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May 15, 2006

everything must go aka what's in it for me?

mtv needs to rerun the season finale of "8th & ocean" every hour on the hour; its way more interesting than whatever clever slam some dude from eagle rock can make against a dude from pasadena; its way more entertaining than seeing some rich ugly duckling complaing about being paris and spending loads and loads of money. granted its sorta funny to watch pagent parents yell at their teen daughters for being a teenaged girl, but it's nowhere as solid and great as the season finale of "8th & ocean." it was the perfect ending for a reality show. answered a bunch of questions; resolved some issue, but most importantly, it left some much open that demands another season. actually, you know even though i think it'll be funny, i have to say forget the jamie kennedy hip hop show, we need more episodes of "8th & ocean" post haste. you're telling me that i have to wait until who knows when to see what happens when heidee moves into the model apartment; the cat fight between heidee and britt; that awkward moment when teddy comes over to the girls' apartment, looking to borrow some sugar or whatever and he sees heidee in there, unpacking her stuff; that's going to be ten times more interesting than that monotone l.c. stressing out over her job at teen vogue; boring. you know, also, i'd love to see that moment when vinci and adrian discover that the new girl isn't a hot girl with a lil' bit of booty, but you know, it's teddy's sloppy seconds. and there was that last shot of briana actually at a job; i'd seen her at castings and what not, but i didn't know she got jobs; i just thought she was the yoda of the show whose really into diplo. then there was the classic caddy comment from suzy the booker about britt, "why doesn't she pretend she's making out with jesus?" so much venom; brilliant. and perhaps the greatest piece of the show the role reversal; the last half of the season, it had been about the success of the good twin, sabrina and the failure of the evil twin, kelly, but kelly gets a job and boom! one of the greatest televised verbal sparring matches and the return of emo sabrina; she's got the glasses on, hair in a pony tail, probably rockin' a scrunchie, and naturally, her face has broken out again and not even pro active could help her out.

the new season needs to start tonight, tomorrow, yesterday or sometime next week or at least pump out the reruns.

speaking of mtv, i'm going to go out on a limb and claim that linette will be the break out star of the new real world/road rules challenge; interesting concept. sexy, young, new people who've never been on the real world or road rules before battle the same 5 people who can't seem to get over being on "the real world" and their main source of income (going to night clubs and shouting random things over the p.a.) allows them to take the winter off to hang out in australia for a month and half. basically, its a season of "road rules," cept the reality tv performers guild has a rule that forces mtv to use all the never was beens on any bruim/murray reality program involving physical activities. semi related, i can't believe i'm diggin' on a latin girl when the new thing is persian girls.

also the new thing, but at the same time its an old thing (shout out to the thigh master) is girls buttering husks of corn. and of course, always something, asian girls.

this happens everytime "deceptacon" by le tigre comes on at a party; its just one of those jams and if that song comes out at a party and nobody moves, then you should probably go home unless you know somebody whose sick in the bathroom.

okay, now here's what i think about the "killa season" deluxe album edition. as most of us know that the new cam'ron album, "killa season" comes out on tuesday and cam's short film, "killa season" has been out on dvd for a couple of weeks now. now from what i can tell from the best buy ad for the album; the deluxe edition which includes a dvd but its not "killa season" the movie; it's going to have music videos for "get 'em daddy," "touch it or not," and a jr writer tune, trailer for "killa season," behind the scenes footage and of course, scenes from "killa season 2". so if you're a total dip set mark, then you'll probably pick up the deluxe edition and you already have the dvd; but if you don't have the movie like me, since i assumed that the deluxe edition features a copy of the movie. anyways, if you pick up the dvd & the album from best buy, you'll save about 5 bucks or you could netflix it; people who also watched it, also enjoyed the pianist and monster; say what?

as for "killa season": the album, i'm only about seven songs into on my ipod and i haven't been wow'ed yet. its pretty good. i could barely understand the first voicemail skit; i'll try to finish it out on monday afternoon, but i have to drive around with the album first before i make an official statement. then again, what do i know about music? i just drive around listening to the same six songs off of ""after the gold rush" over and over again.

