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Jun 16, 2006


I think the quote of the day from Thursday had to have been from Mark of Hella Awful when he said he’d buy the Dwyane Wade shoe. Clearly, a moment you had to be there to full appreciate, but never the less, a funny moment in a day that was rather jammed packed with laughs. The game its self not necessarily a laugh fest if you’re a Mavs fan or have money on the Mavs pulling through or have made consistent comments of the Mavs taking it in 5 games as well as 6 games (boy, is our face getting red; Ted Kennedy after a couple pitchers of Tom Collins on a sunny July day status), but here’s the most important, at least the series is getting interesting, exciting and physical. Even if the Heat are getting called for 3 seconds violations every 5 seconds, it’s still an interesting and compelling series, until it gets into blow out mode, then well, it becomes a blow out and those are only fun for fans of the team whose winning and people who love to see Mark Cuban lose.

I’m surprised that Mark Cuban has yet to attract some major arm candy for all of these games. He’s going to get at least three to four close ups per game and you know, there’s some C-list or D-list Maxim model chick that would die for the publicity from sitting next to a billionaire who looks as if he hasn’t showered in a couple of days. You know like Kim Kardashian[link via Celebitchy] or somebody of that nature to be Cuban’s arm candy. It’ll be a win-win situation. Kardashian gets some publicity and name out a little more and Cuban will seem a bit more like a normal owner and less like a crazed super fan who should be in the nose bleed seats banging on a cowbell. Give Cuban the make over; put him in the Seacrest style blazer, some Beatle boots, the super expensive button up instead of the too tight Simon Cowell jeans and football jersey.

Game 5 is going to be one for the ages, but I think may miss it, which sorta blows. That leads me to my next point. Next week, no posts at all. I’ll be out of town for the week. Leaving California for a couple of days, clearing my head and what not. Although, my new found security blanket, an tennis racket from the early 80s will not make the trip. When I write, I strum a tennis racket as a way to conjure up new ideas; hasn’t been that successful yet.

For quite a few months now, I’ve been wondering what exactly the appeal of Perez Hilton is and I sorta figured out as I was trying to bang out pages the past two days. It’s just a lot of pictures and when you’re really bored, it’s a really good way to kill time. Pop on, look at some pictures that are not on 18 million other goblogs and just pretend to look as if one’s working. Basically being like Brent Bolthouse on MTV’s “The Hills”.

People, it’s official, Brent Bolthouse is the best actor in the history of scripted reality TV. For a moment, I honestly believed Bolthouse’s disdain and frustration in dealing with Dumb Blonde #01 at the office. The scene where he asks Dumb Blonde #01 to get him a sandwich was classic. “I’m hungry. Heidi, can you go get me a sandwich?” Of course, they edited out the part after she left the room and Brent Bolthouse said, “and never ever come back you ungrateful fashion school dropout.” The editors or whom ever is charged to placing music in that episode of “The Hills,” pretty much dropped the ball on that. There were many moments where it would’ve great to hear the second (although, soon to be third) most over played song of the year, “Bad Day,” as L.C. is driven back to the airport and not getting to watch the Marc Jacobs store. Hey L.C., not everybody’s first experience with Marc Jacobs is a positive one; I wasn’t even allowed to step beyond the welcome mat when I was there, but bear in my mind, I was wearing some ratty sneakers and it was closing time, but never the less, I didn’t have the full fledge awesome Marc Jacobs moment. Or they could used “Bad Day,” when Bolthouse told Dumb Blonde #01 to get him a sandwich. And the other spot where these editors let me down was when that Douchey Guy #02 went over to Dumb Brunette #01, whose name now is Dumb Blonde who now is a Brunette’s apartment. They played some bullshit, fucking romantic Jack Johnson bullshit music cue. They should’ve played “Gettin’ Some Head”, you know, something a little more celebratory than some whiney guy over acoustic guitars. Editors are supposed to be the people who’ll say, “you know, if we throw in a fart sound effect right here, it’ll get a big laugh,” and I’m just baffled as to how they don’t realize that if they play a song with a great sample from Too $hort about getting head when a girl in white pants takes some dofus back into her apartment. I mean, come on, he did treat her to Korean BBQ, which apparently is all the rage these days. Think of laughs first, people, then rational storytelling. Geez. Or at least break off people with that goofy Morningwood song about taking clothes off.

