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May 16, 2006

wanna break you down so badly

i said too much the other day and well, right now, i'm so upset about things that i don't even want to talk about other things.

are we all seeing through this bullshit deflection shield, right? because you know illegal immigration totally is the reason why i'm paying 3.60 a gallon when i fill up my car and these illegal immigrants are the reason why we're fighting a war without a plan, right? and they're the reason why we're gonna have the hottest summer on record, right?

dont blame me, i voted or at least, last week, i had someone vote for katharine mcphee for me.

also, it should be noted that raja bell has also lost his l.a. privileges; you know if bush really wants to impress people with his plans for immigration reform, then he should deport that evil canadian steve nash.


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