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Mar 23, 2006

my tivo weighs a ton

dude, i know, i know. i hate it too when blogs don't update as often as we want them to, but weirdly, i've just been so focused like dynamite with a laser beam on this script for school. working on this thing has been so therapeutic and alot of fun, but also, it's been one of the most humbling experiences in my life. every friday morning, just talking with my professor, who was one of the major creative forces on an influential tv series from the early 90s; no name dropping, sorry; about my characters and bouncing around ideas and just listening to great stories. so it's like i said, march, is a wash. april will be a good month. i should be (crossing my fingers) done with a draft of the script and i'll be dicking around with term papers, and those are weekend power sessions.

a quick reminder, even though, i feel that this needs no reminding, but the new ghostface killah album is out on tuesday. it's ghostface and it's got production by pete rock, mf doom, madlib and the late great j. dilla. seriously, go out and buy it. also that new t.i. album is out; i don't know, but the more and more stuff i hear off that album, the more and more i think that t.i.p. is actually the king of south.

also, what the fuck is going with the movies? can anybody explain to me, why's there a larry the cable guy movie? great artists like alejandro jodorowsky and todd solondz either spend nearly all of their life savings to make a film or they can't find financing for 16 years for another film, but larry the cable guy gets to make a movie and he's not even trying to act. if one's going to do a filmed version of their act, then just save everybody's time and money by simply making a concert film instead. is there an audience for this film? you know while i'm not a fan of larry's type of comedy, i want to believe that his die hard fans have so understanding of quality control and will just skip the thing. let alone, is an audience large enough to support a larry the cable guy movie? is it that much of movement? i'm just frustrated that a new dario argento film is delayed until the fall, but larry the cable guy gets to crank them out.

another thing, can anybody explain to me, what the show, 'the best damn sports show period' is all about? it looks like a bunch of guys in old ryan seacrests shirts talking about a whole lot of nothing. or at least, i assume it was nothing. the sound wasn't on and i think i hate the show because i started to bowl badly once it came on. but what exactly is this show and makes it the best damn show? from what i say, it was just a bunch of awkward product placements and soddy conversations about march maddness.

seriously, i don't know what's going on anymore. i haven't even watched "veronica mars" yet; i just got disc one of "deadwood" from netflix and it's awesome. watched about 15 minutes; heard about fuck 20 times, the c word at least once, and brad dourif was sticking a metal prog through some dude's skull, so in other words, it's one of the best shows ever.so i have a lot of things to catch up on.

okay, so the other day, i was talking about how awesome boom bip was at walt disney hall. and well, i recorded a bit of the performance, all be it, 30 seconds, on my cell phone. so for those keeping score and interested in, sorta hearing and seeing what the show was like. mind the shooty camera work and mind me talking briefly during one of the clips.

check ya in april cause it's spring break shark attack next week!


At 7:20 AM , Blogger poor man said...


Deadwood is one cock-suckin, heathen, dirt-worshippin, fuckin fine show. The poor woman and I are doing a cross country trip for our honeymoon. We're thinking of a detour through South Dakota now.

At 5:31 PM , Blogger Thigh Master said...

wait, there's a real world in key west?


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