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Mar 10, 2006

sunrise superman

so i caught a rerun of mtv's "8th & ocean" the other day. much like the city of new york, it's a show so nice that you have to watch it twice. but anyways, as i'm watching this show, there's this part where irene mare is talking to sabriana, the twin with the bad skin; side bar, isn't there nothing better than a girl with bad skin and big bazooms? so this woman is telling sabriana that she has a dead face when she photographs; granted, sabriana doesn't photograph that well, but where does irene mare get off in telling somebody that they look dead in the face? that lady's face would no signs of activity even if she had a seismograph attached to her face and the big one that'll finally rock southern california to its very foundations, danny bonaduce style, was going on. these dr. 90210 aren't helping people out, they're just turning really rich people into aliens. and while there may be life on saturn (which should answer david bowie's question), i just don't think that turing people into aliens now is going to be beneficial. when george bush some how manages to alter the constitution and gets elect to a 3rd term, then yeah, lets look like aliens and asked to be beamed, but now, not a smooth move.

screw watching the hills have eyes remake when they're nearly finished with dvd. go out to a theater, watch it, be frustrated that the people who are talking during the movie aren't saying anything remotely interesting and helpful to the film and leave or put it on your queue, wait a couple of weeks, completely forget about it, get it one day in the mail, and be like, "why did i put an over stylized horror film on my list? " as a fan of the wes craven original and due to the fact that claire from "lost" is in the remake, i'm gonna skip out on this one. if i could barely make through an episode of "lost," with claire screaming about her baby every 10 minutes, what makes me think i could sit through 90 minutes of her screaming about stuff?

also, is one of those gambling sites taking bets on how much longer until we hear clare say that a dingo took her baby on an episode of "lost"? how come that show is going down the shitter so fast? the great uncle grambo said that the downfall of "lost" lies within the hands of scientology and quite frankly, i have to agree. to me, it seemed as if jj abrams was spreading himself too thin with all of the other tv stuff he does besides "lost," but i think he was this voice of reason, a voice of quality control thats been lacking all too much this past season. not to mention that david fury isn't a writer on the show anymore cause he's too busy writing episodes of "24" where terrorists use flame throwers and lovable losers who are computer programers die to nerve gas exposure.

anybody else weirded out by the fact that c thomas howell and elisha cuthbert have an implied relationship on "24" this season? or are all we just weirded out by c thomas howell in general these days?

semi related: for those who are becoming increasingly dissatisifed with "lost," a brand new episode of "veronica mars" airs this upcoming wednesday night; its gonna be killer.

ever hear the song, "just drums" by tapes 'n tapes? yeah, it's like this good. they are very few things in this life that are this good and we should all apperciate them and if others blew it and missed some goodness, tell them stories about how good it was, like how robin brown will sometimes tell the story about how he saw a dog just hanging out on a trampoline one time

i have five things to say about last night's "the oc":
-since when did brea look like barstow? 3 days a week, i'm kitty corner from the city of brea and it looks nothing like that and what fucking road were they on to get to the 5, then to get over to the 57? thats like my daily commute and while they got the roads right, they fucking blew it, location wise. not to mention, if they were coming from newport, they would've gone 55 to the 5 to the 57, but i digress
-how dare they mock the brilliance of nick lachey's alleged (according to e! news daily) new lovin cushion push pin, kristin cavalleri's voice overs from "laguna beach: the real orange county"? don't be all sour grapes about how their show is better than yours. you know, make fun of the new season's voice overs cause the new season is gonna blow, but kristin cavalleri's v.o.s were excellent.
-since when did bailbondsmen listen to tom vek? that "c.c." tune is pretty awesome; vek's got production skills for days & weeks, but i'm just not sure that bail bondsmen from indio would be into that stuff, unless they're total sirius marks and the btls was on a commercial break, so they flipped around the dial or they were listening to the station out in indio that plays all the bands who are going to be coachella, so the locals will know what the city's source of revenue are talking about when they loiter in their various fast food establishments and targets.
-why did it take me so long to realize that patrick batemen is sandy's new partner in the newport group? and why is this guy still on the show?
and finally,
-how did they manage to make two outta control hot girls in a hot tub boring? it was like listening to the clean version of n.w.a.'s "fuck the police". sure, i wasn't expecting them to go full blown skinmax jones, but you know, at least 'the cw' things up a bit. yet, what do we get some lamey one liner from seth cohen.

