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Apr 17, 2006

horse apples aka gimme me three steps, mister.

i want to say it was around this time last year or perhaps, a month ago last year, the expression, "outta control," came into my vocabulary and shortly afterwards it entered the vocabs of other people, but it didn't, unfortunately have the ability to spread like a virus. as time progressed on, it was extremely hard to find something that embodied the spirit of being "outta control," or even for that matter, "outta hand." it got to the point where the term went into retirement. yet as i watching the film, brick and i see the actress, nora zehetner and quite frankly, it was the rebirth of "outta control". i don't want to step on the toes of the thigh master, but he's right on the money. i don't know what it is about her, but there's something about her, that's outta control and she's so good in brick, but so underused as well.

as for brick, which marked my first trip to the movies in nearly two months, is this once you get past the whole bugsy malone, 'oh, this is like "veronica mars": the movie' and get comfortable with the film's slang, you're sucked in and having fun with it.

speaking of "v mars", i finally got caught the last two episodes and it's pretty good, but i thought the whole veronica dreaming about the kids on the bus struck me as a bit "twin peaks" ish, which isn't a bad thing in theory, but just seems sorta out of the normal for the show. i love the hazy, blurry visual style of the flashbacks, but, i dunno, the dream sequence was a bit too much. perhaps, i'm just calling it 'twin peaks' esque cause anything weird or remotely unusual within the confines of a show seems like that show. although, i got the iggy on "twin peaks".

lightning round: is "4th chamber" by the gza featuring ghostface, rza & killah priest the best wu solo song of all time?

has anybody seen that horrible "yo momma" show on mtv yet? to me, it just seems like a live action version of insult master from "aqua teen hunger force" and if you play that game on the adult swim website, you'll probably laugh a lot more often than this show. the whole show seems like a bunch of dudes with trucker hats, designer jeans and wallet chains running around, shouting, "ah snaps," or whatever generic slang that kids are into these days. you know where the humor in it; like it would be interesting if it was a bunch of grade school kids snapping on each other and their struggle to be clever and biting; instead of a bunch of people standing around in a park. there's the whole 'where did they learn how to say that' factor if it was kids snapping back and forth against each other. and you know, if i wanted to a show about dudes in trucker hats, ed hardy hoodies and wallet chains, i'd go to lucky strike or some bar in newport beach and watch those dude trash talk with each other after one bumps into another at the bar.

speaking of newport beach, i have to wonder how many of you witnessed the magic known as e!'s "child star confidential"? holy moly, man, holy moly. they featured the life story of jeremy jackson, the kid that played "hobie" on baywatch and seriously, the thing made me question my sense of humor. after it was over, i asked myself, why do i find somebody's soberity to be the funniest thing since that episode of "i'm alan partridge" where he tries to have a james bond marathon. it was so perfect and great. you know that sketch on "mr show with bob & david," the pardoy of e! true hollywood story on corey feldman; you know, josh fendermen and honesty in motion. that sketch still thinking about makes me throw up from laughing so hard. anyways, the point is, if there's a point, is the mini true hollywood story about jeremy jackson plays out like that josh fenderman sketch, but only better cause jeremy jackson has this redonklicously long mullet (check his myspace for the gory details) and during the interview, they go with him to get a haircut, but it doesn't look as if he got anything done to his hair.

then like the last five minutes of the piece is just him running around, jumping and dancing all over some club in newport beach. it was beautiful, shoeless james blunt style. like i could watch it all day long. you know, fuck the third season of "laguna beach" being about l.c. sister's, let's move go north on pch for like 15 minutes (put that dfa remix of that hot chip tune on repeat and it'll be all kosher) and hang out with newport beach/huntington beach party kids for a season. you know, e!, get on the trolley and do the jeremy jackson show. fuck chelsea handler or where are the producers of the surreal life on this? the world needs more of jeremy jackson and his glamorous mullet!

lightning round part 2: why is every other red hot chilli peppers song post dave narravo weirdness about california?

gotta say that last friday's "wonder showzen" was pretty amazing. middle america speaking in gibberish except for "texas" cameos by david cross, amy poehlr and jon glaser, amongst others and of course, trevor with 'beat kids.' i'd love to see a full episode of "horse apples". i smell a future dvd extra for next year.

this is a little venting here, so bear (witness) with me for a moment. i'm doing this group project right now and it's giving me uclers even more often & frequently than i usually do. there are few people i like to work with. friends, mark from hella awful, and short engaged women who tell me not to worry about putting together the power point cause they need to get an a very much badly. i like to work with people who answer their emails, text messages and return voice mails. perhaps, i'm the weirdo in the mix here, but this group, i'm working with either i blew up their mailbox by sending huge files. and i know that you guys should be making the 'mwah' sound effects in addittion to playing the world's tinyiest violins, but i'm frustrated and i assume that if i talk it, perhaps if i went as far as to hug it out, i'd feel better about the situation. and here's the thing that makes my matters worse, i tried to used power point the other night and that has to be the most confusing program in the wide world. seriously, i honestly believe the world would be a much better place if there was no power point. i know how to monkey around with final cut pro and i can sorta make beats out of gun shot sound effects on soundtrack pro and i've burned a dvd using idvd though, but this powerpoint thing is like fucking kryptonite. i write or at least i try to write movie scripts, so i wont have to deal with making presentations using power point. if this power point problem is going to continue on, then we need to teach it to our youth sooner, than later. i remember taking a class on how to play the keyboard while i was a wee one, but on second thought, if there was a power point class avaiable, i would've taken it (hind sight is 20/20 though).

best line, or at least second best line on "big love," last night was when margene yelled, "i just wanted to watch a fucking romantic comedy, ben." the show managed to capture the trivial frustrations of life so perfectly. some times in life, you know, we just want to watch a fucking romantic comedy and not be hasseled about it. we've been dealing with making power point presentations and people need to unwind. some burn a wheel, and others want to watch a romantic comedy.


At 5:49 AM , Blogger Wade Word said...

do a tutorial in ppt; it is not that hard, dude

At 3:35 PM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

It's definitely either 4th Chamber or Verbal Intercourse off of Only Built for Cuban Linx. Good call. By the way...your blog is hilarious. Keep up the great work.

At 2:15 PM , Blogger christa t said...

Instead of saying out of control I say "double-O C". Think about it.

At 7:47 AM , Blogger Thigh Master said...

2 things

1st, last week's beat kids was the weakest one yet

and 2nds, i wish i made a nora zehetner collage

oh well


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