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May 30, 2006

the other half of me

now, the dnc needs to hear me out for a moment. so, we all know that tech·ni·cal·ly al gore won the 2000 election, and well, kerry never impressed anybody, even me. looking towards the 2008 election and the potential of a hiliary clinton run for the president. granted, anybody would be better than bush, but are we really ready for a lady president? didn't that geena davis show about a lady president get canceled? and isn't the lady president on "prison break," an evil character? public preception of a female president is sketchy at best. so, i'm just saying that dwayne wade would make for an excellent running mate on the clinton '08 ticket. if the guy made that shot, then i think he could lead the country or at least, the party could finally win the state of florida

alternate angle for those who wished that function really took off beyond porn dvds.

also, vanessa minnillo is in san diego county currently doing the trl thing, which means two things: i may have to break my hell diego ban early (i was thinking of going down for comic con) and b, road trip!

somebody called the other day and left me a message which basically told me to stop writing my blog, but then i called them back and said i was watching "deadwood," then there was brief discussion about how you could get plastered in about 5 minutes if you played a drink game for the word, 'cocksucker' on that show.

shout out to persian girls with big hair in capri pants.

see you thursday on the spin off; its already 5 single spaced pages in word.


At 4:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

rachel bilson was just in san diego, so that means it's officially a rad place...regardless of it's panic-inducing qualities.


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