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skeet on mischa

i wouldn't have given you it if i didn't agree

May 30, 2006

my new favorite rapper is...

guzillion is better kown as chamillionaire. although personally, i think he should change his name to guzillion.

probably its not as funny as when i first saw it on getty images, but guzillion just makes crack me up. i recently wrote a children's show pitch and one of the characters in it was a rapper and i wish i would've thought a name like guzillion. damn. kudos to the dudes who can't spell.

and mother fuck the phoenix suns; fucking raja bell. didn't even get to see devin harris do the young juc dance.

the other half of me

now, the dnc needs to hear me out for a moment. so, we all know that tech·ni·cal·ly al gore won the 2000 election, and well, kerry never impressed anybody, even me. looking towards the 2008 election and the potential of a hiliary clinton run for the president. granted, anybody would be better than bush, but are we really ready for a lady president? didn't that geena davis show about a lady president get canceled? and isn't the lady president on "prison break," an evil character? public preception of a female president is sketchy at best. so, i'm just saying that dwayne wade would make for an excellent running mate on the clinton '08 ticket. if the guy made that shot, then i think he could lead the country or at least, the party could finally win the state of florida

alternate angle for those who wished that function really took off beyond porn dvds.

also, vanessa minnillo is in san diego county currently doing the trl thing, which means two things: i may have to break my hell diego ban early (i was thinking of going down for comic con) and b, road trip!

somebody called the other day and left me a message which basically told me to stop writing my blog, but then i called them back and said i was watching "deadwood," then there was brief discussion about how you could get plastered in about 5 minutes if you played a drink game for the word, 'cocksucker' on that show.

shout out to persian girls with big hair in capri pants.

see you thursday on the spin off; its already 5 single spaced pages in word.

May 26, 2006

we speak your name part 3

i'm just wondering out loudly as to why sophia bush doesn't get much play in these parts (meaning here and there); she seems like a perfect fit, but something just isn't clicking. perhaps, it was the whole chad michael murray thing cause any woman that'd freely choose to hang out with that guy... i dunno. also, maybe its the wb factor. i remember somebody told that they'd never watch "veronica mars" cause it was on upn and they felt above watching a show on upn, which i can understand because thats the way i feel about the wb; i'm above their programing.

although, really, does that statement even matter anymore? since there's no more wb or upn, just the cw. i still believe that i'll carry some grudges and just watch formley upn shows instead.

here's the list of directors for the season season of "masters of horror", which is something i wish i could say more about but anchor bay is taking their sweet time on releasing the really interesting episodes (i.e. the miike one & the argento one) onto dvd and well, i watched the one that john carpenter did and it just made me sad. perhaps it'll be better the second time around. listen to the description of argento's episode: "an erotic tale about stolen raccoon pelts that violently turn against those that covet them," but it stars meat loaf, so i'm not sure if i want to see him in anything remotely 'erotic'.

related to meat loaf, when he was singing with katharine mcphee the other night, do you think that meat loaf was distracted by her cleveage? i know a dude who would've probably said "gazongas" then left the building.

and continuing on with this week's big trend of phoning it in, i have to say that i'll taking next week off. well, i'll probably update on thursday of next week on the spin off, but other wise than that, taking a break. gotta recharge the batteries, write some treatments, do some rewrites, and watch "deadwood" non stop.

May 25, 2006

it's always been like this

so, we're nearly approaching the five month anniversary of howard stern being on sirius and well, there have been some great moments like the first week with george takei in studio, the wilmer valadrama and john stamos interviews which may have burned some fuck buddy bridges in l.a., the incident where artie lange pretended to be a porno movie producer and called himself a racist, dana dearmond in studio, valentina vaughn sybian rides, and well, many other great moments as well. yet at the same time, for all the really great pranks pulled on sal the stockbroker, there have been many vile and gross things on the show like yesterday's incident involving jeff the vomit guy levy; fruity nutty cake, the rapping granny riding the sybian and if you will, 'gay' stuff, mainly involving the aforementioned sal the stockbroker and richard christy. the show being on sirius seems more inclined to have a great, funny conversation about "american idol" and crazy alice inbetween dueling riley martin impressions or just go on until noon with another round of dueling impressions of ted kennedy.

yet the true revelation during the past couple of months has been the emergence of bubba the love sponge and well, basically, they do everything and then some to their female guests that the stern show or at least what the show would've done with their porn star guests. i'm not sure if the show reached the peak of what they do, but they certainly stepped out of the large shadows of 'shocking the puss' with 'pop rocks the puss'. i want to believe that you don't need me to go into full detail of what was done to these strippers and porn stars; it seems somewhat self explanatory. the act seems like it should only work in a visual context, it's "poprocking the puss," but hearing the crackling and popping and the random commentary by gene lasker creates a much stunning visual in the head then whatever could be seen on the internet or tv. and at first, i thought the experiment was going to be one of those things you're embarrased to be laughing at, but as soon as i heard the crackling and the comment of "it looks like her puss threw up blue windex," i knew i was listening to great radio. in about 50 years from now, a recording of it will be in the library of congress sitting next to a recording of orson welles' "war of the worlds".

also, it doesn't hurt that ned makes the greatest prank phones call ever; doesn't matter if he's real or fake; by the by, i'm back to thinking that ned is a real person; manson can't be that brilliant.

skeet on willa will have the "lost" & "idol" wrap up sometime today. needless to say, we're not happy on either front. soul patrol? caleb nichols cameos? tacos? public broadcasting?

a reminder to everybody out there, no ""big love" this weekend, which means there's no "sopranos" either. i finally watched "the sopranos" for the first time last weekend. well, i watched half of it and i don't understand what all the fuss about the show is. the acting on it was terrible and it was just rather boring. granted it could've been an off episode, but i hear people comparing the show to goodfellas, which is probably the best film of the 90s if not top three and i just don't see the comparsion. for me and my inane opinion, its a bunch of guys waddling around, talking about business and then there was that whole sequence in paris, i dunno, i don't get it and perhaps, its just another hbo show that you have to had watch all of the episodes to apperciate. [photo via thigh master]

did anybody catch ice-t & coco the other night on jamie kennedy's so-so show "blowin' up," and the part when coco talked about how nobody believes that she's a real person and about being ice-t's sex slave? pretty funny stuff. why hasn't vh-1 given coco a show yet? i mean they put tera patrick's husband on a show.

