still watches that show? the people or at least, me and 100 other people demand new v mars instead of watching some show that gets a heavy set girl's hopes up.

also, fuck nbc. two weeks without any episodes of "the office," one new episode, then a bunch of repeats. fuck that. crank out the new ones; its the only show besides earl and law & order: milk monitor that people care about on that network. (as i wear a conan obrien t shirt)

also, if i hear another fucking ad for sons & daughters, i'm going to cut my ears off. how fucking annoyning is that shit? how scary funny is that hiliarous improv comedy? just a shinning example as to why the world needs writers.

also, who hasn't called this girl yet and heard some cranky old lady on the other end of the line?

i gotta jet, there's a lean cusinie with my name on it.


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