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May 11, 2006

america's least liked...

ryan seacrest and us weekly's ken baker hanging out with the stanely cup sorta sours the glory of the winning the cup, you know what i mean? if a guy who spins records for a living and the guy who makes a living off what writing about new booty said radio dj is attempting to slam gets to hang out with the cup, then i probably have a shot of either drinking some beer out of it or pulling a jackie martling with the cup. it's sorta lost its luster; like when you finally talk with that one girl and you end up talking about her church group for 10 minutes.

perhaps the greatest series collection of comments in the history of the world. who would've thought that dj donkey punch would be such a muck racker?

clips, baby, clips. did big mike d realize that phoenix can't play any d or are we just gonna chalk it up to an off night for doug collins' boyfriend steve nash? its getting interesting, dudes.

which is something i wish i could say about last night's "lost". before i go any further, spoiler warnings naturally, it was going to be a let down from the greatest two minutes of the show since the fall, but you know, something a little more interesting could've happen like eko freaks out and ends up throwing locke off a cliff or something or locke freaks out and smashes all of the tvs in that hatch, then cuts himself and somehow land sharks attack him and eat him. remember when there'd be polar bear attacks on the show, so why not a flippin' land shark? little fin poking out of the ground, comes charging at eko and locke full throttle, tremors style; eko has to use his axe to chop off locke's legs cause the land shark won't let go. tell me that wouldn't be more interesting than eko and locke discovering that they're a bunch of rats in a cage.

anybody looking for a write up of the season finale of "8th & ocean," you're out of luck cause my dvr fucked up or something and i haven't seen it nor do i know when i'll be able to catch it. you'd assume it'd be fairly easy to catch it, but the season finale of "8th & ocean," isn't one of the show mtv decides to run 14 times a day. "yo mama," oh, that's on about 3 or 4 times a day. "date my mom," at least three times a day.

related to "date my mom," for a moment, is it to think that sometimes the moms on the show are a bit more attractive than their daughters or just as attractive? cause there are moments when i've watched the show and i'm like that mom is pretty all right and seems alot more interesting than her daughter. maybe, i'm getting old.

also back to that episode of "8th & ocean" that had to be the other bad that happened to me that day cause it was too good of a day. then again, i knew i was in for something sketchy when a olympic medal winning athlete got to cut ahead of me in line at the bank. fuck that, she only won a silver, i made a video that was ripped off by mason from bubba the love sponge.

i do not heart samaire armstrong and her long hair. perhaps it'll take some 'getting used' to, but it just seems as if she's selling out or trying to be more mainstream.

i do however i heart cosby clothing's 'i heart three 6 mafia' shirt; the goonies tees are nice too. avaiable at krudmart; i was so crestfallen the other day when i saw some other dude on campus wearing a dip set ramones tee and it was in purple, too.

i got this in the mail the other day. i guess this organization got my address from the nation. i get alot of useless pleas for political groups asking for money and to voulnter. never the less, i just thought it was funny that they had sorta 'scene' like kids on their flyer as examples of kids who grew up in an low income environment. and if those kids are supposed to be gutter punks, then they're not going to be bother anybody but other young people and they're gonna ask them for a cigarette and some change and probably some money for beer. and the kids with the ties, well, i don't think they'd actually know what an low income environment is if it bit them on the ass. you know the biggest concern about gutter punks is getting them to take a shower and in the future, invest in a deodorent mutual fund.

i must extend a thanks to america for picking up the slack in voting for "american idol" last night. i was watching the borat movie and unable to vote, but thanks to those who kept pushing the mcpheever through, but we seriously have to do something about elliott 'too many teeth' yamin.

have you guys heard that k-fed tune "america's most hated" yet? i'm fully prepared to lose all of my cred with the following statement, the beat for that song by this new scott scortch jonathan 'j.r.' rotem (he produced rihannia's "s.o.s.") is actually really good; little jazzy, feeling like a subtle california breeze. but here's the weird thing for me at least, is that k fed is the ed wood of rap. his verses are so bad that they're good; rhyming every other word with an r is the verbal equilvent of a boom mic in the shot; they're a kitsch vibe to k fed's raps and when you hear talk about how he's handing out ass kickings like diplomas, you're gonna pick up that old book of poetry from high school and start rapping all over again, but that's the scratching the surface of k-fed's brilliance; it lies with his brief interludes inbetween verses which beautifully showcase his inability to act as well as gift for advice. it seems any celebrity that writes a book, they're offered to write some advice column; like i heard something about terri hatcher is in talks to write an advice column, so why not let k fed do a drunken advice video podcast or something? he's definately more profound than "8th & ocean"'s brain trust, sean. when k fed says, "we're going swimming with women, so don't forget your swimsuit" not only did i smile, which is a rare thing these days, but i was taken back by how deep that statement was. he's just not talking about wearing a rubber when sleeping around with your preggers wife, but you know, prepare for anything and just live life to the fullest and if your wife has 50 mill in the bank, spend it before she realizes its all gone.


At 10:31 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

This Stanley Cup photograph needs to be destroyed and forgotten. Hockey needs some good publicity but this shit is just going to make people who already liked hockey say ehhh... yeah I quit. As for people who see this photo and go, "Yeah! Hockey is FABULOUS!" We as Hockey collectively don't want that element brought to the game. We already have Jaromir Jagr.

At 3:43 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

"Lost" is really a documentary about a failed Vulcan Science Academy experiment testing whether humans make suitable replacements for white lab rats.


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