being arrested because you have brass knuckles in your car isn't very gangster, game. he's gotta try harder to win our respect back after shouting k-fed in a song; i'm one to talk because i said that i liked a k-fed song and i'm still trying to regain whatever respect/street cred i had; could i cite that i was going through a rough patch as an excuse for my lapse in judgement?

while i'm one to frequently play arm chair quarterback, i have to suggest to the people who run the "attack of the show" website to include a section with pictures of what olivia munn wears each episode. i'm getting a couple of hits each day from people doing google searches for "olivia munn nude" and "olivia munn lowrise jeans." kids, there's a demand and really, how hard is it going to be to take a quick picture with a digital camera before she goes onto air?

anybody else get surprised by what they have on their itunes when its on shuffle mode? as i was writing, i heard some fiona apple and i completely forgot that i had downloaded her stuff; i think it was a form of research for when i get my hair cut again; the girl that did it last time was really into her. i do that quite a bit. watch "sopranos" cause they talk about on stern, watch nascar cause they talk about it on bubba, then listen to fiona, so i can have something to say other than talking about my favorite subject, myself.

have you seen the early 80s style, seizure inducing, wanna be like an ipod commercial video for lil jon's "snap yo fingers" yet? perhaps, hype williams' worst video even though the linklater-esque animated shot of the hand playing the keyboard was kinda hot. seriously though, what happened to hype williams though? does he have fuck money and can't make a bunch of crappy videos and like one god ashanti video every coupla years? related: the "crunk aint dead" chain is a nice touch.

now, why couldn't raja bell get injured in like game 5 or 6 of the clippers series?

and everybody is just sick of this. i don't even know why i posted it, but talk about a come back. i go to the bathroom in the 4th quarter, the game is kinda close. i come back, the mavs are ahead. i go get a glass of water, and the suns are leading by one. mark cuban must being crying into his wads of cash or at least prank calling george clooney to cheer himself up.

myself and mark from hella awful had the ultimate internet nerd moment the other day. in addition to pretending to be uci students in an attempt to see middle earth, we also laughed in somebody's face. allow me to paint the picture, so me and mark are walking out to the parking lot and this kid askes me a question about my shirt. i was wearing the infamous diplomats shirt and the guy asks me who the names on the shirt and i break them down and the kid still don't know who we were talking about and then we asked if he listened to dip set, and he said no and for some reason, we said you should and preceed to laugh at him. what a fucking dick move on our parts. sure, "killa season" may have debuted at #2 on the billboard charts, but lets face facts, mostly internet nerds listen to dip set. normal people may know a juelz santana song if they hear it, but they're not going to know who he is.

i need a personal assitant who could do proof reading for me.

May 24, 2006

we speak your name part 2

pitty laughs or real laughs?

just wondering cause if it was real laughs, then i'm going to take back all my votes and move them over to soul patrol; i got mcpheever, but i'm not down with the kat pac.

we speak your name

much like that instant best friend relationship that occurs when one celebrity runs into another celebrity, people who not only make shitty music as well as starting in bad movies also form an instant best friend bond with each other. although, 50 did make "in da club" and pars hilton is crazy enough to cover gnarls barkley's "crazy". hasn't paris hilton seen the episode of "american idol" when randy jackson politely tells somebody that their version of "greatest love of all" can't hold a candle to the orignial version; cause the girl is no cee-lo green by any strentch of the imaganation. you know that's like me pitching a remake of jules et jim as a romarama (romantic drama) vehicle for kate hudson, jimmy fallon, and some other actor i strongly dislike.

an open letter to josh schwartz; marking out to myself, but yeah, i'll be the first to say it, i didn't fully hit the nail on the head; just a pretty solid tap. if anything, it just reads as a plea for willa holland to wear cool outfits next season and less death cab.

well, this week looks like a bad week for local favorites. first, the angels are on the skids (even though, they won yesterday), the clips lost game 7 on monday night, the ducks are down 3 games in the playoffs and the dodgers, well, who gives a shit about them. and now, the pride of sherman oaks, katharine mcphee is on her way to being the runner up on "american idol". so much for a home court advantage and the support of eric the midget/actor. much like the clippers, katharine mcphee knew after taylor's second song when paula was ready to have taylor hicks' babies right then and there. what also hurt was the lack of hot outfits; they were cute, but you know, nothing too terriblely hot.

also, what happened to kellie pickler? did you see her in the audience? i thought it was darva conger for a minute; jeepers. l.a. does terrible things to people. although, mandy moore looked as if she just came from the beach; way to rub the fact that movie stars are better than everybody else in our faces.

have you seen the trailer for ghost rider? perhaps the new worst movie ever and i've seen parts of not only d.e.b.s but, ready for it: white chicks. so i know a thing or two about bad movies.

although to be fair to d.e.b.s, the day i watched it was the same day i watched julien donkey boy, which is a film at first you believe was pretty bad and a tad too long, but then you watch another film and you're like, 'holy shit, julien donkey boy was amazing. i'll glandly take werner herzog wearing a gas mask, dancing around in his underwear over some movie about two lipstick lesbians who never ever make out.

don't you hate it when on the days your hair looks good, you never run into anybody you want to impress with said good hair?

brick, one of the year's best films coming to dvd in july [via davis dvd]; so move it up on your netflix queue.

May 23, 2006

my 1st song

yeah, i know. i think everybody on the clip set knew it was over in the first when they were hitting all those threes and they were getting rebounds for once. now, i have to deal with the embarrasement of having a photo of elton brand slaming as my myspace profile picture

also, it doesn't hurt that "mvp" finally played a game in the series. and no, i won't subscribe to the theory that mvp steps up to the plate in crucial games. bullshit, every game in the playoffs is a crucial game, so dude should've scored like 25 plus points every game. perhaps, its that three day break that helped him out.

but at least, the spurs lost. isn't that great? we won't have to stare at the short bus ridin' faces of duncan and parker into the month of june. you have to wonder how bummed michael finley is right now. he's been on the mavs for years, slugging it out every year and never making it to the conference finals, so he's free agent, signs with the spurs and kaboomba, loses to the mavs in the semis.

