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Apr 24, 2006

we've been had aka don't talk about shortys in front of other shortys

is anybody else drinking the tigarah kool aid yet? steve aoki is calling her the japanese answer to m.i.a., but i'm thinkin' she's more lady sovo, but not as interesting or at least, not that interesting yet. i remember when i first heard m.i.a.'s stuff, i was taken back by the production , then the raps got me, then i heard that diplo co signed on m.i.a.. and lady sovo is slowly winning me over. i dug her stuff on "run the road," but anything i've heard since, has been pretty okay. not great, but you know, a 'c' for effort. and this tigarah business, i dunno. she's cute and all and i do have to admit that the tune, "everything is in your hands" is pretty nice (vocoder part excluded), but i'm holding my reservations and comments until the full album is out there.

it should be noted that tigarah is more on the ball with her myspace friend requests than rugger rell.

i dunno with exception to that ghostface and gnarls barkley and t.i. albums and clipse singles, rap is letting me down as of late. i need some great hustlin' anthem to get me through my next patch of rewrites. when i was doing a draft of my script, i was consistently listening to rick ross' "hustlin'" and "what you know" by t.i. and you know, i'm having troubles getting back onto the horse of rewrites and in may, i pretty much have to get back onto the trolley and finish another draft, which also means, bi weekly updates on the skeet shoot. i can't get a great boost of ego and self confidence and bravodo from a fucking snap records and lame hyphy remixes with the game on it. where's the solid records with guys talking about how much coke they move in a week and how they're the best mcs out there? we need some el-p and cam stat.

semi related, in regards to the best neptunes songs ever discussion from the other, i have to remove "when the last time," by the clipse off my list and replace it with "run to the sun" by n.e.r.d. "in search of.." has to be one of those desert island albums for me, but i'll probably fast forward through "rock star".

spencer sloan was on fire last week; its pretty intense and it'll probably be more of the same this week.

can somebody explain to me, why the boondock saints is such a beloved movie? i saw it once and it was one of the worst movies i've ever seen; yet, it's loved by hundreds of thousands people. i saw a promo for a special screening they were doing of the film when i went to the movies last week and people went nuts about seeing it on the big screen.

is that ashlee simpson or am i just going nuts? are there people out there who've decided that they're at the 'fuck fish' phase with trying to copy karen o and shannyn sossamon and now all about looking the daughter of satan, joe simpson? and i think that's the guy from maroon5, but thats whatever, cause he's the guy in maroon5 and the only interesting one could say about maroon5 is how's that sophomore slump coming along, boys? but then again, i bet that guy has a nice stack of f you money from all of those 'now! thats what i call music' cds and also, is that tommy lee? i smell a supergroup on par with damn yankees. guys, can you take me high enough?

could either one of these couples look any more excited about being at the premiere of rv? will arnett is in the movie and he looks as if anybody spots him there, he'll lose all of his street cred (dude, he was g.o.b.; he has fred williard status. sure, its a bit embarrassing to see him pop up in date movie, but he was the air force lieutenant in this is spinal tap) and you know, amy poehler is like whatevs, gotta support my dude, but i'd rather be watching tawny kitaen flip out on "the surreal life". then on the other end of the spectrum, you have soccer wunderkind freddy adu and jojo. there's nothing really unusual about these two; it just seems as if freddy adu is there because he may have mentioned in an interview somewhere that he dug jojo and some clumsy p.r. person decided it'd make for a great photo opp if the twosome went to a premiere together. never the less, long live 'jodu'.

word around the camp fire is that gods girls (potentialy nsfw) is now suppose to launch on wednesday of this week, but i'm not holding breath. its taking as long as jodorowsky is to make his next film. clearly, these people are emphasisng quality and not quantity.

has anybody heard the new walkmen album yet? one of my better birthdays was spent watching them play live and i may have to lift the 'no more shows until i see the broken social scene' ban and see the walkmen again. such a great live band. i just wonder how the new album sounds.

