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May 22, 2006

can't feel my face

its probably an old track for some, but i have to point out one of the two songs of the moment, lil wayne & juelz's "i cant feel my face" off of the ""28 grams vol.4" mixtape. there's some rather special about the paring of juju & weezy; it doesn't feel as forced as the song lil wayne does with cam on "killa season." doesn't anybody remember back in november or october when juelz was talking about forming a super group with him, young jeezy, kurupt, and lil wayne? whatever happened to that? or did juelz santana get really that upset about jeezy using "ya dig?"? cause i remember that they were going to do a mixtape together, but alas that never happened.

it should be noted that i'm not implying that rachel bilson has been in a situation where she can't feel her face, you know, i just needed a photo of a face and you know, shout outs to pigtails.

it also should be noted that the aphilliates' sound effects are getting a bit outta hand, but not in the good way, but the bad way.

also for your ears & ipod: madlib's 45 mix. get on top of those stones throws podcasts before they pull a ricky gervais.

did anybody else stick with the ricky gervais podcasts after they started to charge for it? i bought one, but it sounded as if it was recorded underwater and only pretty funny. you know if i'm going to pay for something, it's gotta be really, really funny like a crazy alice phoney phone call or something.

bound to be this week's most forward youtube video lordi's "hard rock hallelujah" or at least, i expect a mention on "best week ever" cause how awesome are finnish monsters wearing paper top hats singing arena rock anthems?

also, did anybody catch celebrity eye candy over the weekend? i don't how often they replay it during the week, but they had some footage of mischa barton, mischa barton's extremely skinny sister, some other girl, and nicole richie in a supermarket and nicole riche sits in a shopping cart

further also, henry rollins interviewing p.t. anderson on there will be blood; it's extremely necessary and in fact, its actually mandatory.

new nas album in september. at first, i thought a def jam nas album may not be a good thing cause i read somewhere that jay-z, wait excuse me, s.carter wanted him to work with all the 'it' producers of the moment, but really, nas should just work with primo, pete rock, and large professor. then "fishscale" came out and s.carter pretty much let ghost do whatever he wanted to do, so i'm thinking that nas pretty much did whatever he wanted and with a title like "hip hop is dead," i think there's going to be some primo on there.

in the matter of the paris hilton/lindsay lohan feud, even though, paris hilton is west coast and i'm a socal kids until the day i die and lohan is east coast, i'll ride with her never the less. (fuck this team lindsay/team paris bullshit) first and formost, lohan was in mean girls, made and released a shitty album instead of talking about making a shitty album and releasing a shitty album that'll never come out since the late 80s, and well, i have a script with a part in it that lindsay lohan would be perfect for.

also, gotta say it lohan is down with better blogs than paris hilton is; also, what a rackett this business is? you're telling me that if i use photoshop to chicken scratch some joke onto a photo of clay aiken and talk about how awesome a person is who daily drops an amount of money that could put a kid through two semesters at a state college on clothes at robertson and i get to go to cannes for free? motherfucker, sign me up. all be it, i'd probably ditch or at least attempt to ditch said celebrity to go to the screenings of restored prints of el topo and holy mountain and stand outside of wong kar wai's hotel room all night long, just to get a climpse of real talent. and maybe, play the blu jemz & tk remix of spank rock on my cell phone itunes and takes pictures of bai ling dancing to it. i've said it once before and i don't know how many more times i'll say it, but it won't take much to get me to sell out.

speaking of cannes, the reviews are coming in for richard kelly's new film southland tales and they aren't very good variety called it pretenious and hollywood reporter compared it to spielberg's 1941 & said starship troopers had better character development. talk about a disapointment. when i saw donnie darko when it was in the theaters (yeah, dude, saw two times in the theaters), i thought it was the best movie i had seen since being john malkovich; i even loved domino but to hear that southland tales is a mess is quite the bummer.

"big love" last night was perhaps my favorite episode of the series thus far even if roman grant was in two tiny scenes. margene was funny and rhonda was creepy; she filled the void left by harry dean stanton; the actresses who plays rhonda has a blog.

and finally, people, i gotta admint it, i pretty much phoned it in. sorry 'bout that, dude. game 7 is tonight. my mind is elsewhere.


At 1:17 PM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

I'm not really much of a Nas guy post It Was Written, but I have to admit I'm intrigued by the Def Jam pairing mainly because of how Ghostface's album came out. It might be pretty good because I would never underestimate the current of competitiveness that HAS to still run between Nas and Jay-Z. On Jay-Z's label, I can only imagine that he'll focus the hardest he has since Stillmatic. Good call on the production. If there is Premier on the new album, its gonna have to be at least pretty good. Let's just all pray that Scott Storch is allowed nowhere near the building.
Thank you by the way for the link. Much appreciated.

At 9:21 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Take a real close look at Rachel B's photo; it looks like she is wearing a poorly made wig, like something from Wal-Mart. Of course, I could be wrong and my glasses could be dirty.

At 11:16 AM , Anonymous max Goldblatt said...

I don't know if it was subconscious or on purpose that the Darko and Big Love mentions were one after the other, but "the actress who plays rhonda" also played Samantha Darko, the little sister in Sparkle Motion.


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