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May 12, 2006

me and my arrow

we all have our various problems with the mtv network. one of these days, we're all gonna work out our issues and feel alot better about things.

so my current problem with mtv lies with the fact that my dvr fucked up and when i tried to watch the season finale of "8th & ocean," nothing happened. alls i got was a black screen and the inablity to fast forward. yet i assumed i was okay because mtv is a network that prides themselves on rerunning programing into the ground. countless catch up marathon of shitty season after shitty season of road rules and you know, the weekend after "8th & ocean," you know, boom bazooka joe, i could catch a rerun of it and not havin that returning feeling that you'd get when you'd miss a day of school. yeah, its good to skip school, but what if the greatest thing in the history of said school happens; like there was some great fight at snack and some dude broke his arm during and you blew it cause you had a cold, but of course that never happened.

anyways, thats besides the point and the point i'm attempting to make is this, so i do a search for "8th & ocean," on the program guide and of course, there's no showings of the show at all. take that back, there was a showing on tuesday afternoon, but it changed to a showing of a show about fat camp.

so i did search of what shows mtv feels the need to beat into the ground as opposed to the season finale of its better, quality programming.

-"wild 'n out," featuring the very un-hilarious nick cannon is shown 10 times
-"tiara girls" the show about fat girls in beauty pagents is shown about 23 times
-"date my mom" a show that i'm slightly fond of is shown 24 times
-"parental control" which is a horrible retread of "date my mom" is shown 26 times
-"yo mama" which the less said, the better is shown an astounshing 32 times in a week period

and finally, "my super sweet 16" will be shown 43 times in a week period. 43 times of the same fucking show. stuck up rich girl or stuck up rich gay dude pout and bitch; well they act the way i'm acting about the lack of "8th & ocean" repeats, but come on, 43 times over a 7 day period. is that show still that popular that it needs to be beaten into the ground. they can't squeeze in a quick block of two episodes of the adventures of everybody's favorite miami mommy, briana hicks and the tranny she works for. they just have to pump out wilmer jams and keep on pushing those upperclass aspiration vibes.

and naturally, this wouldn't be an issue if i could watch the show on mtv.com's overdrive bullshit, but it's pc only. i understand that 80% of the consumere market uses pcs, but you know, there's still that 20% of people who'll tell you that they're cool guys cause they have macs. basically, mtv is forcing me to download and break the law because i want to watch the season finale of their show, but you know, since there's only like one guy in ed hardy gear and a wallet chain, i'm shit out of luck.

i'm working out alot of issues right now. not sure if it'll be a good story; probably not. you know, i just want to eat a hamburger and be quietly disapointed by chan wook park's lady vengeance; the first vengeance film was boring; the hype killed the second one but that one side scrolling shot was chocolate and this will be a combination of the two and there fore, i must watch it.

perhaps cat sadler said it best when she said, "i'm not that cool."


At 12:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah man, i feel ya on the lack of 8th & Ocean reruns. I noticed a month or so ago that MTV rarely reruns episodes of the show. I missed an episode a couple weeks ago and had to wait till monday at like 1 or 2 in the morning to catch the rerun. (imagine how it's been for those of us that don't have dvrs!)

At 7:22 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

You want to borrow my spare IBM ThinkPad laptop to you can see the show?


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