speaking of new albums, there's one thing i'm missing out on by listening to howard stern pretty much like 14 hours a day and that's kcrw. i miss flipping over during a commercial break on stern and hearing some good new song on morning becomes ecletic. just sorta becoming awash in the calming tone of nic harcourt's voice as he talks about some new zero 7 song or casually mentions that they're going to have the artic monkeys on live in about ten minutes. thats the one thing, sirius is missing a great musicial mind like nic harcort. and if there wasn't a little blurb in the la times yesterday morning about the new zero 7 album and how harcourt is creaming his jeans over the new album; which by the way, from what i heard so far, sounds like a perfect summer day. granted, that statement feels as if i lifted directly from the press release by the record company, but it has a much more airy, upbeat, dreamy quality to it; perfect sitting on a patio with a cold imported beer, waiting for somebody to finish cooking the turkery burgers on the grill. the addittion of jose gonzalez to the collective definately gives it a much warmer, dreamier sound. zero 7 was already dreamy, but the new record is run around in the grass dreamy. check out "crosses"

clips catch a break in the playoffs by getting the number 3 seed nuggets at home and not the mavs. same can't be said about the kobe show though. maybe the lakers don't win if kobe scores under 30 points; although, he did get hacked towards the end and what's the deal with the three day gap between games? let alone, the promotion of the playoffs starting. for as much television as i watch and as infrequently as i read the new york times, you would still think i'd hear about the playoffs starting sooner or later.

but then again, i don't even know why i bother to keep up with sports in the first place. i barely keep up with watching games when i'm at a bar. well, it's not a bar as much as its one of those places that makes their own beer, but it'll sell other brands as well. but thats neither here nor there. you know, there's the angels game on the big screen in front of me and on my left is the ducks playoff game and in another corner is a dodgers game and somewhere in the mix is another hockey game, but then there's conversation amongst friends that i gotta keep abreast of, not to mention the exchange of text messages, then there's shortys to keep an eye on, a pint of guinness to drink and a cheese steak sandwich to eat. also, throw in on my right side (my good side) the intoxicated ramblings of two men from new england, who'd shout "go sox" everytime the two people (a father son duo) who happened to wearing red sox gear, i think the son plays on a red sox little league team, would walk by, then they'd go into long and unnecessarily graphic detail about how hard they'd bang the waitress, then naturally they gotta break down all the best features of each waitresses, amongst other things. i'm not trying to say that these people were the worst people ever created by god; no, but mayhaps, alcohol helped their cause; and i'm not trying to sound all high and mighty because we've all had the conversations where we casually mention amongst friends that we want some person so hard. it's just a part of life and its only natural. but here's the thing, i have a terrible case of add and that situation created the worst sensory overload for me. when i go watch a game in person, i expect that sorta of thing and thats pretty much why we go to live sporting events. the yelling, the shouting, the shared moment and to a lesser extent, the sports bar has that, but when you're a weirdo like me, your brain explodes and you retreat quickly back home where you relive your conversations with a professor on the peephole sequence in argento's opera and stay up until 3 in the morning watching "i'm alan partridge".

the blood brothers start work on a new album this week, i believe. while an acquired taste, never the less, the fact that the blood brothers are making new music is really good and it'll end up sounding like an early blonde redhead album.

the weirdest thing about "big love," was that scene when the dude started to drive the car with his boner. that was weird, but what's also weird about the show is that they pretty much cast all the good guest stars from "veronica mars". you got lilly kane as the daughter, you got mac as member of the lds and you got beaver casablancas as the boner shield to bill paxton's son. here's the thing, if hbo is going to employee most of the reoccuring cast for "v.mars," then they should pick it up if it doesn't make the move over to the cw. it's only economical for hbo; instead of giving two paychecks, they could give one. and it'd make a great double feature. some college co ed sleuthing followed by the trials and tribulations of having 3 wives and trying to battle economic supergiant wal mart.


At 2:45 PM , Blogger Mark Haslam said...

boondock saints is an anomoly. i have never made it past the 45 minute mark - it's just painful.

have you listened to the new furnaces yet?

At 7:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't like Boondock saints Either


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