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Mar 1, 2006

a million and one

i'm surprised by how long it took, but never the less, the spin off back lash has begun. and oddly, i sorta agree with the guy, but then again, whenever has a spin off been anything decent with exception to "family matters", naturally.

unrelated though, i'm taking the week off. finally got hot on another thing i'm working on and my homework is taking alot out of me. who knew watching the first season of "lizzie mcguire" would be so tasking? remeber when hiliary duff was chubby and didn't have that scary looking sister attached at her hip? oh those were the good old days.

these two are the best reason why to watch the new season of "the amazing race"; that one girl is like the puerto rican rachel mcadams.

and finally, on k fed's my space page, there's a track by the game on there and the game makes references to k fed in the song and k fed has two lines on the song, but thats about it. i don't know what the game is doing these days. first, the butterfly tattoo, then he hangs out with the good charlotte guys (who own dim mak), then i see him using his son as a way to hit on giuliana depandi at the grammys and now, he's defending and doing records with k-fed; what? maybe 50 was right after all is said and done.

also, fuck les moonves


At 1:00 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

I saw the premiere of RW:KW and I have to say it looks promising to me.

All it takes for a great season is a gay guy to create drama, a militant black woman, and someone coming to the show with an already developed disease/problem.

They have all three this season: the gay guy who says stuff just because he's worried that otherwise he'll lose his gay guy license, the half-black/half-white woman who appears to bring up race in every conversation, and Paula the bulimic, which causes every other cast member to the run the gamut of emotions in each episode.

And I think that scraggy guy from Seattle with the curly hair and the Captain Carl 5 o'clock shadow will be *way* more interesting than he was shown in the premiere.

Also, it will be fun to watch the guys bend over backwards for the Crushin' Russian as she seems to never be satisfied with anything and she's hot.

And no relationships will be made outside the house as nobody actually lives in Key West, its just all tourists who stay for 3 days and that's it. So everything should be concentrated in house.


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