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May 24, 2006

we speak your name

much like that instant best friend relationship that occurs when one celebrity runs into another celebrity, people who not only make shitty music as well as starting in bad movies also form an instant best friend bond with each other. although, 50 did make "in da club" and pars hilton is crazy enough to cover gnarls barkley's "crazy". hasn't paris hilton seen the episode of "american idol" when randy jackson politely tells somebody that their version of "greatest love of all" can't hold a candle to the orignial version; cause the girl is no cee-lo green by any strentch of the imaganation. you know that's like me pitching a remake of jules et jim as a romarama (romantic drama) vehicle for kate hudson, jimmy fallon, and some other actor i strongly dislike.

an open letter to josh schwartz; marking out to myself, but yeah, i'll be the first to say it, i didn't fully hit the nail on the head; just a pretty solid tap. if anything, it just reads as a plea for willa holland to wear cool outfits next season and less death cab.

well, this week looks like a bad week for local favorites. first, the angels are on the skids (even though, they won yesterday), the clips lost game 7 on monday night, the ducks are down 3 games in the playoffs and the dodgers, well, who gives a shit about them. and now, the pride of sherman oaks, katharine mcphee is on her way to being the runner up on "american idol". so much for a home court advantage and the support of eric the midget/actor. much like the clippers, katharine mcphee knew after taylor's second song when paula was ready to have taylor hicks' babies right then and there. what also hurt was the lack of hot outfits; they were cute, but you know, nothing too terriblely hot.

also, what happened to kellie pickler? did you see her in the audience? i thought it was darva conger for a minute; jeepers. l.a. does terrible things to people. although, mandy moore looked as if she just came from the beach; way to rub the fact that movie stars are better than everybody else in our faces.

have you seen the trailer for ghost rider? perhaps the new worst movie ever and i've seen parts of not only d.e.b.s but, ready for it: white chicks. so i know a thing or two about bad movies.

although to be fair to d.e.b.s, the day i watched it was the same day i watched julien donkey boy, which is a film at first you believe was pretty bad and a tad too long, but then you watch another film and you're like, 'holy shit, julien donkey boy was amazing. i'll glandly take werner herzog wearing a gas mask, dancing around in his underwear over some movie about two lipstick lesbians who never ever make out.

don't you hate it when on the days your hair looks good, you never run into anybody you want to impress with said good hair?

brick, one of the year's best films coming to dvd in july [via davis dvd]; so move it up on your netflix queue.


At 12:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps you've already seen this: Video footage of Autum Reeser's Maxim shoot. She's definately growing on me. I shold have worded that last sentence a little better so as to make a double entendre. Oh Well.


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