Who else is bummed that GoGoGo Airheart broke up? It may sound lame, but they should put together a ‘best of..’ comp because they had some amazing songs. Personal favorites include: “Last Goodbye” off of “Exitheuxa,” and “How I Feel Tried” off the brilliantly titled, “Love My Life, Hate My Friends.”

Now, I’m not telling anybody to go out and watch The Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift this weekend, but I will suggest to you to try this out instead. If you’re going to watch like Nacho Libre or whatever and there’s just not enough laughs for you in the film, just hang out in the parking lot and watch all of the guys with supped cars or just regular cars attempt to drift there way out of the multiplex. When I saw the first Fast & Furious film (I went with friends at the time who were really into cars, but I didn’t sit with them and I yelled “It’s murder!” every time Ja Rule was on screen), all of these people attempted to peel out of the parking lot and be real cool in their shitty trucks and what not, but they just ended up running over planters or going over concrete dividers, which for the most part are the same thing as planters. Never the less, it was just really funny to stand out side the theater and just watch these people try too hard to impress you with what they perceive to be their quick ability to grasp the concept of drifting. There’ll be so many car accidents in Kansas over the weekend.

Regarding the new Mr. Lif album, “Mo Mega”. Listened to it once so far, will listen to it again when I’m out of town, so, maybe it’s a grower. Never the less, the album didn’t wow me; it’s decent. No where near the quality and excellence of Mr. Lif’s last album, “I Phantom”, but it’s better than most stuff out there right now. If anything the album just makes you hungry for El-P's solo album and more importantly, the new Cannibal Ox album.

A friendly reminder to all of my fellow PT Anderson junkies, remember to keep on checking out the Little Boston News site. I know it’s not much right now, but I’m creaming my RVCA shorts a smidge when I saw the photo of the guy standing behind a couple of flags. And if I got the name wrong, I apologize. I’ve carried a box carrying those too many times, so I may have forgotten the name out of frustration.

Another friendly reminder to all Southern California people, I believe I’ve written about this show before, but I saw a part of it the other day and I was just blown away. First there was “Buscando Amor,” , that Fear Factor rip off show, the “Cheaters” rip off show, and now there’s “Estudio 2”. From what I gather and the little Spanish I remember for all 3 years I took it in junior high & high school, “Estudio 2” is a talent show as well as a variety show. The first time I came upon the show, there was a disturbing puppet on the show that told really weird jokes, but what I saw the other day blew that out of the water. First off, there was a man, who had to have been in late 50s or early 60s, dressed somewhere between Scarface and Saturday Night Live singing a song and out of nowhere on the video monitor behind him, they start to play a video of a midget dressed like Dee Snider in the “We’re Not Gonna Take It” video holding a guitar, walking around. Then the Dee Snider midget comes out on stage with two bikini model stripper types and kick the old guy off the stage. Then what I presume to be the regular hosts of the show come out on stage and all of sudden, some reggaeton instrumental starts to play and everybody on stage starts to dance and more bikini chicks (these ones had real boobs, though) come out onto stage and start dance. Then they cut to a couple shots of even more dancers, but they were wearing shorty shorts. Then they cut back to the stage and some girl who has a very distinct Katharine McPhee vibe, but with elf ears (act like you know) is on stage with another singer and a band behind them. So I guess the show gives prizes away for the best singer. And naturally, the best singer was the old guy and the prize was 500 bucks. Yet here’s the weird thing, instead of giving the guy the money or a check, the cash prize is tucked into the bra top and booty shorts of one of the dancers. So this old guy proceeds to pull his cash prize with his teeth from the dancer’s booty shorts. All the while, the Dee Snider midget is on the stage, rocking out, but he takes off his wig, then smashes his plastic guitar on the stage. I was blown away; like first time I watched Le Cercle Rouge blown away. So of course, when I come back to town, I hope to be fully disappointed by a DVR full of “Estudio 2” without any midgets smashing guitars or old guys using their teeth to touch strippers without getting beaten by security.