"deadwood" season 2 out on dvd today; the new season starts on june 11th, so get on the trolley asap.

american idol tonight. wouldn't it be pretty cool if katharine mcphee broke out into a cover of "number of the beast" or "ignition (remix)" or something interesting like that, but you know, it wont happen; cause everybody has to pick safety songs and what not. and its weird when i hear these people talk about music and their favorites, they talk about how these people i've never heard or at least, heard of, but never thought of being obessesed with; i mean, who the hell is donny hathaway? i thought i listened to shitty music, but i think these idol kids got one up on me.

and for my 500th post, i'm regretably phoning this one in. its finals week and me mind is elsewhere; game 7 and the other big test i have this week, finally shaving (playoff breads), and just about every elsewhere but here. i have yet to watch the season finale of "24" in addition to a month's worth of "v.mars" and there have been two days recently where i've only listened to an hour bubba the love sponge cause i had to stop laughing and focus in on studing. so i've been a bit preoccupied.

so here's monica bellucci dancing in some hallway in france; probably to some bad trance in her head, but in my mind, she's dancing to "promoscious" by nelly furtado & timbaland.

and here's to at least another 150 more updates. so thanks for the reads and thanks for the comments.

May 22, 2006

can't feel my face

its probably an old track for some, but i have to point out one of the two songs of the moment, lil wayne & juelz's "i cant feel my face" off of the ""28 grams vol.4" mixtape. there's some rather special about the paring of juju & weezy; it doesn't feel as forced as the song lil wayne does with cam on "killa season." doesn't anybody remember back in november or october when juelz was talking about forming a super group with him, young jeezy, kurupt, and lil wayne? whatever happened to that? or did juelz santana get really that upset about jeezy using "ya dig?"? cause i remember that they were going to do a mixtape together, but alas that never happened.

it should be noted that i'm not implying that rachel bilson has been in a situation where she can't feel her face, you know, i just needed a photo of a face and you know, shout outs to pigtails.

it also should be noted that the aphilliates' sound effects are getting a bit outta hand, but not in the good way, but the bad way.

also for your ears & ipod: madlib's 45 mix. get on top of those stones throws podcasts before they pull a ricky gervais.

did anybody else stick with the ricky gervais podcasts after they started to charge for it? i bought one, but it sounded as if it was recorded underwater and only pretty funny. you know if i'm going to pay for something, it's gotta be really, really funny like a crazy alice phoney phone call or something.

bound to be this week's most forward youtube video lordi's "hard rock hallelujah" or at least, i expect a mention on "best week ever" cause how awesome are finnish monsters wearing paper top hats singing arena rock anthems?

also, did anybody catch celebrity eye candy over the weekend? i don't how often they replay it during the week, but they had some footage of mischa barton, mischa barton's extremely skinny sister, some other girl, and nicole richie in a supermarket and nicole riche sits in a shopping cart

further also, henry rollins interviewing p.t. anderson on there will be blood; it's extremely necessary and in fact, its actually mandatory.

new nas album in september. at first, i thought a def jam nas album may not be a good thing cause i read somewhere that jay-z, wait excuse me, s.carter wanted him to work with all the 'it' producers of the moment, but really, nas should just work with primo, pete rock, and large professor. then "fishscale" came out and s.carter pretty much let ghost do whatever he wanted to do, so i'm thinking that nas pretty much did whatever he wanted and with a title like "hip hop is dead," i think there's going to be some primo on there.

in the matter of the paris hilton/lindsay lohan feud, even though, paris hilton is west coast and i'm a socal kids until the day i die and lohan is east coast, i'll ride with her never the less. (fuck this team lindsay/team paris bullshit) first and formost, lohan was in mean girls, made and released a shitty album instead of talking about making a shitty album and releasing a shitty album that'll never come out since the late 80s, and well, i have a script with a part in it that lindsay lohan would be perfect for.

also, gotta say it lohan is down with better blogs than paris hilton is; also, what a rackett this business is? you're telling me that if i use photoshop to chicken scratch some joke onto a photo of clay aiken and talk about how awesome a person is who daily drops an amount of money that could put a kid through two semesters at a state college on clothes at robertson and i get to go to cannes for free? motherfucker, sign me up. all be it, i'd probably ditch or at least attempt to ditch said celebrity to go to the screenings of restored prints of el topo and holy mountain and stand outside of wong kar wai's hotel room all night long, just to get a climpse of real talent. and maybe, play the blu jemz & tk remix of spank rock on my cell phone itunes and takes pictures of bai ling dancing to it. i've said it once before and i don't know how many more times i'll say it, but it won't take much to get me to sell out.

speaking of cannes, the reviews are coming in for richard kelly's new film southland tales and they aren't very good variety called it pretenious and hollywood reporter compared it to spielberg's 1941 & said starship troopers had better character development. talk about a disapointment. when i saw donnie darko when it was in the theaters (yeah, dude, saw two times in the theaters), i thought it was the best movie i had seen since being john malkovich; i even loved domino but to hear that southland tales is a mess is quite the bummer.

"big love" last night was perhaps my favorite episode of the series thus far even if roman grant was in two tiny scenes. margene was funny and rhonda was creepy; she filled the void left by harry dean stanton; the actresses who plays rhonda has a blog.

and finally, people, i gotta admint it, i pretty much phoned it in. sorry 'bout that, dude. game 7 is tonight. my mind is elsewhere.

May 20, 2006

say what part '89

so wait, you're telling me that there's no game 7 tonight or tomorrow night cause america west arena blows and booked a fucking arena football game and a wwe event this weeekend.

one, who cares about arena football?

and two, who still cares about the wwe?

just another reason why arizona is one of the shittiest states in america.

also, the fix is in.

May 19, 2006

losin' my love part 2

the most nerve racking 12 point lead ever

why is he complaining? the 3 day break is going to benefit his lackluster ass the most; perhaps my eyes aren't as sharp as the guys who called the game on channel 5, but the suns got within striking distance when nash wasn't in the game, but as soon as he came in, they started to suck like a tired old lot lizard looking for a fin.

doesn't matter game 7 is monday night and basically it'll be the american remake of battle royale, which also means, i gotta jam through my final on monday night; but then again every playoff game is on sirius.

related: also, the phoenix p.a. cant play any west coast rap songs during the game or at least any songs from l.a. artists. you have to play your own rappers songs during the game.

skeet on... hot 10 of 2006; gotta get hits for the spin off one of these days. although it should be noted, if you're a regular reader, you pretty much already know the top ten, but the order they are in is rather shocking!

arrivederci marissa cooper; now does this mean i have to move full time over to the spin off, since in theory, willa holland is going to be a regular cast member next season and well, mischa barton is burning all sorts of bridges with the producers of the show and on that show, you know once a character dies, they tend to stay dead; so you know, so when the fall comes around, do i have to pop over there full time?

