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May 18, 2006

beat street [revised @ 5:20pm pst]

"another one goes by" by the walkmen
i think the reason why i like the walkmen so much is when i listen to them, i think of what the strokes could've been. you know if the strokes just stuck to new york and didn't date famous actresses and go out to la and make a shitty record with aspirations to be like u2. the walkmen just stuck to new york and the south for their records and just turn out great song after great song. yet what brings me every time to them and makes me wonder why i haven't gotten tickets to see them at el rey next month yet, is their live show and their drummer matt barrick. his skills make me speechless. and "another one goes by" probably is my theme song or at least after the incidents of yesterday afternoon, it seems like a fitting theme song (for those who have the inside iggy, though; all two of them) and from what i heard of the new album, its probably my favorite song. it has a great feeling of just being beaten down and frustrated with life.

editor's note: here's a link to the orignial version of ""another one goes by" by mazarin; you can hear the vocals alot more clearly; i only wish i could right click/save it (stupid safai); still amazing song never the less. [thanks to ian for the heads up]


At 4:31 PM , Blogger Ian said...

FYI- it's a cover of a Mazarin song that came out last year...

At 2:31 AM , Anonymous ry said...

when your on safari hold down option and click. that should save it.

another one goes by is a great song. i'm liking emma get me a lemon and all hands and the cook.


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