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May 5, 2006

on the (hot) chip part 2

why didn't they foul somebody in those last precious seconds? you know send somebody to the line, for a deuce and they still would've won by one and we'd be out in the streets, dancing, going nuts cause, it's the hallway series, it's the battle of los angeles: beyond the terrordome, it's billy crystal vs jack nicholson, it's frankie muniz vs dyan cannon. it's bigger than the western conference semi finals, it's bigger than winning a ring, it's about proving how awesome southern california is. yeah, our means of transporation are fucked up and we elect our public officials cause they either have hot daughters or they were the dude who said "it's not a tumor!", but we're the home of tommy's, astro burger and some of the greatest and greasiest hole in the wall mexican resturants; we're the home of people who are famous for doing nothing but shopping, partying, and dating other people who also famous for doing nothing. so you see having the clippers and the lakers grind it out for seven games in staples means alot more than losing to the dallas mavericks in the conference finals; it's battle of lifestyles in southern california. the clips, you know, they're the sexy, liberal, patroitic young upstarts who play solid basketball despite having the monster from the matterhorn ride on their team. and you know that classic purple & gold has become as synonymous with l.a. as fake tits and trophy wives. there were those great battles between magic and larry legend in the 80s and those early 2000s games where it was shaq & kobe vs each other, world; great times. and you see, this series needs to happen not only to help out on the ratings for the playoffs, but it's the passing of the guard; it's the clippers finally getting their respect and basically a seal of approval from the world. so nba officials on saturday night, let a few kobe elbows slip, if lamar travels, let it slide a couple of times and if smush parker has the ball, call a time out and say, "you're cold as ice, dude, but not in the fun m.o.p. chipmunk soul kind of way". i mean, lake show, clearly from a monday morning quarterback position, you could've won that game many times over. turn overs, turn overs, turn overs will always kill you and correct me if i'm wrong since i'm too lazy to look up stats, but i believe i heard that 20 or so points that the suns scored came off of turnovers. yeah, dude, you could've won. and here's another thing about the suns, they can't play any defense; so just poud it in there, grab some rebounds, in the last couple of moments, don't foul steve "i shouldn't be the 2006 mvp" nash" and give kwame some xanybars on the plane out to the shittest state in america.

seriously, southern california needs to be unified in a heated debate over what basketball team is better, not over immigration laws.

look at me, telling somebody to take a xanybar. if anybody needs a xanybar, its me. i'm going to do my all to avoid watching the game on saturday; its like i said, i don't need anymore anixety in me life. let's just be happy about the small, trivial mindless things; mark from music for robots has pointed that the wu tang names shirt does exist; let's happy for matt sweeney covers of iron maiden, this girl, her too, killa season is coming soon, the album, not the movie, ginnifer goodwin, and so far, bubba the love spone hasn't been fired yet!

and oh yeah, han solo shoots first, bitches!


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