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Apr 10, 2006

little bones

clearly distraught, if not even bedraggled over not being considered one of the hot 100 according to fhm and its readers, rachel b has started to cruise around the boutiques and speciality stores of los angeles county without any pants on, scratching her crotch but she's managed to continue to keep a tight and solid shoe game going. i don't know about you, but cruising around with no pants on is pretty hot in my book. way hotter than a kate hudson carrying a farting toddler.

perhaps, you've came to this conclusion already, but i just came to it the other day while i was eating sandwiches at lee's and they have a couple of tvs on. one had cnn headlines and the other had fox news. my eyes bounced back and forth between the two sets like a tennis ball; although, mostly focused on cnn cause fox news was talking about natalee holloway and while i was surprised to see somebody other than nancy grace talking about the case. anyways, my eyes bounced over to fox during a news update and i saw some of the reporters, julia banderas and i was taken back for a moment cause you know, for a slightly legit news network, julia banderas was a little bit of all right, but then i noticed since it was a high def tv, that julia banderas wears too much make up. then i remembered the last place i've been with women who look good for afar, but upon closer inspection, if you touched their face, it'd look like all the colors of the rainbow and that place was hooters. now this is based soley on my experinces at hooters and how i've never seen a hot girl working at hooters, but for you, it could be another stiuation. i'm just saying that fox news is like the hooters of journalism. it's an attempt to refined, but we all know it's tacky and kind of a joke.

well, there goes my theory that jack bauer is gonna die at the end of this season of "24". i was a fan of that rumor of ed norton as the new guy saving the world. i mean, they still can do that, have ed norton save the world; like he could pop up and team up with jack bauer for 5 or 6 hours and get like shot while in the middle of a gun fight with whatever terrorists they're fighting that season. i'm hoping for one season that the terrorist threat is from a survivalist group in middle america and they cast t-bag from "prison break".

speaking of "prison break," it's a show that's good but is not living up to its potential. it's a show that could be great; perhaps, it was the long break inbetween episodes so fox could continue on with the washed up celebrities competing against each other fad, but i think the biggest problem with that show has to be robin tunney. she has to be the worst actress i've ever seen and i've sat in a couple of auditions. and you can't watch an episode of the show because you're worrying when robin tunney is going to show up, sigh and talk really slow. yeah, she's talking in legal mumbo jumbo, but she still can pick up the pace a bit.

perhaps robin tunney needs to hang out with the cast of "so notorious" cause they can talk really fast, but they have the ablity to actually not really say anything. like the three minutes i suffered through of "so notorious," felt like a combination of the high pitch noises from dolphins who are scaring tyra banks, who in response to the dolphins has decided to scratch like the shit out of the world's longest chalkboard and tyra is starting from top to bottom without any pregnant pauses or anything of that nature. i have to wonder who exactly is the audience for this show? has anybody been asking, "you know, whatever happened to that torri spelling? i haven't seen her on lifetime in a while." vh1 has created a niche out of celeb reality shows, so why do a sit com thats loosely based on a person's real life. isn't hogan knows best phoney enough for them?

the second best part of "big love," ginnifer goodwin opens up on margene; seriously, i'm just waiting for the clip show episode where they rip off "the simpsons" and do a montage of all the times actors were filmed from behind either in their underwear or sans pants. although, i hope to goodness that we never see harry dean stanton without pants on; that'd be bad news bears. although, it would be a bit of fun if he did say, "more juice, please".

i'm going to sign off on only half of that new dip set, duke da god album. too much 40 cal, but i do apperciate how all the cam, rugger rell, and jr writer are pretty much right after each other. the remixes of "it's nothing" & "grill 'em" are extrermely nice. wait, i do like that line 40 cal has about "saved by the bell" on "getting money" but other than that, i have yet to be wowed by 40 cal. more max b, please, roman grant style.

i think rachel b is so bedraggled cause whenever she tries to record the new season of "wonder showzen," the ending gets cut off cause mtv has to pump in all the ads they can for "fired up! 3" featuring all those useless extended dance remixes of songs you could give two shits about. although, fired up! 4 is gonna have the mega dance mix of that one song from brokeback moutain on it. have to say though, that this season of "wonder showzen," very good.

word to the wise, if you're trying to find a copy of brokeback mountain and the store you go to, is sold out, seriously, dudes, hit up, wal mart. there's bound to be many copies there.


At 1:13 AM , Blogger Najork said...

YES. robin tunney is so, so terrible. she has nearly driven me away from that show (well, her and her backup lawyer, who is almost as bad).

also, i haven't seen this so notorious thing, but when i was about your age i realized i was suddenly old because i would watch things and people would be talking too fast for me. like, i saw the goonies on tv and i could barely follow it. it was like all the hyper had bled out of my body during college.

At 4:57 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

I see you have found Reinhardt's First Law of Distance; all women look better the farther they are aware from the male observer.

At 6:47 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw Robin Tunney on some talk show a couple of years back and she mentioned that she and Lara Flynn Boyle were bosom buddies (or bosom-less buddies--oh, snap!) during their formative years. Lara Flynn Boyle being an equally horrible actress,leads me to believe that whatever high school they went to has a piss-poor drama department.

Also, word is that Skeet-fave Mindy Kaling contributed a sketch to Saturday Night Live last week. Nobody knows for sure which sketch was hers, but it had to have been the sketch about wine tasting because apart from Banderas' hillarious accent, it was the only thing on the show that earned a laugh.


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