old photo, but still a classic never the less. it's a good news/bad news situation with "v.mars" getting picked up for a third season; its reached "arrested development" status; picked up for a full order, but if the ratings start to sag like jessica simpson's boobs, then it'll be reduced to 13 episodes. so seriously, people watch the show on the c-w next season. it should be noted that i still haven't watched the last four episodes of "v.mars" yet.

who else thought that when they saw these two have a rather lengthy scene together that "lost" the other night was going to be a decent episode? i certainly didn't. i don't think it'll happen by the end of the season finale, but you know, maybe charlie could go swimming and just never come back at all. also, granted that there'll be no repeats next season, abc's plan for "lost" doesn't make alot of sense; 7 new episodes in a row, break, then the rest of the season in january. a break, regardless of how long it is, will definately cause a loss in the audience; we have no attention span; so abc, man up, pull a fox and do what they do with "24". start the season in january and just show new episodes until the end of the season. its a win-win. the fans get what they want, you get ad dollars, disney gets dvd dollars cause people are going to buy the dvd to catch up on what happened since last may. its win-win and maybe we'll see some great video of matthew fox, drunk tackling another beloved symbol of a holiday. i'm thinking he'll kick a plastic santa like a football.

anybody else gland to see the negative ads on tv for the democratic primary for governor of california? the quality of the attack is pretty good; basically each ad is a response to the previous ad and naturally, the ads air within commercials breaks of each other; so it just seems like children fighting with each other. i can't wait for the real governors race and the negative ads for the governator; do you want a man who'd agree to play the part of "mr freeze" to help create funds for your child's education?"

the sexy results' review of "killa season"

the fader has "hustlin'" remix featuring jay-z & young jeezy; yeah, rick ross is still fucking ross like white on white.

the robin brown reading challenge update: the last time i spoke with, which was on wednesday afternoon (there's been some unanswered texts about the upcoming bloc party & broken social scene show at the greek; i'm rather annoyning with my text messages) and he said that he was at the 50 page mark with "youth in revolt".

has anybody been checking out the sundance channel's airing of "city of men"? the spin off mini series of one of the greatest films ever made city of god; i tried to watch an episode, but i was kinda bored by it; perhaps its one that you have to had watched for the very beginning to apperciate.

the criterion collection after, well ever since i've been collecting laser discs up until now, have finally changed their look; the people at criterion forum aren't that pissed yet either. but for all you dvd nerds, you know what this new look for criterion means that eclipse won't happen after all. personally, it doesn't matter to me just as long as criterion releases holy mountain onto dvd within 10 months from now.

now yesterday, i sorta geeked out over juelz santana's apperance of "my super sweet 16" and after watching that episode, i have to say, it was probably my favorite episode of the show. so not only did we see juelz wearing a paul frank hoodie which is very similar to a paul frank hoodie i own (okay, same color, different graphic), but the guy whose party it was, had rihanna at his party and he entered the party riding a camel with rihanna, then the guy proceed to make out, grind, and hug on every single jersey girl in front of rihanna. you'd think rihanna would be enough, but the guy was outta hand. and the guy had fatman scoop at his party, performing live, which is weird cause they probably paid him a nice amount of money to basically shout out and then the kid got some riddiclious car for his birthday that juelz had to point out that he had it on order and would be getting it next week. yet the best part of the episode was when the kid was about to do his song, there were technical difficulties, at first, i thought it was juelz kicking the power out, preventing the kid from embarrasement, but they let the kid rap and well, he wowed over a mess of jersey girls.

this past week, for me has been one helluva of a struggle; as if i was crossing 110th street. yet its hard for me to explain why it was such a struggle. it shouldn't be a struggle, but it is and i've been in situations that are rather unusual for myself and i feel as if i have to explain myself to everybody; for example, when i go into places and there's a sweat on back, i want to stop everybody and explain to them that i have leather seats in my car and it gets a bit warm in there and i was sitting in my car for a couple of minutes after parking cause bubba was going to play a new ned bit but never did; so here i am with a wet spot on my back. this is why i'm concerned about global warming. i want to save the environment and all, but more importantly, i figure, if we do something to save the world, it'll help me stop sweating as much. so i have this sweating thing hanging over my head and i go to outdoor malls, looking for stores that carry syndrome shirts and when i find the store, i find some nice clothing and i'm at the register, i just have the weirdest conversation with the people who work there.

if i was talneted writer, i would've written this already, but one of the things i've always wanted to write about is bringing panic and anixety attacks in conversation with people, especially women you'd like to get to know in the biblical sense, is a sheer fire way to kill any vibe that had been created. its like making that joke about any particular disease around somebody and of course, you don't know it, but somebody close to them had said disease. its painful and awkward and uncomfortable and you want to leave as soon as humanly possible. so, i'm at this store, chatting with the people behind the counter and the girl mentions about how they're openning a store in santa monica, on the promenade and i know thats a big deal for a clothing store to move from a couple of stores in orange county to santa monica, where there's going to be alot of foot traffic and what not. i attempted to seem excited for these people, but me being me and living blindly to the words of "i'm honest to a fault and its my fault that i'm honest" i had to mention that i have troubles parking in santa monica and of course, the other person mentions how he has had no problems so far. then i have to bring the tight corners in the parking structures, etc, and of course, i have to bring up the fact that i get anixety attacks when i'm in tight parking situations.

granted, i'll never probably see these people again. so in the grand scheme, it doesn't matter all that much, but still, i felt the need to explain why i couldn't make it to their store in santa monica. and the weirdest move of all was the guy who told he could park easily in santa monica brought up on how he's claustrophobic. now, i don't know if this was a move to be sympatheic and make me not sound that crazy, but it's like, just let me live with my stupid problems; don't try to be helpful.

the other thing was like a moment out of broken flowers, but thats another story.

i see you, well, that is to say, i saw you, dj am and if i'm thinking what you're thinking, its an upgrade to go from a surf board to 'welcome to england' tits. although, he'll still probably end dealing with the same issues about eating disorders and everything else. perhaps, i'm assuming too much. you know lindsay probably knows dj am and just went out to support him and say, "what's up" and ask if he could play "wuz up" by bo hagon or that one freeway song produced by bangladesh or that pharrell/kanye track (which i still haven't heard yet).

