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Apr 20, 2006

heavy lifting

i don't know, but if you heard hulk hogan call into the btls the other day, talking about how he's freaking out over his family and how he wants to go to jail because in jail, he'll still be hogan and gets to lift weights all day. thats sorta where i'm at, right now. it's just been a bad week, you know. sugar binge eating, girls in shorty shorts, watching throughly depressing films on sunny days, having theorys being proven incorrect and in the words of mr pink, "acting like the only professional".

so here's me being lazy and presenting to you something that i see at my bowling alley every week. there seems to be a monthly cycle of music videos they play at night at the lanes. and well, i can't really bowl until i watch the damn yankee's video for "high enough." now, this video was made famous cause it had an excellent guitar solo by the motorcity madman, ted nugent and there's a great bit by patton oswalt on this video as well. it's classic and quite frankly, you simply have to watch it to apperciate its glory and magic.

but bowling music videos are weird because it's a mixture of mid to late 80s videos and alot of late 90s stuff. the only video remotely 'scene' is that franz ferdinand video for "do you want to," and there's weird back to back blocks of foo fighters and foreigner videos. for some reason, bowlers like league hard core bowlers are really into listening to "learn to fly," and then "i want to know what love is". although, its been a mighty feat for us to not make a joke when they play great white. it's so easy, but it's a better person who doesn't go there. i went to a bowling alley once where they were playing juelz santana and "laffy taffy" and it was cool, but when i left, i nearly got jumped in the parking lot, so i'm done with that place.

and for those keeping score, i bowl at the place where janice dickinson made fun of mentaly challenged people on that season of "the suureal life".

also, shout outs to america for not voting for ace young, but at the same time i have to retract those shout outs for putting kellie pickler for another round. yeah, the cute, dumb blonde thing worked for the first couple of rounds, but it's like this, we don't need another jessica simpson. it's bad enough we have to deal joe simpson, drew lachey, the chick that drew lachey danced with on "dancing with the stars," and ashlee simpson; now, i gotta deal with kellie pickler acting like she doesn't know the meaning of words. catch the mcpheever, dudes.

shout outs to hbo for picking up another season of "big love". i'm thinking season 2, we'll probably see lilly kane from "v.mars" take a whizz cause everybody so far has taken a whizz on camera.

and even more shout outs to cee lo & danger mouse for making the song, "crazy," which is my new theme song and to the defunct q & not u cause i think i'm going to make an aboric work out around doing air drums to their song, "so many animal cells".


At 9:43 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

On the subject of Travis Barker fan death threats. I was actually kind of going for that kind of response with my Melissa Joan Hart experiment. To this day I do not believe I have gotten one hit from somone searching for Melissa Joan Hart.


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