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Apr 7, 2006

when there's a will, there's a way out.

testing out a new feature here, the tyra show fan of the week. she just seems so happy to be at a taping of "tyra," and if anybody has ever been to a taping, you most certainly know that by the time, the cameras finally start to roll, you're anything but excited to be there. you're there two hours before anything happens, then an audience cordinator puts you in one line, then you go somewhere and form another line, then you sit down for 45 minutes while some warm up comic tries to pump you and you've give all you can give to the warm up guy cause he gives away free stuff, but its cheesy stuff; like mugs and shirts from the show. i have two mugs from the late late show with craig kilborn to prove it. and by the time, the thing actually starts to go, you're ready to leave and head over to amoeba cause it's near by. yet, this woman is still happy and really excited to be at a taping of "tyra" and this was an episode about weird phobias and she wasn't there to make fun of the people either; she seems generally concerned that the woman beats her fear of styrofoam and take that diamond necklace.

related; i have far too many weird & unusual phobias to mention here, but i still have to laugh at the people on "tyra" with their fears of garden gnomes. everybody in the world is fearful of something; its just that some people are little more open and honest about their weirdness.

so spielberg's reality show about filmmaking sounds exactly like "project greenlight," cept it doesn't cover the best and the worst part of making a film, production and the public votes on who gets a production deal? i dunno. an "american idol" for film; sure, it'll give alot of people a break and its going to be talk at film school the next couple of weeks, but i dunno; it just seems boring. and this just reeks of desperation to find a populist filmmaker; it's a built in excuse for executives if the winner of said contest actually makes a full length; it's sorta like that "mr show" sketch, 'coupon: the movie,' people loved coupon, so they should've loved the movie.' people voted for these guys as their american moviemaker idol, so they should've seen the movie.' and each week, it's a new genre; which is kinda shitty since most successful directors pretty much work in the same genre their whole career like spielberg whose been making movies that moms love with no ending for the last 12 years. i dunno, i'm probably wrong, but all i know is that they should have damon packard on the show as a contesent because that guy needs a large forum and even he's voted off after the first week, he'll have enough exposure to make his opus. you see thats the problem with the show, the people that may make interesting films that aren't cookie cutter; that you know are a bit derivative of wong kar wai and david fincher, they'll be out in a heartbeat

there was a soundtrack to the "girls gone wild" videos and the girl that's not really famous and not hot enough to be a real playmate that's on the new season of "surreal life" is on the cover? it can currently be found in your finer car wash gift shops; for some mildly nsfw action of that girl from "surreal life" go here, but her message board is more entertaining; on par with a riley martin call on the stern show.

mikhail s. gorbachev and terri hatcher are now going out. i wonder what ryan seacrest and his 'metro' serial killer bread think of this? i know that i can't grow a bread, yet i still do, but i'm not on tv 8 million times a week, so why is seacrest growing the bread or is the guy a wolf man and he's been spending too many nights over at terri hatcher's house and he doesn't feel comfortable leaving an overnight bag at her place? does fred segal make this type of product? the "i'm having sex with a star of "desperate housewives" bag? i thought that one dude with the weird eye borrows that used to be on the show would've made it a consistent seller. also, and i know this is a shocker of a statement, but hollywood is too into giving its self awards.

did you guys catch "lost" this week? skip down, if you haven't seen it yet, but and a big but, may i add, don't even bother. i'm officially done with "lost". doesn't even matter if a constant flow of new episodes, i'm done. to quote the words of john laroche, "fuck fish". i understanding what they're doing by throwing in the monkey wrench of "maybe, this whole show is in the head of a crazy person" angle, but if the island turns out to be nothing but the figment of a fat man's mind, then i want my money for the season 1 dvd box set i purchased back. wasted time is wasted time and that never can be paid back, but i mean, it's such a cop out for the show to potentially go that route. well, let's face facts, any ending they go with on "lost," is going to be disapointing to a degree unless you're a superfan. but the biggest problem with the show isn't the direction its going in, well, maybe it is, but i don't know, how to put this, but the show has gotten really boring and charlie is dropping too many zingers and there are too many characters. "lost" needs to off a few characters like charlie and claire, bring back michael and more importantly, bring back walt. right now, the flashback episode about walt being kidnapped and michael fighting his way through the jungle to find walt is the most compelling storyline that we're not seeing. i don't need an episode where the doctor and sawyer play poker; i don't care that libby and hurley were in the same insane asylum together; who cares if sun is preggers; we already have enough phantom preggers people in the world; where is michael searching for walt? we probably won't get that episode until the end of the season because the writers are still figuring out exactly how a bunch of reformed 'ben & jerry' esque hippies tormeting other hippies on a desert island works into everybody else's storyline, but you know, it's like always say, one of these day it'll make sense, but will it be interesting? who knows cause i'll probably be sleep cause charlie has another zinger up his shelve.

anybody else losing the fun they once had for "my name is earl"? all i'm saying is that it's venturing towards "family guy" terrority with their jokes. and yes, that "south park" was dead on with their slam against "family guy".

for those needing a "the (american) office" fix, check out their phony psas; personal favorite is this one.

yeah that islands album is pretty awesome and i have that song with subtitle on it on repeat like half the time.


At 6:33 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, Lost is pissing me off too. I totally agree that Claire and Charlie need to be killed off. Claire is just plain annoying and the storyline about Charlie being a junkie has gotten old.
If the entire show ends up being in either Hurley or Libby's mind I'll be fairly disappointed. However, if the entire show ends up being Patrick Duffy's dream, I won't be too disappointed.

At 11:17 AM , Anonymous josh said...

if they made the whole island a snowglobe thing a la st. elsewhere, i would shit my pants.

At 2:57 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that's clearly not the route they're going to go...they just threw that in there to fuck with the audience.

As for the "hippies" thing, didn't you see the episode that revealed the fake beards and whatnot? Obviously, the Others have something up their sleeve...

At 8:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I honestly think it's all some psychological study and scientists are just fucking with the castaways. But I'm rooting for it to be Patrick Duffy's dream.


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