May 18, 2006

embarrass yourself, young man, embarrass

i know that "my super sweet 16" is sorta dunzo, but yesterday afternoon, i got a myspace bulletin from cappo status saying that the only and one juelz santana was going to be on the show, so you know i had to tape it.

and while, i'm not all the way finished with the episode, but i felt to compell to jump on and tell you that not only is juelz santana planning to rap with some kid at his party, but he also rocked a paul frank scruvy hoodie. seriously, juelz in paul frank; what is the world coming to and are we going to see any dip set/paul frank limited edition products? paul frank just made a death cab tee shirt and they did a pretty girls make graves limited edition wallet a year or two ago; so why not have a shirt with like julius the monkey rockin' some bandanas next to a cartoon drawing of rugger rell. or am i going to rub elbows with uncle juju when i'm at south coast plaza, shopping for clothes at the paul frank store or the summer sales?

related: the guy whose having the party hulked the fuck up cause he asked rihana to go to his birthday party and she said yes, but i dont think she'll show up. i'm not up to that part of the episode yet.

beat street [revised @ 5:20pm pst]

"another one goes by" by the walkmen
i think the reason why i like the walkmen so much is when i listen to them, i think of what the strokes could've been. you know if the strokes just stuck to new york and didn't date famous actresses and go out to la and make a shitty record with aspirations to be like u2. the walkmen just stuck to new york and the south for their records and just turn out great song after great song. yet what brings me every time to them and makes me wonder why i haven't gotten tickets to see them at el rey next month yet, is their live show and their drummer matt barrick. his skills make me speechless. and "another one goes by" probably is my theme song or at least after the incidents of yesterday afternoon, it seems like a fitting theme song (for those who have the inside iggy, though; all two of them) and from what i heard of the new album, its probably my favorite song. it has a great feeling of just being beaten down and frustrated with life.

editor's note: here's a link to the orignial version of ""another one goes by" by mazarin; you can hear the vocals alot more clearly; i only wish i could right click/save it (stupid safai); still amazing song never the less. [thanks to ian for the heads up]

May 17, 2006

such crushing heights....

holy shit basketball that broke my fragile lil' heart. raja bell should probably run for mayor of phoenix; way more popular than mayor phil gordon (he probably couldn't even get tickets)

sam cassell has brilliant in amajority of the second half except for those 8 seconds; ps. who the fuck calls 8 secons anymore?

shawn marion is the real mvp on phoenix. well, him, tim thomas and raja bell are the mvps; everybody else blows and doug collins wants to get all swampy with those three dudes; tnt is biased towards the clippers.

mike d'antoni still has no upper lip.

elton brand was "alec guinness" status in a losing effort. from what i heard, from other sources that elton paid to have the crazy red & blue suit man come to the game in phoenix.

yeah, chris kamen (islands) or as he'd liked to be called, 'k-man' can get the rebounds, but he creeps everybody out by trying to do his impression of the guy in the "come to daddy" video.

jack seemed impressed, but i don't think he'll be switching over. jack is a perfect visual representation of how most of southern california is treating the clippers; its unnatural to cheering for the clip set and for most, this may be their first feelings of loyalty to a sports team, but it's like, whoa these guys are alot of fun even when they fuck up.

game 6 will be one for the ages.

the miami heat white out looks like something out of an episode of "my super sweet 16". not very threatening; looks like there was a white sale at mashalls; take that rip hamilton!

btw, "killa season," is only 'pretty good.' too much 40 cal; and that super keyboardy cut from jr writer's album is good, but i have to wonder if jr writer's whole album is going to be super keyboardy.

"pop rocks the puss" is the new "shock the puss," and may be the catch phrase of the summer.

related, "promiscuous" by nelly furtado & timbaland maybe my choice for the jawn of the summer even if there's a reference to steve nash in it. catchy chorus, easy to dance, sounds good coming out of a car with the windows down. thank goodness timbo is back!

"where i end begin and you end" by radiohead is just... i dunno, good.

gods girls will probably never launch; what's the deal with that, visa?

and i saw dennis rodman at fashion island in newport beach yesterday. so its official, i have my dennis rodman orange county story; if you don't have one and you live out here, then you must be doing something wrong.

May 16, 2006

wanna break you down so badly

i said too much the other day and well, right now, i'm so upset about things that i don't even want to talk about other things.

are we all seeing through this bullshit deflection shield, right? because you know illegal immigration totally is the reason why i'm paying 3.60 a gallon when i fill up my car and these illegal immigrants are the reason why we're fighting a war without a plan, right? and they're the reason why we're gonna have the hottest summer on record, right?

dont blame me, i voted or at least, last week, i had someone vote for katharine mcphee for me.

also, it should be noted that raja bell has also lost his l.a. privileges; you know if bush really wants to impress people with his plans for immigration reform, then he should deport that evil canadian steve nash.

May 15, 2006

and they wonder why his approval ratings are so low...

motherfucker is going to push back the start time of the "prison break" season finale with some dumb speech; why not wait until thursday night to give the speech? "the office" is done for the season and who gives two shits about "will & grace," pre empt that shit.

sure, the "prison break" finale will be anti climatic; that's the show, alot of build for no payoff, but did they think about people's tivos and dvrs; the last twenty minutes may be cut off; not to mention, the last 20 minutes of "24".

everything must go aka what's in it for me?

mtv needs to rerun the season finale of "8th & ocean" every hour on the hour; its way more interesting than whatever clever slam some dude from eagle rock can make against a dude from pasadena; its way more entertaining than seeing some rich ugly duckling complaing about being paris and spending loads and loads of money. granted its sorta funny to watch pagent parents yell at their teen daughters for being a teenaged girl, but it's nowhere as solid and great as the season finale of "8th & ocean." it was the perfect ending for a reality show. answered a bunch of questions; resolved some issue, but most importantly, it left some much open that demands another season. actually, you know even though i think it'll be funny, i have to say forget the jamie kennedy hip hop show, we need more episodes of "8th & ocean" post haste. you're telling me that i have to wait until who knows when to see what happens when heidee moves into the model apartment; the cat fight between heidee and britt; that awkward moment when teddy comes over to the girls' apartment, looking to borrow some sugar or whatever and he sees heidee in there, unpacking her stuff; that's going to be ten times more interesting than that monotone l.c. stressing out over her job at teen vogue; boring. you know, also, i'd love to see that moment when vinci and adrian discover that the new girl isn't a hot girl with a lil' bit of booty, but you know, it's teddy's sloppy seconds. and there was that last shot of briana actually at a job; i'd seen her at castings and what not, but i didn't know she got jobs; i just thought she was the yoda of the show whose really into diplo. then there was the classic caddy comment from suzy the booker about britt, "why doesn't she pretend she's making out with jesus?" so much venom; brilliant. and perhaps the greatest piece of the show the role reversal; the last half of the season, it had been about the success of the good twin, sabrina and the failure of the evil twin, kelly, but kelly gets a job and boom! one of the greatest televised verbal sparring matches and the return of emo sabrina; she's got the glasses on, hair in a pony tail, probably rockin' a scrunchie, and naturally, her face has broken out again and not even pro active could help her out.

