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Apr 21, 2006

red light, green light

i was watching tv the other day and the day before that, i talked about the return of shorty shorts and i went out and about and i saw some serious shorty shorts action and i sorta realized that vanessa minnillo has to be the leader of the shorty shorts movement. she's like the dip set of hot pants.

has anybody been over to the clipse's my space page recently? yeah, the beat for "mr me, too" is nice, but too much skateboard p; but i think that tune, "kruger gangsta pimp" is beyond necessary. in fact, it's actually mandatory. yet at the same time, i keep hearing that this "hell hath no fury" album is coming and it seems like it's going happen within the next couple of months, which leads me to the next lightning round.

lightning round: what is the best neptune song? a week or two ago, they did a similar count down on the all out show about the best neptunes song and they weren't including any of the pop records or n.e.r.d records. according to rude jude, the best neptunes song was "grindin'" by the clipse and i sorta have agree on that statement. like my top 5 has to be and i'm including n.e.r.d. records as well: "grindin" by clipse, "superthug" by norega, "stay together" off of "in search of..", "excuse me miss" by jay and "when the last time" by clipse. so, what's your top 5?

it seems like months and months since i've watched an episode of ""the oc" and even though, i'm a big fan of rachel bilson and i do apperciate samaire armstrong, but you know, i just don't need to deal with that headache anymore. it's sorta like how when you start to work out, you start to feel better; you know when you get that healthy feeling back in your body; that's sorta how i feel about "the oc." i've watched ryan and marissa play that tug war about getting back there again. i have no clue what's happened with sandy cohen and his eye borrows. i have yet to hear a clever zinger by seth cohen and bad references to japanese cinema by that one girl who was sorta like tracy flick at first but became boring and whiny. it's a great feeling, but the only problem is that i like some of the actors on the show and i just really hope that they can make the transition to the big screen successfully or at least, get a script for some great hbo series. just imagine, how awesome it would be if rachel b as the 4th sister- wife on "big love" or a couple of guest spots as margene's long lost half sister. so for those keeping score and longing for an "oc" write up check out television without pity, which is probably ten million times funnier.

what a bummer for diamond dave and to be replaced by a watered down, censored version of some lamey show on xm to boot. but it is really going to bing down diamond dave? i mean the dude sung the song, "panama".

related; if you watch the video for "panama," you'll see michael anthony's immortal jack daniels bass and you know, that's something servely lacking in the indie rock scene today. we all know that some of our favorite singers/songwriters, guitarists, what have yous like to paratake in the booze and the drugs and the women, so why not embrace it. we're not, well i shouldn't speak for everybody, but at least in my case, i wouldn't take anybody less seriously if they were to perform a tune on stage while jamming away on a guitar thats painted to look like a baggie of coke. if anything, i'd admire the individual even more, cause they're open and honest about their condition and will probably get some more free drugs after the show.

you probably already knew this, but that gnarls barkley album is really good, but you have to buy a copy of it. remember, cee-lo's daughter was on "my super sweet 16".

mtv's list of the next 10 greatest mcs of all time and mtv's list of11-20 greatest rappers of all time; fuck that, ghostface & raekwon should be in the top ten.

anybody want to send me to france to cover this year's cannes festival? i just really want to watch babel and southland tales


At 1:47 PM , Blogger Ian said...

In no order,

Let's Stay Together (good call...very underrated track)


Superthug (always a classic)

Allure (for some reason, no one else likes this)

Uh...can "Rump Shaker" be included?

At 3:17 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Thank you for posting the Vanessa Manillio [or how ever she spells it] photos. Did you notice how she is beginning to look somewhat like Jessica Albasauce only with a slightly smaller back end?


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