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May 17, 2006

such crushing heights....

holy shit basketball that broke my fragile lil' heart. raja bell should probably run for mayor of phoenix; way more popular than mayor phil gordon (he probably couldn't even get tickets)

sam cassell has brilliant in amajority of the second half except for those 8 seconds; ps. who the fuck calls 8 secons anymore?

shawn marion is the real mvp on phoenix. well, him, tim thomas and raja bell are the mvps; everybody else blows and doug collins wants to get all swampy with those three dudes; tnt is biased towards the clippers.

mike d'antoni still has no upper lip.

elton brand was "alec guinness" status in a losing effort. from what i heard, from other sources that elton paid to have the crazy red & blue suit man come to the game in phoenix.

yeah, chris kamen (islands) or as he'd liked to be called, 'k-man' can get the rebounds, but he creeps everybody out by trying to do his impression of the guy in the "come to daddy" video.

jack seemed impressed, but i don't think he'll be switching over. jack is a perfect visual representation of how most of southern california is treating the clippers; its unnatural to cheering for the clip set and for most, this may be their first feelings of loyalty to a sports team, but it's like, whoa these guys are alot of fun even when they fuck up.

game 6 will be one for the ages.

the miami heat white out looks like something out of an episode of "my super sweet 16". not very threatening; looks like there was a white sale at mashalls; take that rip hamilton!

btw, "killa season," is only 'pretty good.' too much 40 cal; and that super keyboardy cut from jr writer's album is good, but i have to wonder if jr writer's whole album is going to be super keyboardy.

"pop rocks the puss" is the new "shock the puss," and may be the catch phrase of the summer.

related, "promiscuous" by nelly furtado & timbaland maybe my choice for the jawn of the summer even if there's a reference to steve nash in it. catchy chorus, easy to dance, sounds good coming out of a car with the windows down. thank goodness timbo is back!

"where i end begin and you end" by radiohead is just... i dunno, good.

gods girls will probably never launch; what's the deal with that, visa?

and i saw dennis rodman at fashion island in newport beach yesterday. so its official, i have my dennis rodman orange county story; if you don't have one and you live out here, then you must be doing something wrong.


At 2:52 AM , Blogger tony said...

fucking raja bell. you know those montages they play right before the second half, showcasing first half highlights and obnoxiously edited? well tonight the miami new jersey montage was set to some new pornographers tune as opposed to the usual tom petty's runnin down a dream. fucking hilarious. since when was tnt so cool.

At 9:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

regarding gods girls, judging by what i read in a magazine article a few months ago, suicide girls may be hitting them up with legal issues claiming that GGs copying them.

At 11:47 AM , Blogger Ian said...

Who's the Jeremy's Iron performer of the playoffs?


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