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May 8, 2006

after the gold rush

ginnifer goodwin is single handly creating a new movement in entertainment. i'm have to say sorry to your sarah jessica parkers, kate hudsons, kate bosworths, reese witherspoons and all other female leads in romantic comedies cause i'd rather be with the wacky best friend thank you very much. besides, they're always the ones with the best jokes. how are we suppose to believe that luke wilson wants to be with sarah jessica parker when she has a face like a turtle and ginnifer goodwin or a zooey deschanel is hanging around, cracking quality jokes and wearing some shorty shorts, listening to built to spill. related to ginnifer goodwin, she's the reason why you have to tune into hbo's "big love" every week.

back to the best friend in the rom com for a minute, now you see, i'd probably go with samaire 'samurai' armstrong over lindsay 'i'm not going to say anything bad about her cause of what if...rules' lohan in the upcoming film just my luck. it just seems like samaire armstrong would be the more easy going of the two.

touching upon something for a moment, i know that many moons ago, i did 'if you don't have nothing nice to say, don't say anything' week and that lasted like two days, but just in general, i'm going to attempt to lay off and not be as harsh and as critical of people, specifically actors that i think would be great in scripts i'm currently writing or planning on writing within the next cople of weeks. everything is a crap shoot in life, but, people, you never know, seriously, you never know who reads these internet things. i remember hearing some big round number people of america still don't have a computer, let alone access to the internet, but still, you never know.

which also brings me to another point. last thursday night, i had a moment of clarity. it struck me as i was watching a nude, hung over beetlejuice on tv and he said, "that aint right." naturally, beet was refering to something else, but to me, he was talking about how increase in profanity. perhaps these past couple of months listening to uncensored radio, rap music, watching "deadwood," the south park movie, and lakers games called by the devil, doug collins has desensitized me and my use of foul language. the words have their meaning like the promise courtney love made to stay sober. it's great to hear people swear and talk naturally, but at the same time, i may need to ease up a bit on things with the swears. of course, nothing crazy like starting a swear jar, but you know, a day by day process where i try my darnest not to swear. so starting today, this week, no swears, it'll totally suck, but its gotta be done to break the habbit.

although, i need one last swear to go out on and that is, fuck steve nash as the mvp. it should go by easy this week cause the battle of l.a. isn't happening, which is lame cause there's the extremely boring battle of texas; so like san robotville and phoenix, that's going to be a barn burner and ratings grabber. a team that's really boring and a team that cant play any defense.

perhaps the most dangerous duo since sudafed & iodine crystals or even mel gibson & danny glover, peabs & thighs on whoachella '06.

lightning round: the 5 greatest tv characters of all time are as follows:
-homer j simpson
-alan partridge
-george constanza
am i incorrect?

fact: friday's episode of "wonder showzen" entitled "cooperation" aka the bootleg wars was the best episode of the show thus far. c. laurance, david cross cameos, a robot swammi seal telling peoples futures, and rick springfield; it does not get any better than that. i watched the episode three times in one day and still cant figure exactly what happened when they split the screen 60/40, then 60/20/20, but from what i can pick up, i think i liked. there needs to multi audio tracks on dvd for that episode.

has anybody seen that show on fuse called "pants off, dance off". an amazing show, in theory, where people take off their clothes as they dance to some song like maroon5 or usher or yeah yeah yeahs. you get the point and on paper, this show sounds like its even better than "8th & ocean," but when you watch it, it's not attractive people. i think thats probably the fatal flaw in fuse's plan and reason for their lack of success; not being superficial enough in their casting of reality shows; that and being the number one support of bands like the used, but theres the rub cause from lurking around on myspace, it seems as if the used fan base has attractive women in it and you know, why aren't they dancing around with their pants off. and whenever i flip by the show, i'd always land on some dude in his undies dancing around and you know, thats no fun at all. why doesn't fuse get on the trolley, do a special week of shows with like some girls from gods girls, have them dance around to cage and hollywood undead or whatever. also, fuse needs to film new wrap arounds with everybody's myspace friend cept me, tila nguyen. there's a time to be funny and real and there's a time to be superficial and just out for ratings, and fuse, clearly needs to be superficial with such a home run of an idea like pants off dance off.

i have to ask a question, does anybody actually check out the sidebar? sometimes, i check to see if anybody's download the mp3s and granted, its not the most hottest tracks out there. joan baez doing a cover of a byrds tune isn't as trendy as a new tune by zero7, but you know, whatever. so i'm just wondering if anybody's digging that stuff? right now, there's matt sweeney's cover of "number of the beast," which was the best thing about the film, spun.

the disapointing summer movie season has started with terry zwigoff's art school confidential. while i did not see ghost world when it first came out (thora birch's boobs scare me), but i've grown to like the film a quite bit on dvd, which is something i wish i could say about art school confidential. there are some solid jokes in the film, but it feels too jumbled, tacked on, and forced. perhaps, it needed to be longer cause it felt like something was missing. from the one art class i've taken at school, i can relate to certain aspects of the film and thats when the jokes work and the film is interesting, but it just gets lost and just loses its energy. if you're looking for a more interesting film about art school, then check out eon mckai's art school sluts(nsfw).

and finally, a giantic heads up to all of my california people, the banana 'crackamel' caramel is back at coffee bean for the summer. let the sugar headaches begin! this drink is so good, you'll nearly pass on the chance to check out a low rider car model.


At 1:50 AM , Blogger Mark Haslam said...

as i have not blogged in forever (im still trying to figure out how you find the time) i must thank you for the samurai comments. they are quite on point, and she is stunning with shorter hair, as opposed to those poor extensions on "the o.c."

At 7:41 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

That's a mighty bold statement; passing on a chance to check out a low rider car model for a Coffee Bean Banana Caramel Ice Blended.

At 9:50 PM , Anonymous Bonham Hathaway said...

I always check the sidebar.

Speaking of the sidebar, how do you feel about people getting in trouble in real life for the things they do in pictures they post on the internet (i.e. myspace, facebook, flckr, etc)?

At 10:29 PM , Blogger Mario said...

Boring battle of Texas? Spurs/Mavs is the best series right now.


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