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Apr 4, 2006

it just got interesting

if the word on the street is correct, then, i have to say that if nick lachey has rebounded with vanessa minnillo, i have to say that its a total and complete upgrade. boom bazooka joe, she looks better in hot pants than whats her face ever did. also, special shout out to the dude in the pink with the old school baba boey mustache or the oates mustache, if you're down with man eaters and what nots.

so, i guess starting today all of that bruin gear is 50 to 70% off, right?. i think 2006 is just going to be a bad year in general for southern california teams when it comes to playoffs or the big games, unless you're the flying tomato. usc, (insert disgusted sound effect here) got hooked by the long horns; the bruins got eaten by gators; the clips will be clipped by the mavs; ducks will have something done to them and i don't know what team they're playing, but you get the picture. you know, kobe will score about 70 points in a quarter, but still manage to lose to the suns in three straight; although that one dude on the suns may be out for the rest of the season and that story was the lead story for the 5 o'clock newscast out in arizona; the diminishing playoff chances of the suns.

it's probably been done before, but i honestly, think i'm going to publish a book of all of my doodlings on my notes for this one class i have or at least, throw some on the spin off; give me an excuse to update that thing. i'm gonna update it one of these days, i swear.

8th & ocean tonight. i bet you dollars to donuts that this lady will freak out again over something involving sabrina. has anybody created the drink game for this show yet?

the thing about the new season of ""blow out", is i don't think jonathan antin's heart isn't that much into the new season. i heard a story about marlon brando and the advice he gave an actor on the set of the island of dr. moreau; he said, "imagine a bowl the size of montana and now imagine that bowl full of money." that's what i think jonathan antin is doing with this season. the bravo people called him, asking to do another season; he said he had to think about it, the agent/manager, whose creepily become a character this season probably gave the brando advice, then jonathan called his sister rob and said some bit about doing a nearly vomit inducing commercial for pussycat doll ringtones (record companies make more money that way) on the show and rob said that would be beyond cool cause you know, she's so strapped for cash. i apperciate him still crying and getting emotional during his sessions and i've become a fan of jonathan antin's random acts of poppin' & lockin', but where's the heart? where's the soul? and where's scott? the guy shaves his head and boom, he's off the show. also, what the fuck was with the whole jonathan rant about how he had to go snowboarding cause there was fresh 'pow-pow'? seriously, jonathan antin is more of a modern renaissance man than henry rollins will ever be. as you see, jonathan's a hair stylist, a father, a dancer, a snowboader and most importantly, an asshole.

has anybody actually watched the coto de caza show? i watched it for about five minutes and i was like, 'bullshit' (martin landau as bela lugosi style). you're telling me that i'm supposed to feel sympatheic and sad for some trophy wife who lives in a gated community with a husband with a seven figure income cause she's a stay at home wife? what? how is this woman's life bad? yes, i know money and material that money bring can't normally generate happiness, but shit, it just seems like this woman's whole life is set up so all she has to do, is work out and be there when the dude comes home from work and come on, she's not living in the fucking state of arizona or anything, so she could probably hop in an suv thats too big for her to drive and tool around rodeo drive for a couple of hours before said husband comes home or at least go to the movies or something. these rich women act as if they're living in ludlow, california. somebody needs to play these ladies wolf parade's rather great song, "i'll believe in anythng" or at least just the chorus.

besides, coto de caza isn't that interesting of a place nor as exclusive as they want it to be. if they let me in there a couple of times, then they have no standards or real regulations. i wish i could you tube this video, but its on vhs. anyways, it was for a project in high school, and basically, me and two other people just went to somebody's house in coto de caza, walked around, pretended we lived there, acted like a rich family that was all on coke and we gave a tour of the house. i think we got an a.

mark of hella awful said it best when he said to me at lunch the other day, that band of horses sounds like my morning jacket meets the shins. it's a good record, but there's no wow, you know what i mean. then again, i haven't managed to make it past "just drums" on that tapes 'n' tapes album.

catt sadler of e!'s daily 10 is the new samantha harris; if they're not the same person cause i have yet to see them in the same room together. also, why is an extreme sports guy hosting a show about brangelina?

the song, "big girl" on ghostface killah's amazing album, "fishscale," i think probably is one of the best songs ever made. no co signer required, but it would be nice. somewhat related, do you think the easiest way to labeled as the cool teacher at school, would be to have as homework in english class, like listening to ghostface and biggie records? they are great storytellers and they manage to create vivid images with their word selection. you know, i'd probably save that for a short story class; making kids listen to "only built 4 cubin linx" instead of reading hemmingway.

last summer, there was a semi raging debate as to what's a better film: opera or el topo. now, this debate has returned, but it's about, what's a better tv show: "24" or "big love"? both of these shows have a wonderful way of ending an episode; cause at the point when it's gotten to the most interesting point, it fades to black and says, "on the next..." clearly these people know how to leave wanting to more and i'm just at a cross roads as to what to say is the best show on television. then again, i think any show i watch is the best show on television.


At 9:07 AM , Blogger Ian said...

I can't get enough of "Big Girl." That song was going through my head as I guzzled whiskey at the Barrister's Ball. A lot of chicks here could learn a lesson from that joint. "Y'all nose hairs is burnt..."


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