the new season needs to start tonight, tomorrow, yesterday or sometime next week or at least pump out the reruns.

speaking of mtv, i'm going to go out on a limb and claim that linette will be the break out star of the new real world/road rules challenge; interesting concept. sexy, young, new people who've never been on the real world or road rules before battle the same 5 people who can't seem to get over being on "the real world" and their main source of income (going to night clubs and shouting random things over the p.a.) allows them to take the winter off to hang out in australia for a month and half. basically, its a season of "road rules," cept the reality tv performers guild has a rule that forces mtv to use all the never was beens on any bruim/murray reality program involving physical activities. semi related, i can't believe i'm diggin' on a latin girl when the new thing is persian girls.

also the new thing, but at the same time its an old thing (shout out to the thigh master) is girls buttering husks of corn. and of course, always something, asian girls.

this happens everytime "deceptacon" by le tigre comes on at a party; its just one of those jams and if that song comes out at a party and nobody moves, then you should probably go home unless you know somebody whose sick in the bathroom.

okay, now here's what i think about the "killa season" deluxe album edition. as most of us know that the new cam'ron album, "killa season" comes out on tuesday and cam's short film, "killa season" has been out on dvd for a couple of weeks now. now from what i can tell from the best buy ad for the album; the deluxe edition which includes a dvd but its not "killa season" the movie; it's going to have music videos for "get 'em daddy," "touch it or not," and a jr writer tune, trailer for "killa season," behind the scenes footage and of course, scenes from "killa season 2". so if you're a total dip set mark, then you'll probably pick up the deluxe edition and you already have the dvd; but if you don't have the movie like me, since i assumed that the deluxe edition features a copy of the movie. anyways, if you pick up the dvd & the album from best buy, you'll save about 5 bucks or you could netflix it; people who also watched it, also enjoyed the pianist and monster; say what?

as for "killa season": the album, i'm only about seven songs into on my ipod and i haven't been wow'ed yet. its pretty good. i could barely understand the first voicemail skit; i'll try to finish it out on monday afternoon, but i have to drive around with the album first before i make an official statement. then again, what do i know about music? i just drive around listening to the same six songs off of ""after the gold rush" over and over again.

new el-p single; one of these days, he'll come out of the paincave with a new album that i bet you dollars to donuts will contain a reference or two to blade runner

chan-wook park is a filmmaker that i think has a lot of skill and abilty, but none of this films had hit the mark for me. as i said earlier, sympathy for mr vengeance started out great, but just became rather boring after a while; old boy had its moments, but the hype from sites like this made the film collapse midway through. yet with sympathy for lady vengeance, for me, at least, i think park has really knocked one out of the park. i don't know what the fanboy community's reaction to the film is; i assume it's not good because sympathy for lady vengeance isn't a film filled with "whoa, that was cool" moments, but more of moments like, "whoa, that's a beautiful composed shot; look at the mis-en-scene". park has made a film that demands to be seen on the big screen; every piece of the frame is used to maxium effect; brilliant sound design and just vibrant colors. the film hits alot of notes; it feels like a pinky violence film then in certain spots, there's a great sureal quality to it; bunuel esque; for me, park has the same sensiablities of a director like jodorowsky; a nice and sometimes uncomfortable blend of violence and comedy, but with the visual flair of fincher. i'd love to see chan-wook park do something in america, but at the same time, i realize that he'll probably won't be able to do what he wants to do; he'll have to dance to around studio politics; so i'll just keep on waiting for his korean films to slowly trickle over to american.

if you're going to see it, don't watch the trailer or anything, just go in, knowing its a film directed by the dude who made oldboy; the less you know, the better.

sorry to say this al gore cause i voted for him and that openning monologue on "snl," the other night with the parrell universe where he was the president made me laugh, but it also made me extremely frustrated and sad; but anyways, there's no such thing as an objective truth in cinema; so he's lying with his film an inconvenient truth; it's probably fairly close to the truth, but its still weighted heavily to affect his own personal agenda. i'll see the film and probably afterwards, i'll want to walk home, trade in my car, get a hybrd and renew my subscription to the nation. i'm so cereal about the matter.

another sorry to say moment, to any and everybody whose losing their collective shits over wolfmother and how awesome and heavy they are for a three piece rock band. fuck that, dude, sleep was a three piece band that played way heavier music and sang songs about getting stone and dragons; northern california will always win over a bunch of austrialian guys with at the drive in hair.

i just remember how good sleep was the other day; was sorta on the chip, remember that i had one of their albums in the trunk of my car and calmed down a bit. i really need to take anger management classes this summer.

it should be noted that the robin brown reading challenge begun over the weekend. i basically dared robin to read the greatest book ever written "youth in revolt". i finished the book in a week, but the challenge is for him to finish the book irregardless of a time table. so bomb his blog with comments about the book and how far along he is with it.

does anybody who read this, go to uci cause i have a question about the layout of the campus. i spent an hour there, wandering around, listening to my ipod, listening to air once, so i wasn't really paying attention to the names of place and things. so i was bored, waiting for a movie to start the other night and i picked up a copy of the uci newspaper and i was flipping through their campus police log and there was an incident at a place on campus called "middle earth"; the incident: "a second hand report of two white males; possibly intoxicated, vandalizing the kitchen and burning items on the stove.

never mind scratch; after writing said line, i googled middle earth on uci and it's student housing; it lost a bit of its luster. although, i still like the fact that the crime of a white male approaching females, asking for phone numbers was reported in the commons.

little known fact: samaire armstrong has ass. pretty surprising.

