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Apr 25, 2006

wimpy wimpy

for a pretty bad ass dude, christopher henderson on "24" has a really wimpy ring tone. granted, i'm not expecting him to have like "laffy taffy," or like the theme from halloween, but you know, something with a little more balls to it. i guess its supposed to sound 'business' like, but come on, he's robocop and if fox didn't announce that they picked up "24" for two more seasons (way too ruin the suspense, dudes), i would've thought that christopher henderson could've been the only dude to knock out jack bauer. whatever happened to pushing the tension?

i sorta have a problem. i'm a little too into that song, "crosses" off of the new zero 7 album. it reminds me of the song, "driver's seat" but not really. and if they ever make a video for it. it should look like the night time beach party in la dolce vita.

go clips, but i dunno if they could handle the suns.


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