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May 3, 2006

welcome to my nightmare aka on the (hot) chip

one quick question: why doe somebody on the lakers haved to be involved with some sexual assault case just as they're starting to get good and interesting again, you know? i was getting ready to root for the lakers again and be excited about the battle of l.a.: beyond the terrordome, but now, it's like, 'ah, geez, phoenix and the clips for a couple. no, thanks. i'd rather slit my ears off than listen to doug collins blow shawn marion for 4 quarters.' the nba talks about how the ratings are down and the people aren't into basketball as much as they used to be and they worry about the 'hip hop' image today's basketball player presents. no, that's not the problem with basketball; it's fucking doucebags like doug collins that are turning people off of basketball.

granted, a major market team hasn't been in the finals for a few years now; gotta love those defensive finals between detroit rock city and san robotville (although, shout out to bruce bowen cause he's one of the successful few from my college). the problem lies with these commentors for the games. honestly, doug collins doesn't know when to shut up and quite frankly, he's giving all of us dougs out there a bad name. most of us dougs are open and honest about being windbags, loud mouth, pretenious assholes where as doug collins thinks he's a basketball mind on par with phil jackson. if he has so much to say, then he should do a podcast or something. so you know, whoever wants to hear about his ramblings, can check them out and be all stoked on his bullshit.

honestly, that has to be my waking nightmare, doug collins providing commentary for facet of my life. or to be stuck in a room with him and paula & svetlana from real world: key west and there's like no stern or anything funny or interesting to listen. you know, just home movies and old game footage and the only thing in the room to eat is like tofu dogs and garden burgers and hot beverages and there'd be like an array of self help books and paula will personaly go through each one and talk about how it helped her and what she didn't like about it, then svetlana would interject every so often with some story that really has nothing to do with the situation, but you know, she wants attention and probably, debbie matenoplous would drop by with some new 'it' clothing item every so often to make it even more fun and she'd go out of her way to mention some cool, funny thing that the new stylist to the stars, kim vo(i bet he didn't cry when he got a barcode) said the other day; just really rubbing it in. that is my nightmare.

and i say this because one, i'm frustrated by the lakes show choking, but mostly, i'm frustrated with this paper i'm writing right now. so this, you guys, are serving as a bit of sanity and a moment of brevity from obessessing composition and all of that other business. i always say this, but honestly, the day that it actually starts to make sense, it's the start of the apocalypse, but it'll be cool; el-p will do the score.

i sincerely recommend that you check out el-p's myspace page; sneak peaks of new mr lif & cannibal ox; both extremely amazing, but there's more of a 'holy shit' factor with cannibal o cause its been eight million years since we've heard them over el-p beats, then again, i never followed their solo stuff. def jux is gonna make 2006 a great year for hip hop. "mo mega" this june.

alessandra ambrosio and izabela goulart are like a much friendlier version of the grady twins from kubrick's the shining. you wouldn't be too scared if you came tearing down some hallway on a big wheel and saw these two at the end of it. although the modern remake of it would have a kid rippin' around on a razor like in the remake of the omen (nice stunt casting with mia farrow, though).

speaking of summer movies, the trailer for the new superman film is online and well, i don't know if my earlier statements about the film being gayer than brokeback mountain are accurate anymore. i still think it's not going to be that good and i can pin point to two reasons why: kate bosworth and the kid. the kid from little i saw of him has a very distinct jake lloyd vibe and a jake lloyd vibe is never ever a good thing and we know that the kid is going to doing something stupid that'll he get him in danger and well, children, especially when they're not your own are extremely annoyning and frustrating. then there's kate bosworth; why turn a so so blonde into a horrible brunette? wha happened couldn't get rachel mcadams? thats the weird thing about rachel mcadams there have been two comic book films that she would've been perfect for, but the parts ended going to be totally wrong for them. i was gonna say they should've casted ginnifer "somebody scratched my car" goodwin for the part of lois lane, but its abit below her.

even with stern, sirius still loses money, which means for us, the sirius listner, long rambles about how he'll turn a profit soon enough, but at the same time, that means we're all going to change over to 101 and listen to bubba the love sponge either make a stripper cry or shoot some hillbilly with 100 paintballs; so it's a win win.

can anybody explain why everybody's all over wolfmother these days?

anybody else going to the islands show friday night at the el rey?

and finally, last night's "8th & ocean," was pretty good. not great, but good. granted there was more of briana hicks in a diplo tee, but i'd really like to see an episode of the show about her cruising around miami, blasting too $hort's "dope fiend beat" getting one nasty left arm tan. the problem with the episode was there was no sean. gotta say that the show suffers when it just focuses in on particular sex. we need a balance of the two sexes. its possible for an episode to juggle a so so storyline about kelly and sabrina and a pretty good storyline about britt's morality (hey, what happened to model's for christ? we need an update, dudes) and some random scene where teddy asks sean for advice about his current situation with britt and briana popping every so often providing the show its extremely necessary lesbian overtones. when it's just about britt's morality and tracie quiting the game, you know, what's the point? sure, britt photoshoot footage is always a blast, but you know, where's the fun? where's the pearls of wisdom from sean? where's teddy helmet of hair? where are the bookers freak out over nothing?


At 10:56 AM , Blogger Robin Brown said...

Doug Collins is the guy who coaches your team before they are great. Before the Bulls were great Collins was there. Before Detroit became great Collins was there. He has to be bitter towards Phil Jackson for taking the Bulls and making them great. He never made it to the finals so he has no grounds to talk.

Kobe didn't get to sleep or practice before yesterday's game. His wife gave birth after the last laker win. I'd like to think that had something to do with this disaster. They will be better rested and practiced for the game at Staples.

Before this series I hadn't seen much of Nash. After watching him play in these games I have to say he is not impressive and certainly not an MVP of the league. I don't get why he is treated like a superstar and is allowed to take 5 steps when he drives to the basket. He has been such a non-factor(other than blowing it for his team). I have barely even noticed the guy. He should be the steve kerr for a michael jordan and no more. The Suns will never have a chance if he's the best player on the team. Stockton status as in no championships in his future.

At 12:36 PM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

I'm definitely hitting up the Islands show and can't wait. I think where there's a will there's a whalebone might be the best song I've heard all year. Good call on El-P's Myspace page. I read an interview with him saying that in this next year he's dropping an album, plus the Cannibal Ox one and an Aesop Rock album is in the works.


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