anybody else notice that amajority of the female on air talent for g4 are brunettes? not saying that an all brunette team is a bad thing; i think its a very good thing, but you know, perhaps for amajority of male america, they'd be into blondes who aren't that funny as like morgan webb and have the relability that olivia munn has (i don't play video games, she doesn't either, but yet we still check out g4 tv).uncle grambo says it better though

in about 6 months from now, i bet you that star of 'the star & bucwild show' will find a job at xm. that is if he doesn't get 'r kelly'ed' in jail

dwyane wade for president

hey clips set, i know its great that the series is in knots, but you gotta still win two more and let us not forget, you have to go back to arizona. perhaps, its due to where i'm from, but this series is alot of fun and one of the best playoff series i remember watching in a long time and the weirdest thing and this perhaps due to where i'm from, but there isn't a real bandwagon going on for the clippers (granted, you can say i'm bandwagoning, but here's the thing, i'm a fan of southern california doing well and if i have to root for the dodgers, i'll do it, under protest of course). maybe, everybody is just giving them a trial run as if they're adding a third wife to their line up or something. besides being the dip set of the nba, the clippers are now officialy the margene heffman of southern california sports; we're starting to love spite their owner's mistakes and their number 1 celebrity superfan being billy crystal. nobody is getting too crazy in the bars about the clips; they're getting more crazy with the regular hostess who has the night off

May 13, 2006

no more l.a. privileges

tim thomas is just destroying l.a. right now. its not even funny. seriously, steve who? second half shawn and tim thomas are keeping the team alive. what was the deal with the karate kick lil' stevie did?

also, just a memo to the rest of the world, if you see me and i'm listening to my ipod, i'm probably trying to listen to the new cam album and i'm probably really enjoying, so unless, i start the conversation or you're an outta control shorty, dont start a conversation with me, please, thanks. i can't do the one ear bud in, and the other focused on the conversation. i like to focus my attention at one thing at a time.

May 12, 2006

me and my arrow

we all have our various problems with the mtv network. one of these days, we're all gonna work out our issues and feel alot better about things.

so my current problem with mtv lies with the fact that my dvr fucked up and when i tried to watch the season finale of "8th & ocean," nothing happened. alls i got was a black screen and the inablity to fast forward. yet i assumed i was okay because mtv is a network that prides themselves on rerunning programing into the ground. countless catch up marathon of shitty season after shitty season of road rules and you know, the weekend after "8th & ocean," you know, boom bazooka joe, i could catch a rerun of it and not havin that returning feeling that you'd get when you'd miss a day of school. yeah, its good to skip school, but what if the greatest thing in the history of said school happens; like there was some great fight at snack and some dude broke his arm during and you blew it cause you had a cold, but of course that never happened.

anyways, thats besides the point and the point i'm attempting to make is this, so i do a search for "8th & ocean," on the program guide and of course, there's no showings of the show at all. take that back, there was a showing on tuesday afternoon, but it changed to a showing of a show about fat camp.

so i did search of what shows mtv feels the need to beat into the ground as opposed to the season finale of its better, quality programming.

-"wild 'n out," featuring the very un-hilarious nick cannon is shown 10 times
-"tiara girls" the show about fat girls in beauty pagents is shown about 23 times
-"date my mom" a show that i'm slightly fond of is shown 24 times
-"parental control" which is a horrible retread of "date my mom" is shown 26 times
-"yo mama" which the less said, the better is shown an astounshing 32 times in a week period

and finally, "my super sweet 16" will be shown 43 times in a week period. 43 times of the same fucking show. stuck up rich girl or stuck up rich gay dude pout and bitch; well they act the way i'm acting about the lack of "8th & ocean" repeats, but come on, 43 times over a 7 day period. is that show still that popular that it needs to be beaten into the ground. they can't squeeze in a quick block of two episodes of the adventures of everybody's favorite miami mommy, briana hicks and the tranny she works for. they just have to pump out wilmer jams and keep on pushing those upperclass aspiration vibes.

and naturally, this wouldn't be an issue if i could watch the show on mtv.com's overdrive bullshit, but it's pc only. i understand that 80% of the consumere market uses pcs, but you know, there's still that 20% of people who'll tell you that they're cool guys cause they have macs. basically, mtv is forcing me to download and break the law because i want to watch the season finale of their show, but you know, since there's only like one guy in ed hardy gear and a wallet chain, i'm shit out of luck.

i'm working out alot of issues right now. not sure if it'll be a good story; probably not. you know, i just want to eat a hamburger and be quietly disapointed by chan wook park's lady vengeance; the first vengeance film was boring; the hype killed the second one but that one side scrolling shot was chocolate and this will be a combination of the two and there fore, i must watch it.

perhaps cat sadler said it best when she said, "i'm not that cool."

May 11, 2006

america's least liked...

ryan seacrest and us weekly's ken baker hanging out with the stanely cup sorta sours the glory of the winning the cup, you know what i mean? if a guy who spins records for a living and the guy who makes a living off what writing about new booty said radio dj is attempting to slam gets to hang out with the cup, then i probably have a shot of either drinking some beer out of it or pulling a jackie martling with the cup. it's sorta lost its luster; like when you finally talk with that one girl and you end up talking about her church group for 10 minutes.

perhaps the greatest series collection of comments in the history of the world. who would've thought that dj donkey punch would be such a muck racker?

clips, baby, clips. did big mike d realize that phoenix can't play any d or are we just gonna chalk it up to an off night for doug collins' boyfriend steve nash? its getting interesting, dudes.

which is something i wish i could say about last night's "lost". before i go any further, spoiler warnings naturally, it was going to be a let down from the greatest two minutes of the show since the fall, but you know, something a little more interesting could've happen like eko freaks out and ends up throwing locke off a cliff or something or locke freaks out and smashes all of the tvs in that hatch, then cuts himself and somehow land sharks attack him and eat him. remember when there'd be polar bear attacks on the show, so why not a flippin' land shark? little fin poking out of the ground, comes charging at eko and locke full throttle, tremors style; eko has to use his axe to chop off locke's legs cause the land shark won't let go. tell me that wouldn't be more interesting than eko and locke discovering that they're a bunch of rats in a cage.

anybody looking for a write up of the season finale of "8th & ocean," you're out of luck cause my dvr fucked up or something and i haven't seen it nor do i know when i'll be able to catch it. you'd assume it'd be fairly easy to catch it, but the season finale of "8th & ocean," isn't one of the show mtv decides to run 14 times a day. "yo mama," oh, that's on about 3 or 4 times a day. "date my mom," at least three times a day.

related to "date my mom," for a moment, is it to think that sometimes the moms on the show are a bit more attractive than their daughters or just as attractive? cause there are moments when i've watched the show and i'm like that mom is pretty all right and seems alot more interesting than her daughter. maybe, i'm getting old.

