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May 1, 2006

spaze out

what southern california really needs right now is the battle of l.a.; clips and lakers sluggin' it out for 7 games at the staples. holy moly. nobody is going to get anything done those nights.

"real world: key west"'s svetlana trying way too hard to make that deer in the headlights look oh so sexy.

and if you haven't already, please listen to "spaze out" by lupe fiasco; not sure if its a just blaze track or not, but chi town is sorta shutting things down as of right now.

and finally, any day that you get to see some shorty shorts action is a quality day.


At 12:34 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Ye and 'Pe did "Touch the Sky" on Letterman tonight. Outside of The Roots, I don't think there's a better live act in hip-hop.


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