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Apr 12, 2006

let's make like brit and bail

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this perhaps has to be the hottest celebrity playlist photo in the history of itunes. i'd say does mandy moore ever take a bad picture, but, i dunno. photoshop may be her buddy.

have you picked your copy of dfa remixes: chapter 1 yet? it's extremely necessary. sure, you could spend a couple of tooling around the peer to peer servers or you just drop 13 bucks and get all of the songs on one handy dandy cd or just hit up the itunes, you know. just buy the thing and seriously, it'll help you kick your ass while doing cardio at the gym. not that i, personally would know anything about working, but from what i've read in magazines and seen on the tv, high temp music helps burns those lbs.

i know, it's a short update today, and it's not from a lack of material; it's there, but it's not there, if you know what i mean? but i have to talk about what had to be the best episode of "8th & ocean" so far last night. we had briana being used to actually move a storyline along; she was more than comical relief, she was like obi wan kenobi and just dropping pearls of wisdom all over the place and at the same time, sort of coming onto sabrina, who by the looks of the outdoor lunch scene, one of them was having a lunch beer. a bold move and it didn't look like no light beer, either. so boom, right off the bat, it's heading into the classic zone, but these bastards cut to a scene between teddy and sean where they talk about chicks, man. i've said before that "8th & ocean" is sorta shot like a bergman film (take a film class or netflix it up, if you dont get the reference), but the camera people really went for the close up with that shot of teddy. i actually think they attached a dv cam to his face to get that shot. then there was that super rough zoom out on sean; so brilliant. and we haven't gotten to the best part of that scene, the actual conversation between sean & teddy. i don't even think that arthur miller, one of the great american playwrights could even write something that brilliant, that cutting, and most importantly, that funny. i had to watch it a couple of times to soak it all in. did anybody else notice that once sabrina started to do well, kelly's hair seemed darker than before? we always knew kelly was the evil twin cause sabrina wears glasses and girls who wear glasses..., but i mean they're really doing it; making kelly visually the evil, mean twin. that headset lady didn't freak out, which sucked, but we had that one model's walk of shame out of teddy's room.


At 7:23 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your photobucked bandwidth has been exceeded.

At 9:47 AM , Blogger christa t said...

I ended that episode stone sober. Well, almost. But I think I am going to go out for a PhD in psychology just so I can write my dissertation on the Kelly/Sabrina conundrum.


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