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Apr 13, 2006

until i collapse aka fate

ever wonder if mandy moore is one of those people like myself who hate to be touched. granted an army of people shouting and yelling at you to pose a particular way would make anybody go nuts and dennis quaid looks rather sketchy; like partying with oj and doc gooden until 5 in the morning skethcy, so naturally, one wouldn't want to be touched by him, per say. but you know, marica gay harden isn't so bad. she seems clean. i dunno, mandy moore is a big germopha or something.

or maybe zach braff is so over protective that he gets upset if even respected characters actors like jennifer coolridge rubs her on the back while posing together. i dunno but i think zach braff could go off like nicholson in that scene from the classic carnal knowledge, you know the one they play on stern all the time.

worst box sets in the history of dvds, ever. and what the heck? why is malick's the thin red line included in the george clooney pack? he's in that movie for like 1 minute or so. you put the thin red line in the jim chavezil pack.

i don't even know where to begin, people. the past couple of days have been days where you just throw your hands up in the air and simply say, "chicks, man. chicks." even though, they're only a small part of the problem. and you're so frayed and weathered that not even watching raging bull while chanting under one's breath, "did you fuck my wife?" and listening to the first bad brains album can calm you down. really, it's not chicks, but it's the fucking 5 freeway. i can never wrapp my head around the fact that people still to this very day freak out when it comes from 4 lanes to 3 lanes in la mirada on the 5 north. yes, people will have one less lane, but it still doesn't mean, it's the end of the world. we can still cruise around at 65 without getting our hair musted up. and what's so flippin' important that caltrans can't build an additional lane on both sides of the freeway? what, it's going to cut down on the traffic to costume castle? cause they're so scary busy in august, right? you know, we're going to be paying 4 dollars at the pump this summer, so give me the pipedream california that maybe, just maybe some of the taxes from my gas money is going to improve traffic in southern california, not some bullshit road in baskersfield that nobody uses. you know, just in general, i don't understand drivers in california. i'm in the first lane, where we're supposed to be driving some what fast, yet we're at a stand still cause there's jam at the exit for angel stadium. now, if this affected the people in the fast lane, i'd understand, but we're like 3 lanes away and we should be going 70 miles, not 50. jeepers creepers. i don't understand the concept of being a lookie lou on the freeway; we all have nowhere really that important to get too, but we all want to get there in a hurry, so let's not dick around and watch some dude in dolphin shorts run around the shoulder picking up pieces of something that fell out of the back of truck. let's move that bus and get where we need to be. let's do the looking around at where we're suppose to be. let's park the car, then look across the street and see an army of elementary school kids on spring break playing with golf clubs, and then let's move the car far as humanly possible away from those kids even if they're hitting eggs.

better update on friday, i swear.

a word to the wise, for those who missed it the first time around, my personal favorite episode of "the (american) office", "the dundies" penned by one mindy kaling is on tonight. its very necessary.

if you haven't already gotten that dfa remix album yet, here's another reason why, the dfa remix of hot chip's "(just like we) breakdown". god damn. loved it the first time i heard on the prettiest pony and i'll probably love it even more if i was cruising around some beach city, late at night with the windows down action.

and finally, i want to leave you with something shocking. people, over the past couple of weeks, i've grown to like tucker carlson. granted, i live in orange county, but i haven't been brainwashed by some sassy blonde girl decked in hollister gear. no, no, people. i've grown to like tucker carlson cause i heard him on the btls and basically, the dude, while being extreme conversative, is still a regular dude who thinks bush is full of shit and probably a big fan of boobies as well. carlson isn't really that guy that jon stewart called an asshole a yeaar or two ago. do i agree with all of his points and beliefs, no, i don't, but he's making a decent and its rather entertaining, too. i dunno, you guys need to get sirius and just hear for yourselfs.


At 12:09 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every time I see Marcia Gay Harden I think of the Law and Order episode where she's a FBI agent undercover as a southern white supremacist and she has a lame ass accent.


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