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Apr 14, 2006

pay to come

not only is the video for the rihanna tune, "s.o.s. (rescue me)" amazing, but it's actually a pretty damn good song. shout outs to chris applebaum for directing the thing and further shout outs to the dude who said, "we should sample 'tainted love' on this track, huh?" and the other dude who said, "yeah, you're probably right," and major shout outs to rihanna's gym.

semi related, did you see that super sweet 16 featuring the son of l.a. reid? okay, now, that guy hired some video girls to walk him into the party. now here's my thing, if you're dad is the head dude at the label of let's say, rihannna, won't you being bugging him to have her be your arm candy at your party? granted having kanye perform was major, but at the same time, you're gonna blow the minds of all those long island kids by cruising in with rihanna at your party or at least, i'd be so head of the curve and show up with lady sovereign and be like, "yeah, so what? i hang out with british midgets thats a better rapper than you." never the less, we should never watch "super sixteen" anymore. i watched cause i forgot i had an episode of "lost" on the dvr and i happen to remember after the show was over.

as for this week's "lost," i dunno. maybe this will make sense. i took this one class where we had to watch alot of movies; alot of slow movies with subtitles and some kids would watch the film in fast forward because you could still read a majority of the subtitles and get through the movie alot faster. so in other words, you could pretty much fast forward through most of that episode and pop in around the last ten minutes and you'll be solid gold. not sure about you, but i never really had the pressing desire to learn about the backstory of rose & bernard. the weird thing about this show, is that you'll create your own backstory for characters on the show or at least, say, "i think such and such is this," but when you see the actual backstory, you're like, "oh, that was nice." i'm not going to spoil things, but i think, i highly stress the word, 'think' that things might get interesting again fairly short.

loads of fun to listen to in the morning, but nine times better on youtube, carmen electra on howard stern.

oh, k.o.b.e. what can't you do? you score 85 points a night, barely make it to the playoffs and knock up your wife. i think kobe needs to dust off the old rhyme book and get behind the mic again. i mean if shaq is rapping again (i heard a tune he did on kay slay a couple of weeks ago), why can't we get k.o.b.e. out there again? or at least, hire the same people who've been ghostwriting for k fed to do some ghostwriting.

olivia munn is the new brooke burke, but you already knew that.

i saw pretty girls make graves the other day at amoeba. i've sorta been holding off on writing about the show until i've listened to the new album at least one time all the through. well, i've gotten through a majority of the album and well, it's definately a growner, but it's a good kind of a growner. it's going to take a while for die hard fans to adjust to the new sound. you know to go from emo math rock with sing & shout choruses to spacey, slower tempo songs with accordian solos is a bit rough, but as one continues to listen to the album and feels it out more, then it starts to make sense and it's a pretty good record. it's no "good health," but then again, what is? to go from two dueling guitars going back and forth on something like "ghosts on the radio," to the aforementioned accordion solo on "sailing the wind" is rather harsh. it's like quitting soda cold turkey for a couple of weeks, then having a 64 ounce wild cherry pepsi; your body just isn't ready for that and well, your ears need a time of adjustment, too. i think its an album that you have to hear live before you can really get into it and they're coming back to town in early june.and it looks like they're touring with giant drag as well. apparently, it's 'babes of indie rock' tour. you get feist on that bill and you got yourself a winner right there.

although, i don't know if i'm the right age to go to a pgmg show anymore. i'm waiting for the show to start and basically amoeba starts to look like the parking lot of a multiplex on a friday night. just a bunch of kids hanging around, up to no good and making myself feel bad that i have a copy of russ meyer's faster pussycat! kill! kill! and plain clothes security is giving me the evil eye as well. still a good show, even if it was too short. and without parking valudation, i would've paid through the nose cause i was there for so long cause you know, traffic is terrible and i was walking to my car, i was passing by people, who i want to believe just got there and missed the show completely. and maybe it's me, but i thought i saw a ladyboy there.

that movie with that william h macy's wife in it about trannies and alexis arquette being on "the surreal life" and that one show on sundance with the girls who were becoming guys with thicker mustaches than me have really changed peoples' perspectives and perceptions. i swear to goodness, i'm seeing more and more transgender people out and about.

all right, so i was reading in the la times yesterday and it was the my favorite section of the times, 'my favorite weekend,' and this week's installment was with the slashtress molly sims and during the thing, she mentioned that she has a teepee in her backyard. a 14 feet tall teepee in her fucking backyard, where she goes to hang out and read on the weekends and sometimes, she'll camp out in there. if that didn't blow your mind, then i have no clue as to what will. i can imagine somebody like val kilmer and darrly hannah having and living in a teepee cause they're the granola, back to nature type, but molly sims, the chick that used to host "house of style" hangs out in a teepee. i want to see photos. and i believe that the person from the la times rang up the wrong molly sims. a teepee, really? when i first read that she reads books i was blown away, but in a teepee, that's taking it to whole other level.


At 1:39 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No kidding. During the time between "Pon de Replay" and "S.O.S." Rihanna's become totally hott, wtih two t's. And you might as well throw in another h as well, because she's just that hhott.

And the Bernard and Rose episode was lame. But wouldn't you be pissed if you were Rose and your flashback episode advanced Locke's storyline (i.e. his regained faith in the island's juju) more than your own? Sucks to be Rose.

At 12:07 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm now starting to think that the island is just the site of various psuedo-scientific studies and part of the experiment is a sociological thing with seeing how people react to certain situations and how different personalities interact with each other.

At 4:21 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

Aras' (from this current season of Survivor) dad has a teepee in his backyard.

They showed a clip of him walking into it as a tease for the reward challenge.


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