also back to that episode of "8th & ocean" that had to be the other bad that happened to me that day cause it was too good of a day. then again, i knew i was in for something sketchy when a olympic medal winning athlete got to cut ahead of me in line at the bank. fuck that, she only won a silver, i made a video that was ripped off by mason from bubba the love sponge.

i do not heart samaire armstrong and her long hair. perhaps it'll take some 'getting used' to, but it just seems as if she's selling out or trying to be more mainstream.

i do however i heart cosby clothing's 'i heart three 6 mafia' shirt; the goonies tees are nice too. avaiable at krudmart; i was so crestfallen the other day when i saw some other dude on campus wearing a dip set ramones tee and it was in purple, too.

i got this in the mail the other day. i guess this organization got my address from the nation. i get alot of useless pleas for political groups asking for money and to voulnter. never the less, i just thought it was funny that they had sorta 'scene' like kids on their flyer as examples of kids who grew up in an low income environment. and if those kids are supposed to be gutter punks, then they're not going to be bother anybody but other young people and they're gonna ask them for a cigarette and some change and probably some money for beer. and the kids with the ties, well, i don't think they'd actually know what an low income environment is if it bit them on the ass. you know the biggest concern about gutter punks is getting them to take a shower and in the future, invest in a deodorent mutual fund.

i must extend a thanks to america for picking up the slack in voting for "american idol" last night. i was watching the borat movie and unable to vote, but thanks to those who kept pushing the mcpheever through, but we seriously have to do something about elliott 'too many teeth' yamin.

have you guys heard that k-fed tune "america's most hated" yet? i'm fully prepared to lose all of my cred with the following statement, the beat for that song by this new scott scortch jonathan 'j.r.' rotem (he produced rihannia's "s.o.s.") is actually really good; little jazzy, feeling like a subtle california breeze. but here's the weird thing for me at least, is that k fed is the ed wood of rap. his verses are so bad that they're good; rhyming every other word with an r is the verbal equilvent of a boom mic in the shot; they're a kitsch vibe to k fed's raps and when you hear talk about how he's handing out ass kickings like diplomas, you're gonna pick up that old book of poetry from high school and start rapping all over again, but that's the scratching the surface of k-fed's brilliance; it lies with his brief interludes inbetween verses which beautifully showcase his inability to act as well as gift for advice. it seems any celebrity that writes a book, they're offered to write some advice column; like i heard something about terri hatcher is in talks to write an advice column, so why not let k fed do a drunken advice video podcast or something? he's definately more profound than "8th & ocean"'s brain trust, sean. when k fed says, "we're going swimming with women, so don't forget your swimsuit" not only did i smile, which is a rare thing these days, but i was taken back by how deep that statement was. he's just not talking about wearing a rubber when sleeping around with your preggers wife, but you know, prepare for anything and just live life to the fullest and if your wife has 50 mill in the bank, spend it before she realizes its all gone.

May 10, 2006

soaked in apple juice

friends, i honestly don't know where to even begin. last night, i had the distinct pleasure of being one of four hundred who saw what appeared to be the final cut of borat! and well, guys, i have to say, its pretty damn funny. actually, i'd go as far as saying its probably one of the funniest films ever made. there are three to four minute long stretches in the film where you do nothing, but laugh yourself sick. remember that scene in the 40 year old virgin where steve carell got his chest waxed and everybody thought that was one of the greatest scenes in comedy history. well, there's a sequence in borat! that blows it completely away. i'm not going to say much about the plot, but you should just know that it's offensive. really offensive and as it stands right now, i'm wondering how much they'll have to cut out to get an 'r,' let alone a hard 'r' because the cut that i saw, it'd easily be an nc-17. borat! is a film that everybody needs to see and should see a couple of times because you're going to laugh over alot of jokes from the joke before it. the biggest surprise for me was how good the film looked; granted it was digital projection, but i think they shot the film on hd and it looks really good. as it stands, borat! is probably the best film of 2006.

todd philips must kicking himself in the ass for leaving the project.

also, to make an excellent night even better, had not one, but two celeb spottings at roscoe's house of chicken & waffles of sunset. first, jason biggs who has an attractive gal pal, but he's strictly all about himself; talking about how they should've done this or how the producer should listen to his ideas more often; i also heard him talking about that jamie kennedy show and bob saget. but the better celeb spotting was seeing christopher massey aka michael from one of my favorite tv shows, "zoey 101". i wanted to say something, but he seemed so much more cooler than jason biggs. he gave a nod cause i think he could tell i was a fan.

also, this blog looks best when viewed in safari. in internet explorer or firefox, it looks very tiny and i apologize to those who do the read in those browswers, but i'm stuck in my ways.

May 9, 2006

the walking chair

geez, no wonder lindsay lohan has so many problmes; even queen of the shorty shorts movement, vanessa minnillo (mark out to myself, ned steez) is telling lindsay that she's got cankles or vanessa minnillo is having an intervention with her. it's the new fad in hollywood. seriously, everybody is staging intervention; interventions are the new pink.

frequent commentor bonham hathaway brought an interesting point in the comments from yesterday; the whole concept of people getting in trouble; like underage girls getting charged with child pornography and what not cause they posted some photo of themselves in their myspace profile and of course, this goes slightly hand in hand with the potential new feature: the willa holland myspace photo of the week; if people want to make fools of themselves on myspace or flickr, then go ahead and knock your collected selves out and if one's worried about people seeing their goofy photos on myspace, then set the profile to private. now onto the matter of willa holland, i found all of those photos at a fan site of hers. i did not do the dirty work; i just thought it was a goofy image.

heads up: v.mars season 2 on dvd in august. it should be noted that i haven't watched v mars in a couple because i'm saving them, so i can watch them in one big lump sum. so don't say stuff.

it should be noted that the swearing ban lasted about 12 hours. i was talking with somebody about pharrell and i got frustrated about how he had to have the first verse on the first official clipse single in years and i think i may have dropped an f bomb, but you know, tomorrow is another day.

clips lost and there was no defense played at all.

anybody else get douche chills when jack bauer was flying the plane on "24" last night? good episode; miles is the most hateful person on tv since doug collins started calling ball games.

i'd love to say something about sunset rubdown, but i can't get past the fourth song on the album; it's just too good. very haunting and reminds me of that song on that air album, "10,000 hz legend" with buffalo daughter on it.