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Apr 5, 2006

on such a winter's day

the primary election for the california govenor race is heating up; democratic candiate phil angelides has already restored to using his daughters in his tv spots. while they're no bush girls, the angelides girls have more of an attainable vibe to them; sure, they could potentially be the daughters of the governor of the state with the world's fifth largest economy, but you know, you could probably strike up a casual conversation about the new loose fur album with one of them or at least, thats what i assume that liberal young people listen to cool music on drag city.

from having a nearly nude nicole eggert on his album cover to trading quips with journeymen entertainment reporter jerry penacoli; from having his face all over mtv to reading telepromters and talking about the latest photos of maddox jolie shopping for toys in france and exactly, what happened to mark mcgarth? i know that the records were becoming less and less rock, but you know, there's a racket in making albums for the star98.7 audience; i mean, train still pumps out the records, so why can't sugar ray? or at least, mcg could throw mark mcgarth a bone and let him guest star on an episode of "the oc" as that slimey, swary patrick batement dude in the newport group

mildly related: bijou philips in drag looks exactly like santino from "project runway," which totally negates any hottness vibe that bijou had unless, she's dancing around, drunkly singing "california dreamin"

slightly related: remember "california dreams? i was in a class recently and the professor jokingly mentioned the show in passing and a couple of people broke into theme song. i always liked how "california dreams" tried to have a serious or dramatic situation in each episode; sly was dating a blind nikki cox and there'd a bit about racisim and characters would leave the show for no reason. and of course, the band would never play their instruments during the performances.

i know it's subjective and there's no such thing as objective truth, but i have to call bullshit on this year's fhm hot 100 [via bastardly]. cause rachel bilson did not make their hot 100 list [once again, via bastardly; i'm just a thief these days]. you're telling me that loud mouth bag of silcon anna benson is hotter than rachel bilson? cleary, anna benson isn't cause why else would her husband be messing around with her friends? and this a woman who threaten husband with sleeping with the entire mets, including the mascot if he ever cheated, yet, the guy was willing to take that risk. kate fucking hudson is on that list? wha happened? who are the people that read and vote in these fhm polls? are the men who happily go and watch kate hudson movies with their gal pals? granted, kate hudson was in almost famous, but nobody watches that movie cause of her and i know that robin brown watched one of her movies, but he was on a plane to prague, so you know, it's excused; but, come on, kate hudson had a kid, thus not hot anymore, simply married man logic. and fergie, who is a broken ass version of carmen electra, apparently is hotter than rachel bilson, once again, wha happened? the golden shower community came out in droves or poured in their support for a woman who can barely control her bladder on stage cause to the exitent of my knowlege, rachel bilson doesn't pee her pants that much. sure, she might be a bit too skinny and guilty of wearing spandex from time to time, but the woman is a saint cause she has to deal with adam brody. i bet you that maxim is more on the ball when it comes to their hot girl list.

don't you hate it when girls wear rings on the wedding ring finger one time you see them, and the whole time, you're like, fuck, somebody always beats me to the punch, then the next time, you see the person in question, you're like, wait, maybe i have a shot after all is said and done.

all right, so that one booker didn't freak out over something involving sabrina during "8th & ocean", so i owe everybody donuts, but i came to the conclusion that irene marie is really a man. i can't fully explain but that one scene where she met up with the twins and she was wearing those pink cargo pants, yeah, ladyboy looked as tall as yao. super scary. and the second thing i learned from last night's episode is that sean needs his own spin off series. fuck all of these horrible real worlds and punk'dings of pseudo celebrities; i heard they're hitting perez hilton next week; give this sean guy a show; you know, hangin' with sean and just listen to the guy and whatever male model friend of his have to say about whatever is on their mind. i'm such a fan of sean that i wish he was a friend of mine, so i could call him up for advice cause you know he probably gives the best advice in the whole world and it doesn't have to be about modeling or chicks. like if you were to ask sean a question about the difficulties with your third act, he'd probably bust out some crazy metaphor about a brazilian girl and at first, it won't make any sense, but like two seconds afterwards, all of these fireworks will go off in your brain and your third act will be fixed in two days. and probably sean has some great receipes and knows how to properly interior decorate your pad. if he doesn't get his own show on sirius radio, he should at least be a regular fixture on the btls and dare i even say, hiliary clinton's running mate in the '08 election.

