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May 19, 2006

losin' my love part 2

the most nerve racking 12 point lead ever

why is he complaining? the 3 day break is going to benefit his lackluster ass the most; perhaps my eyes aren't as sharp as the guys who called the game on channel 5, but the suns got within striking distance when nash wasn't in the game, but as soon as he came in, they started to suck like a tired old lot lizard looking for a fin.

doesn't matter game 7 is monday night and basically it'll be the american remake of battle royale, which also means, i gotta jam through my final on monday night; but then again every playoff game is on sirius.

related: also, the phoenix p.a. cant play any west coast rap songs during the game or at least any songs from l.a. artists. you have to play your own rappers songs during the game.

skeet on... hot 10 of 2006; gotta get hits for the spin off one of these days. although it should be noted, if you're a regular reader, you pretty much already know the top ten, but the order they are in is rather shocking!

arrivederci marissa cooper; now does this mean i have to move full time over to the spin off, since in theory, willa holland is going to be a regular cast member next season and well, mischa barton is burning all sorts of bridges with the producers of the show and on that show, you know once a character dies, they tend to stay dead; so you know, so when the fall comes around, do i have to pop over there full time?

old photo, but still a classic never the less. it's a good news/bad news situation with "v.mars" getting picked up for a third season; its reached "arrested development" status; picked up for a full order, but if the ratings start to sag like jessica simpson's boobs, then it'll be reduced to 13 episodes. so seriously, people watch the show on the c-w next season. it should be noted that i still haven't watched the last four episodes of "v.mars" yet.

who else thought that when they saw these two have a rather lengthy scene together that "lost" the other night was going to be a decent episode? i certainly didn't. i don't think it'll happen by the end of the season finale, but you know, maybe charlie could go swimming and just never come back at all. also, granted that there'll be no repeats next season, abc's plan for "lost" doesn't make alot of sense; 7 new episodes in a row, break, then the rest of the season in january. a break, regardless of how long it is, will definately cause a loss in the audience; we have no attention span; so abc, man up, pull a fox and do what they do with "24". start the season in january and just show new episodes until the end of the season. its a win-win. the fans get what they want, you get ad dollars, disney gets dvd dollars cause people are going to buy the dvd to catch up on what happened since last may. its win-win and maybe we'll see some great video of matthew fox, drunk tackling another beloved symbol of a holiday. i'm thinking he'll kick a plastic santa like a football.

anybody else gland to see the negative ads on tv for the democratic primary for governor of california? the quality of the attack is pretty good; basically each ad is a response to the previous ad and naturally, the ads air within commercials breaks of each other; so it just seems like children fighting with each other. i can't wait for the real governors race and the negative ads for the governator; do you want a man who'd agree to play the part of "mr freeze" to help create funds for your child's education?"

the sexy results' review of "killa season"

the fader has "hustlin'" remix featuring jay-z & young jeezy; yeah, rick ross is still fucking ross like white on white.

the robin brown reading challenge update: the last time i spoke with, which was on wednesday afternoon (there's been some unanswered texts about the upcoming bloc party & broken social scene show at the greek; i'm rather annoyning with my text messages) and he said that he was at the 50 page mark with "youth in revolt".

has anybody been checking out the sundance channel's airing of "city of men"? the spin off mini series of one of the greatest films ever made city of god; i tried to watch an episode, but i was kinda bored by it; perhaps its one that you have to had watched for the very beginning to apperciate.

the criterion collection after, well ever since i've been collecting laser discs up until now, have finally changed their look; the people at criterion forum aren't that pissed yet either. but for all you dvd nerds, you know what this new look for criterion means that eclipse won't happen after all. personally, it doesn't matter to me just as long as criterion releases holy mountain onto dvd within 10 months from now.

now yesterday, i sorta geeked out over juelz santana's apperance of "my super sweet 16" and after watching that episode, i have to say, it was probably my favorite episode of the show. so not only did we see juelz wearing a paul frank hoodie which is very similar to a paul frank hoodie i own (okay, same color, different graphic), but the guy whose party it was, had rihanna at his party and he entered the party riding a camel with rihanna, then the guy proceed to make out, grind, and hug on every single jersey girl in front of rihanna. you'd think rihanna would be enough, but the guy was outta hand. and the guy had fatman scoop at his party, performing live, which is weird cause they probably paid him a nice amount of money to basically shout out and then the kid got some riddiclious car for his birthday that juelz had to point out that he had it on order and would be getting it next week. yet the best part of the episode was when the kid was about to do his song, there were technical difficulties, at first, i thought it was juelz kicking the power out, preventing the kid from embarrasement, but they let the kid rap and well, he wowed over a mess of jersey girls.

this past week, for me has been one helluva of a struggle; as if i was crossing 110th street. yet its hard for me to explain why it was such a struggle. it shouldn't be a struggle, but it is and i've been in situations that are rather unusual for myself and i feel as if i have to explain myself to everybody; for example, when i go into places and there's a sweat on back, i want to stop everybody and explain to them that i have leather seats in my car and it gets a bit warm in there and i was sitting in my car for a couple of minutes after parking cause bubba was going to play a new ned bit but never did; so here i am with a wet spot on my back. this is why i'm concerned about global warming. i want to save the environment and all, but more importantly, i figure, if we do something to save the world, it'll help me stop sweating as much. so i have this sweating thing hanging over my head and i go to outdoor malls, looking for stores that carry syndrome shirts and when i find the store, i find some nice clothing and i'm at the register, i just have the weirdest conversation with the people who work there.

if i was talneted writer, i would've written this already, but one of the things i've always wanted to write about is bringing panic and anixety attacks in conversation with people, especially women you'd like to get to know in the biblical sense, is a sheer fire way to kill any vibe that had been created. its like making that joke about any particular disease around somebody and of course, you don't know it, but somebody close to them had said disease. its painful and awkward and uncomfortable and you want to leave as soon as humanly possible. so, i'm at this store, chatting with the people behind the counter and the girl mentions about how they're openning a store in santa monica, on the promenade and i know thats a big deal for a clothing store to move from a couple of stores in orange county to santa monica, where there's going to be alot of foot traffic and what not. i attempted to seem excited for these people, but me being me and living blindly to the words of "i'm honest to a fault and its my fault that i'm honest" i had to mention that i have troubles parking in santa monica and of course, the other person mentions how he has had no problems so far. then i have to bring the tight corners in the parking structures, etc, and of course, i have to bring up the fact that i get anixety attacks when i'm in tight parking situations.

granted, i'll never probably see these people again. so in the grand scheme, it doesn't matter all that much, but still, i felt the need to explain why i couldn't make it to their store in santa monica. and the weirdest move of all was the guy who told he could park easily in santa monica brought up on how he's claustrophobic. now, i don't know if this was a move to be sympatheic and make me not sound that crazy, but it's like, just let me live with my stupid problems; don't try to be helpful.

the other thing was like a moment out of broken flowers, but thats another story.

i see you, well, that is to say, i saw you, dj am and if i'm thinking what you're thinking, its an upgrade to go from a surf board to 'welcome to england' tits. although, he'll still probably end dealing with the same issues about eating disorders and everything else. perhaps, i'm assuming too much. you know lindsay probably knows dj am and just went out to support him and say, "what's up" and ask if he could play "wuz up" by bo hagon or that one freeway song produced by bangladesh or that pharrell/kanye track (which i still haven't heard yet).


At 10:53 AM , Blogger Najork said...

egad, is that kb with the girl from brick? awesome. one of many things i failed to write about when i was out of the loop.

the death of marissa cooper was one of the worst-written hours of television i've ever seen. jesus.


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