i haven't listened to much of the new yeah yeah yeahs album. only a couple of tracks and i wouldn't necessarily say it's a monet album; sounds good on paper, but upon first listen, its not that good. it's more like when you're up in the cheap seats at a basketball game and the cheerleaders look really killer, but then they show them on the jumbotron and it's a total bad new bears situation. for some people, they're into that, but me, i'm not or at least, it may take a couple of listens, but i have yet to be wowed by the new yeah yeah yeahs record. and i understand that karen o is dating spike jonze and that his brother did that one song from the adidums commercial from last year, but it doesn't mean spike jonze's brother has to produce the whole album. let nick zinner go off and do wacky shit with his gaggle of pedals.

if you haven't heard "mr. november" by the national yet, then i don't know what's wrong with you. to say its a call to action is a great undrestatement. it's just one of those songs that people like myself who never write songs say that they wish they wrote.

its supposed to be raining rather badly this weekend in the southern california area and i have a problem with the rain. when it rains rather heavily, you know, water builds up in the gutters and occasionally, people unfortunately have to walk when its raining, i know because i've been there, but i'm just wondering does anybody else have this perverse mixed emotion in their stomach when they see somebody walking when its raining, like they want to splash since its funny because its not you, but at the same time, there's that creeping feeling of being the world's biggest asshole since that old astronaut guy from the new season of "survivor" as you get some helpless person wet from the splashback.

and finally, this weekend marks a big event for yours truly. now, for a while, i had the great ablitiy to say that i've never seen a james dean film, but i had to watch one for a class and that ruined everything. but i can still claim that i've never read a harry potter book and more importatnly, i've never watched an episode of "the soporanos" nor any other hbo drama series. everybody talks and talks about the hbo dramas being so good and so addictive, so naturally, i want no part of it. yet when i heard about "big love" about a year and half ago at a midnight screening of david lynch's wild at heart, i was rather interested by the show and the fact that bill paxton was going to be a polygamist, you know sign me up. so here i stand, on the verge of making a connection with one of these hbo shows and able to say, 'oh yeah, i've seen that show.' hopefully it'll be awesome cause then i'll be left out of dinner conversations and what not.

although, i'm attempting to get on the "deadwood" trolley.


At 1:52 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

The cobra snake girl you linked... i'm pretty sure she goes to chapman and if you ever go to one of these chapman parties we sometimes go to you could very well see her there. She was in my Industry Insiders class and once we talked about how John Badham's TA graded our papers too harshly as if we were in an english class or something. She dresses like rainbow bright sometimes.

At 8:44 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

Hate to break it to you, but I think 8th and Ocean is fake.

I saw a rerun of it earlier and within the first few minutes they showed the boy models eating pizza.

No way in hell they're allowed to eat pizza. Pizza is the worst possible thing a model can eat because it just ravages the face instantly--all sorts of blemishes, redness, etc. If they were real models they wouldn't be eating pizza. It would be bad for their career nor do I think the model agency would let them.


At 9:02 PM , Blogger Uncle Grambo said...

I love the new Tom Vek video. Those muppets drumming and horning alongside of him are straight outta "Bad Taste" (P. Jackson stizz), only modified to be hipster bestever.

At 12:08 AM , Blogger Rogue2020 said...

yessir, "mr. november" is indeed one of my favorite songs ever.

listen, castrone is quitting myblogispoop, theblacktable shut it's doors, and pitchfork can't get enough of itself lately, so if you quit that leaves me with the spinoff, some thrice-a-week piping hot content, and scott stereogum, and frankly that's not enough material to get me through my 2 pots of coffee in the morning.

do us all a favor and ignore the haters. skeet on.


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