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May 10, 2006

soaked in apple juice

friends, i honestly don't know where to even begin. last night, i had the distinct pleasure of being one of four hundred who saw what appeared to be the final cut of borat! and well, guys, i have to say, its pretty damn funny. actually, i'd go as far as saying its probably one of the funniest films ever made. there are three to four minute long stretches in the film where you do nothing, but laugh yourself sick. remember that scene in the 40 year old virgin where steve carell got his chest waxed and everybody thought that was one of the greatest scenes in comedy history. well, there's a sequence in borat! that blows it completely away. i'm not going to say much about the plot, but you should just know that it's offensive. really offensive and as it stands right now, i'm wondering how much they'll have to cut out to get an 'r,' let alone a hard 'r' because the cut that i saw, it'd easily be an nc-17. borat! is a film that everybody needs to see and should see a couple of times because you're going to laugh over alot of jokes from the joke before it. the biggest surprise for me was how good the film looked; granted it was digital projection, but i think they shot the film on hd and it looks really good. as it stands, borat! is probably the best film of 2006.

todd philips must kicking himself in the ass for leaving the project.

also, to make an excellent night even better, had not one, but two celeb spottings at roscoe's house of chicken & waffles of sunset. first, jason biggs who has an attractive gal pal, but he's strictly all about himself; talking about how they should've done this or how the producer should listen to his ideas more often; i also heard him talking about that jamie kennedy show and bob saget. but the better celeb spotting was seeing christopher massey aka michael from one of my favorite tv shows, "zoey 101". i wanted to say something, but he seemed so much more cooler than jason biggs. he gave a nod cause i think he could tell i was a fan.

also, this blog looks best when viewed in safari. in internet explorer or firefox, it looks very tiny and i apologize to those who do the read in those browswers, but i'm stuck in my ways.


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