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May 6, 2006

it was there that i saw you

[video via rewritable content; they have alot of good video from the show.]

you know that lcd soundsytem song, "losing my edge," and how james murphy talks about how he was jokingly there when all such and such things happen. well, i can not joke about being able to say i was there when nick diamonds of islands set off fireworks on wilshire blvd. but that's not even half of it, the show its self had to be one of the best shows i've ever been to. that night, i had started to use a new term for hot and cool things, 'chocolate' cause jamie foxx said it on the wrap up show the other day and it sounded pretty good, but here's the problem, i need jamie foxx to come up with a new term to describe the best everness of islands live. you can tell that these guys are extremely happy and excited to be play music, then in turn, you're happy and excited. i assume that its a similar feeling when one watches the polypronic spree play, but there's quite a difference, islands make amazing music where as the polypronic spree is a bunch of people in sheets dancing.

the cat has been let out of the bag about islands' live show about how during the encore performance of "swans," which was amazing, btw, they take their music to the streets and play for a little while and just hang out after the show. well, since it was cinco de mayo and all, they had some fireworks to celebrate. the el rey felt unusually warm, almost like a sauna, so there was a feeling that something was up and somebody came over the p.a. right before islands' set and point out all of the exits for the venue; so they knew ahead of time as well and didn't want another great white. so flash forward through a great set where they played all of the hits and l.a.'s very own bus driver came out for "when there's a will, there's a whalebone" (no subtitle though) and some 11 year old kid smashed a pinata.

so the encore came and they were playing "swans" and nick diamonds had a little sparkler on the neck of his guitar and he lit it, sparks came and it was great, but then like 10 seconds later, some tech guy from the el rey put it out. then diamonds put down his electric guitar, picked up an acoustic one and said something along the lines, fuck this place, we have more fireworks. then the audience parted as if it was moses and the red seas and we followed nick diamonds out of the el rey and out onto the streets. on the exiting process, only some pudgey vegan chicks fell down, but thats only from perspetive; by the by, why are vegans pudgy? you'd think they'd be skinny and alot more healthy, but you know there are those vegans who are about as fat as i am, but this is all besides the point.

so we all quickly exit the el rey and make our collected ways across the streets to the smart & final, where nick diamonds is sitting in a planter, letting off bottle rockets. about a minute or two after a majority of the show's crowd was across the street, a fire truck pulled up across the street, you know just in case, but nothing happened, cept for letting off some bottle rockets with banjo accompaniment and hand claps. it was one of those great moments and you know, if you missed, then you missed it and there's no excuses aside from going to a great cinco de mayo or what, but for the most part, if you didn't do anything on cinco de mayo and just sat around, then you blew it.

yesterday was one of those classic quality days, you know like the one ice cube used to rap about. goofing on how harrison ford has to that moment in the film where he points at somebody; talking about stanley kubrick's casting choices; watching basketball in hd (ohmygod!); cavs won; shortys with their hair down in shorty shorts; got to hear "for those about to fart" (you gotta get sirus; mike walker of the gossip game is perhaps the greatest farter of all time) and i was humbled by the greatest of the drummer for the band, why?; but the worst part, there was a chunk of the 5 south closed last night, which was utter bullshit cause why would you shut down a portion of the freeway on a heavily trafficed night like cinco de mayo; granted, its a good way to ease up on the drunk driving, but you're sending people in a round about way for what appeared to be nothing.

also, shout out to cadence weapon for rapping over mu's "chair girl"; a definite highlight on a high quality friday.

ps. fuck leggings.


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