new el-p single; one of these days, he'll come out of the paincave with a new album that i bet you dollars to donuts will contain a reference or two to blade runner

chan-wook park is a filmmaker that i think has a lot of skill and abilty, but none of this films had hit the mark for me. as i said earlier, sympathy for mr vengeance started out great, but just became rather boring after a while; old boy had its moments, but the hype from sites like this made the film collapse midway through. yet with sympathy for lady vengeance, for me, at least, i think park has really knocked one out of the park. i don't know what the fanboy community's reaction to the film is; i assume it's not good because sympathy for lady vengeance isn't a film filled with "whoa, that was cool" moments, but more of moments like, "whoa, that's a beautiful composed shot; look at the mis-en-scene". park has made a film that demands to be seen on the big screen; every piece of the frame is used to maxium effect; brilliant sound design and just vibrant colors. the film hits alot of notes; it feels like a pinky violence film then in certain spots, there's a great sureal quality to it; bunuel esque; for me, park has the same sensiablities of a director like jodorowsky; a nice and sometimes uncomfortable blend of violence and comedy, but with the visual flair of fincher. i'd love to see chan-wook park do something in america, but at the same time, i realize that he'll probably won't be able to do what he wants to do; he'll have to dance to around studio politics; so i'll just keep on waiting for his korean films to slowly trickle over to american.

if you're going to see it, don't watch the trailer or anything, just go in, knowing its a film directed by the dude who made oldboy; the less you know, the better.

sorry to say this al gore cause i voted for him and that openning monologue on "snl," the other night with the parrell universe where he was the president made me laugh, but it also made me extremely frustrated and sad; but anyways, there's no such thing as an objective truth in cinema; so he's lying with his film an inconvenient truth; it's probably fairly close to the truth, but its still weighted heavily to affect his own personal agenda. i'll see the film and probably afterwards, i'll want to walk home, trade in my car, get a hybrd and renew my subscription to the nation. i'm so cereal about the matter.

another sorry to say moment, to any and everybody whose losing their collective shits over wolfmother and how awesome and heavy they are for a three piece rock band. fuck that, dude, sleep was a three piece band that played way heavier music and sang songs about getting stone and dragons; northern california will always win over a bunch of austrialian guys with at the drive in hair.

i just remember how good sleep was the other day; was sorta on the chip, remember that i had one of their albums in the trunk of my car and calmed down a bit. i really need to take anger management classes this summer.

it should be noted that the robin brown reading challenge begun over the weekend. i basically dared robin to read the greatest book ever written "youth in revolt". i finished the book in a week, but the challenge is for him to finish the book irregardless of a time table. so bomb his blog with comments about the book and how far along he is with it.

does anybody who read this, go to uci cause i have a question about the layout of the campus. i spent an hour there, wandering around, listening to my ipod, listening to air once, so i wasn't really paying attention to the names of place and things. so i was bored, waiting for a movie to start the other night and i picked up a copy of the uci newspaper and i was flipping through their campus police log and there was an incident at a place on campus called "middle earth"; the incident: "a second hand report of two white males; possibly intoxicated, vandalizing the kitchen and burning items on the stove.

never mind scratch; after writing said line, i googled middle earth on uci and it's student housing; it lost a bit of its luster. although, i still like the fact that the crime of a white male approaching females, asking for phone numbers was reported in the commons.

little known fact: samaire armstrong has ass. pretty surprising.

anybody else notice that amajority of the female on air talent for g4 are brunettes? not saying that an all brunette team is a bad thing; i think its a very good thing, but you know, perhaps for amajority of male america, they'd be into blondes who aren't that funny as like morgan webb and have the relability that olivia munn has (i don't play video games, she doesn't either, but yet we still check out g4 tv).uncle grambo says it better though

in about 6 months from now, i bet you that star of 'the star & bucwild show' will find a job at xm. that is if he doesn't get 'r kelly'ed' in jail

dwyane wade for president

hey clips set, i know its great that the series is in knots, but you gotta still win two more and let us not forget, you have to go back to arizona. perhaps, its due to where i'm from, but this series is alot of fun and one of the best playoff series i remember watching in a long time and the weirdest thing and this perhaps due to where i'm from, but there isn't a real bandwagon going on for the clippers (granted, you can say i'm bandwagoning, but here's the thing, i'm a fan of southern california doing well and if i have to root for the dodgers, i'll do it, under protest of course). maybe, everybody is just giving them a trial run as if they're adding a third wife to their line up or something. besides being the dip set of the nba, the clippers are now officialy the margene heffman of southern california sports; we're starting to love spite their owner's mistakes and their number 1 celebrity superfan being billy crystal. nobody is getting too crazy in the bars about the clips; they're getting more crazy with the regular hostess who has the night off


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