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Apr 11, 2006

elevated to throw some fists

its official, dudes, kristin, a girl from "laguna beach" has gone insane. i'd assume that doing in stores and personal apperances would drive any person insane, but this so soon? who would've thunk it? then again, having to still hang out with a guy named talan that used to be engaged to the mostly useless daughter of rod stewart(she was good in an episode of "undeclared") would drive anybody to the brink of insanity. uf, imagine the conversations that must go on about auditions they recently went to and some new technique they learned in acting class the other night. that must be as bad and as awful as listening to somebody talk about their script.

the new pretty girls make graves album out today; also in store at amoeba sunset. i'm on the fence about going; only because i have to do work for school and i can't find anybody to go with me. apparently, i talk about my script, too much, but it's been far too long since i've seen pretty girls make graves. man, i used to see them every time they were in southern california, but nowadays, it's like, eh, i gotta catch up on "deadwood".

here's the thing about "24," that i sorta realized on last night's episode, jack bauer is saving los angeles once again, but he's doing it while wearing a man purse. the whole time, he's been wearing that thing and you would think after 18 or so straight hours of wearing that thing, one would think it would begin to wear on the back and become more a hinderance than a beneficial item to carry around. granted that it's a lovely thing to you know, hold some sandwiches and guns, but it still has that stigma of being a man purse. which leads me to another point, why do i need to see the new mission impossible movie when we have jack bauer saving the world while dressing like a dude from rock kills kid. you know fuck that thom cruise dude. and i don't know about most of you, but doesn't it seem like most of the shows that jj abrahams lincoln has been involved with have had only one good season. "felicity," well, you know what, i just watched for a single season and then i realized, what the fuck am i doing. "alias," the first season was great, but you know, it got really boring and repeative. "lost," well, that shit is sinking down the tubes than i don't know what. and the point, if i do have one to make, is this, i'm thinking that this new mission impossible has maybe got one solid hour of entertainment to it, then the rest of it is a confusing, boring mess where it's revealed that tom cruise isn't really a spy, but a patient in an asylum whose made it all and he's also pregnant with michael vartan's kid. weird, i know, but i'm just looking at the track record.

back to "24" for a minute, that episode was amazing and each week, it just gets better and better and better and it leaves you standing in front of your tv with clinched fist, shaking, wishing it was monday. thats weird thing. now, i look forward to mondays, simply cause, nine times out of ten, new stern in the morning and a new "24" at night. the new symptoms for having a case of the mondays is laughing alot and running around, holding finger guns shouting something about homeland security always fucks things up.

i know that pink & that other guy hit it big by placing captions on photos and clearly, this picture has nothing to do with that statement, but you know, if i were to do captions, it'd be like, "hey, who farted?" or you know, "hey jess, you shouldn't wear white when you have a really heavy flow." you know stupid shit like that, but what's weird is when you watch tv and there are shows on tv that are placing captions over photographs. there's the show on vh1 called, celebrity eye candy, which for the most part, is just photos with moving, wacky captions and videos. and e!'s "daily 10" also does the caption thing and you know, if we're gonna poke fun at celebs on tv by showing pictures of them doing stupid shit, then let's just bring back "celebrities uncensored" okay? let's not fuck around anymore. let's see the poorly shot footage of ashlee simpson goofing on with her boyfriend in where ever famous people hang out; let's see more footage of a drunken alexis arquette leaving with a club with andy dick clinging all over her. let's do that on tv; no captions. nobody reads while they're watching tv unless they're watching a foreign film or something from england; you know, subtitles. let's have some announcer make the goofy comment. or even have more fun with it and edit all of the footage of drunk celebrities to the ruff ryders' classic, "down bottom"

i don't want to blow any minds and/or covers, but the 'young' wife on that bravo show about coto dea caza isn't really 24. she's 26. sorry charlie. i have a friend who lives behind the gates and gave me the full blown iggy on the show. if i watched the show, i would've remembered all of the details, but i don't.

has anybody actually ever seen jonathan products? i see that he has them and forces his employees to use it; well, any saloon, they probably make use whatever product they have alot of, but has anybody actually bought a jonathan antin haircare product? there was a sephora when i was at the mall the other day looking for sneakers and i wanted to go in there to see jonathan product for myself, perhaps, even cry a bit, then dance to my pussycat dolls ringtone, but i just couldn't do it. you know, i feel weird going into sephora. so somebody else has to do the heavy lifting for me. killer, thanks.

don't forget new 8th & ocean tonight. i'm not going to go out on a limb and say that one lady will go nuts over sabrina cause from the looks of it, her skin has cleared up and she's put on her best man trapping outfit. what i will say is this, sean will, of course, say something profoundly poetic and interesting. fuck bono winning a nobel peace prize, give it to sean, dudes.

further related: christa t of what's the story, morning glory? has crafted a drink game for "8th & ocean," it can be found here; good lookin' out.

and finally, i'm now discovering that the album, "who will cut our hair when we're gone?" by the unicorns was quite polarizing. i'm running into people who weren't fans of it and i'm apparently the guy in the corner with rose colored glasses, just in love over the whole thing. that album is an album that'll permentaly be stuck in my head. and well, the same has to be said about the album, "return to the sea," by islands. i can't exactly pinpoint what it is about nick diamonds and his lyrics; it's sorta like a professor of mine once said about david lynch and his work; they're personal for him and you're not suppose to know why, yet, somehow we, or at least an audience has managed to connect passionately with the work of lynch and the same can be said about diamonds and j'aime tambeur's music. it's insanely personal, but dettached enough to not be labeled as personal or the dread introspective. "return to the sea" is just a solid album from start to finish and probably, so far, my second favorite album of the year, right behind "fishscale" by ghostface, naturally.


At 1:07 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

Speaking of girls from the OC going insane. Remember crazy Natalie from our ETTV class??? I think this is her.

At 7:23 PM , Anonymous josh said...

"Bucky Little Wing" is the best song on/off that album.


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