The problem with Robert Altman’s A Prairie Home Companion is that it tries too hard. It’s a film that wants to be many things, but it does not want to be what it should be. Sorry if I sound too cryptic in my description of the film, but there are too many storylines or at least character moments in the film that are distracting and taking away from the good moments in the film. It’s very hit and miss; there’ll be a good scene with Woody Harrelson & John C Reilly followed by a scene that adds nothing and runs too long with Virginia Madsen & Kevin Kline. To some Garrison Keillor is a national treasure, but national treasures aren’t immune to doing another rewrite or two before putting in front of the cameras. Lindsay Lohan is good in the film, but she doesn’t have much to work with. It’s just an interesting mess of what could’ve been.

And finally, this will be my last thing on this week’s batch of Stern shows for at least the week or two, but listening to Thursday’s show while running errands, I must’ve looked like a mental patient to my fellow drivers as I slammed my fist into the steering wheel and laughing my head off as Artie and Crazy Alice argued on air or when they played the Jack & Rod show where they played the George Takei laugh track every time that guy said his website. And the part when Luke Campbell talked about how is he banned from the state of South Carolina cause one of his dancers peed on a girl during a concert. I can’t wait to hear today’s show. I bet Mike Walker and George Takei is going to have some bizarre conversation in Japanese. Seriously, you gotta get Sirius. It’s that funny and it’s worth. I’m loaning things out to people when I’m out of town, perhaps I should loan out the Sirius radio. Nah.

See you in a week or something. Check out the new release of Russ Meyer’s Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Just based on watching the trailer for this film, I can easily consider it one of my favorite films ever made. I mean look at it: it’s shot in scope, it’s about an all girl rock group, there’s Nazis in it, there’s chicks with big boobs in it, there’s a lesbian love story; it’s a fine filmmaking from one of America’s greater, yet underappreciated auteur, Russ Meyer.


At 3:02 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good call on the "The Hills" music cues. MTV should give some serious thought to putting fart effects into their big shows on April Fool's Day next year--the way Adult Swim does with its Japanese cartoons. And replace all of the music cues with Too Short and 2 Live Crew clips. It would be hilarious.

At 1:18 PM , Anonymous Yvonne said...

oh man, did that rant about Estudio 2 remind me of the time Sarah and I wound up watching some Univision variety/game show....just utterly confused about the strange mix of colorful characters and silicon sex kitten types. all Sarah could do was say, "this show is UNORGANIZED!" over and over....so the difference between american and spanish-language TV is that the american version is run by tightly-wound producers with surgically implanted earpieces frantically yelling "GO!" at everyone, while the spanish version is a free-for-all featuring as many breasts as possible.

At 4:18 PM , Anonymous pony said...

The Artie/Crazy Alice bit is my favorite Sirius moment so far. I was laughing so hard I almost got fired.

At 10:46 AM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

I've never been a Lif guy myself...too strident for my tastes...I have no problem with the politics per se but Lif is just so unbelievable being that he's about 5'3, totally nerdy and has Battlefield Earth hair. That being said, I've seen him about 7 or 8 times (mainly because he plays at every Def Jux show) and the last time I saw him at Coachella in 05, he played some early Mo Mega stuff and it was the best I've ever seen him before. I'm surprised the album isn't better.

I think Cann Ox is coming to La for a show soon, which Im definitely going to...and the El-P solo stuff is a long time coming...I'm excited but wary of these so-called collaborations with Mars Volta and NIN. Could be bad,but if anyone could make it work it would be El.


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