i don't know, guys, but i'm thinking of bailing out on this season of "blow out". yeah, there was that great breakdown in the shrink's office where jonathan antin said he's so over his self, but at the same time, what was good about the episode? i'm gland that it wasn't another commercial for ringtones, but you know, this blant commercialism in this show is just turning me off. maybe i'm expecting too much out of jonathan antin ever since i started reading film as a subversive art. clearly, he's not a subversive figure, but you know, he's rattled a few cages of the establishment a couple of times.

i think the ever so smug george clooney's rather excellent good night and good luck has affected my perception on anchorman or at least network news anchormen, which is way i don't buy katie couric as the anchor of the cbs news. not that i watch the evening news; sadly, i get my news from howard stern & the daily 10, but, i just don't see katie couric being on the front lines of war to cover a story; well, basically, she has no edge and literally (but i mean it in a figuritve sense) has no balls to go after the hard stories; she's not going to take people to task and rattle cages. perhaps, this will make more sense; when i was watching the oscars last month, i got upset because jennifer aniston and jennifer garner presented awards because to me, they're not film actors, they're tv actors and they have yet to earn respect as film actors to be there; you have to do quality work in order to be there and that's how i feel about nightly news and morning news. sure, they could do it, its just reading off a telepromter, but it's the tone of voice; it's the passion; i just don't see couric as a fighter to cover stuff; i dunno what i'm even talking about.

new episode of "v. mars" tonight and next week, it moves to tuesday nights, where it'll be beaten by "house" in the ratings, but whatever. although, there's a wrinkle for "v.mars" fans out here in southern california. channel 13, the home of the show is now the new home of the anaheim angels, which is a mixed bag. yeah, i'm an angels fans in spite of their rather lackluster off season moves (why did we not sign bengie? the catcher of the future b.s. won't work cause didn't you guys just send down the 3rd baseman of the future, dallas macperhson to triple a?), but at the same time, i'm a v mars fan and it's going to rather shitty when a big episode is pre empted. let's just say that the halos better win those games.

new episode of "lost" too, tonight, but the next new episode of "lost" will air sometime in 2008. dear jj abrahams lincoln, next season of "lost" can it be a non stop season ala "24"? start in january and straight no bullshit, no repeats so we can rediscover clues (that's why we have message boards), just 22 episodes in a row; its a win-win situation. i mean, were this many breaks inbetween new episodes last season?


At 5:39 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ridiculously amount of Lost reruns ruins the pacing of the show.

At 7:36 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best part of "Blow Out" J. Antin getting ordered around by a stage manager who makes 35k a year and only got the gig cuz he is somebodies sex slave.

At 9:43 AM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

I don't know if you've completely abandoned RW:KW, but I'm just putting it out there that I am completely siding with Svetlana. I agree with everything she says.

Not only have they been way too harsh on her and totally manipulated by the gay guy's absurd opinion of her, that he made up two seconds after meeting her; they're all acting immature not just her.

And, could Zach have started more sentences with "Being the manager..." or "Since I'm the manager..."?

She's completely right about him.

I'd be pissed too, if they done me wrong like they did her wrong.

At 4:51 PM , Blogger Najork said...

the only time i watched a non-Almost Famous Kate Hudson movie was also on a plane. the movie was "how to lose a guy in 10 days", the plane was going i forget where, and the whole experience was insufferable. the movie was like one smug head waggle from start to finish.

so i say screw radio payola, the real scandal is who's paying whom to be on the hot list. follow the money!

At 9:11 PM , Blogger christa t said...

Here's your drinking game for 8th & Ocean -
1 for every time "beautiful" is sung in the theme song
1 for every time one of the twins does that weird smirking face thing
1 for every time Sabrina cries
1 for every time Vinci struggles with the American concept of time
1 for every time Britt faces a moral dilemma
1 for every awkward pause
1 for every storyline Briana never appears in
1 for every time you wish you were watching ANTM instead
1 for every time one of the male models gives one of their boys very bad advice on how to deal with females
1 for every serious talk Irene has to have with one of the models
1 for every time that headset girl loses her shit
1 for every creepy photogrpaher


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