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Apr 18, 2006

i'm a dancer, not a duelist

very necessary. rihanna's video for "s.o.s. (rescue me)", if you haven't seen it yet, which i have to say, come on, get on the trolley.

and before i go even further on, allow me to say this. there's no greater feeling than a pair of brand new socks and there's no more embarrassing sound than sound of you spliting your underpants. and if somehow you manage to do both on the same day, you're gonna need to listen to "the red" produced by dilla off of that jaylib album and/or listen to "waitin' for superman" by the flaming lips, then your day will be on the good side. ginnifer goodwin has nothing to do with this, but i assume if you knew her, she'd probably tell you that she digs that one flaming lips song, too.

for anybody keeping score, i think i won my war with power point. it's just like anything, the more you use, the better you get at it and once i discovered that there's all those wonky transitions, i felt a little more comfortable with the thing. i saw some stuff on par with star wipe and i just felt at ease. you know, it's sorta like using final cut cept it's not as interesting and its with words instead. i still think its a bastard program creating a generation of kids who make presentations where every time, we see a new slide, we get some wacky sound effect. presentations are meant to be boring; it's all on the individual to sell the subject matter.

lightning round: does anybody know what happened to dan the automator? granted there was the handsome boy modeling school album in the winter of '04 with a couple of tunes, but really, what's going on with the dude? i sure you could use some wacky mike patton concept album or another installment of the deltron; you know something that's automator or has the dude gone into hiding cause danger mouse came through and stole his thunder or is automator just hanging out in the bay area, making hyphy tracks with dj shadow & david

i was reading through the talkbacks on aint it cool the other day about "24," and they brought an interesting point. we're with jack bauer over a 24 hour period and we've never seen the guy take a leak. maybe, it's happened in the moments where that one dude who hates chloe is fucking things up, but by in large, i can't recall that he's never taken a whiz. i understand not eating, because it's too intense to take a moment on the day to grab a burger or something and eat it while he's driving to bust somebody's head in. now, you watch "prison break," a show which should be more intenser than it is and those guys are eating all the time. granted, they're in prison, but still, they have time to chow down, but you know, don't you think jack would break a power bar sooner or later.


i mean if he has enough time to make a one of those things for andrea rains instead of going after robocop, then he has time to pop in a granola bar or something. you know that's probably the first thing buchanan did when he got home from ctu. marshal law most likely prevented him from being up a double double, but you know he wanted one and he probably made of those jumbo decker jim bleushi sandwiches, which chloe totally busted his shit on when she was using his work station. its just very bizzare. you know, andrea rains has all the time in the world to throw some super expensive white overcoat on, but grabbing a quick bite from the gas station. oh no, that's impossible. my nerves are on edge and i can't have anything at all.

and "24" is why i look forward to mondays. you know, sitting in class, on the chip, angry about nothing, but at the same time, its really something, but i have to say that last night, "24" kinda over did it with the split screen. 8 fucking screens, come on, that's over kill and i'm a fan of split screen, too.


what kind of "8th & ocean" are we getting tonight? is it going to be more sean and teddy cementing their titles' as this generation's neruda?

or more of briana secretly telling sabrina that she wants her to be inside of her? i'm sorta hoping for both.


At 12:11 PM , Blogger Wade Word said...

Glad to see that ppt didn't defeat you. Your blog isn't always hillarious, but it often has info that i can use in conversations with my girlfriend and her mom. Not that i don't watch terrible tv, i just watch a different kind of horriblity. Plus, there are often hot chicks.

At 2:32 PM , Blogger christa t said...

We need some Bri-on-Brina action badly because the bisexual girl just got eliminated from Top Model.

At 5:27 PM , Blogger Ian said...

If MTV shows "S.O.S." and "Bossy" back-to-back, it might kill me.


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