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Jun 26, 2006

You Talk Way Too Much part '89

Back in California and well, the tale(s) from Hotlanta is taking a bit longer to scribble down than I thought it was going to. Too much to say, I guess. I’ll say this though, to save people some time, I did not see Young Jeezy, nor T.I. nor Spencer Sloan. When ever I hear that people recently went to Long Beach or live in Long Beach, I always ask if they’ve seen Snoop even though, Snoop lives in Carlsbad or somewhere in the Inland Empire where the acreage is cheap! So I naturally assumed that people would ask if I saw the ‘It’ ATL celebrities.

I did however eat amazing ribs and it's all about Da Great Yola, but I’ll just save the rest for later.

The episode of “Entourage,” from a week or two ago where they go to the Valley was amazing, but last night’s episode was really shitty. Besides, doesn’t anybody else think that the “Aquaman” movie failing would be funnier than it be successful? I assume that they already did an arc about one of Vince’s movies failing, but come on, it would be funnier to see them fail again. It just feels too convent that the movie is a hit. I thought this was HBO, not a Fox or CW show. The music supervisor for that show must take whatever fat check he gets from major labels to put their music on the show because there is some of the worst music out there right now on “Entourage” each week. Just completely random and awful music cues. Fort Minor, honestly? For the scene where Ari smashes Lloyd’s statue. Let’s think more out of the box or at least get that extra dollar and get clearance to that song by the Zutons, you know that “Pressure, Pressure,” song. It’s probably been used already on the show, but I’ve never watched the first season and most of the second season.

Just a friendly reminder, Katharine McPhee has nice boobs and I hope that she goes on Stern, so we’ll see a midget fly.


I wish I had more to say about this one, but I think the old guy in the corner with the glasses best describes my reaction. I’m sorta surprised, but at the same time, I have the reaction that Mischa Barton has; the faked laughter, stilted conversations about the same things over and over again (“Yeah, Cis, that’s really going to help break through on radio by playing free show after free show at places like UCI; KUCI has broken so many bands, my dear.”)[I assume that’s what Mischa Barton says]

Don’t you hate when you have shuffle on iTunes and the song sorta sounds like My Morning Jacket, but you check it and it’s only a Band of Horses. It’s a bit of a disappointment, too. What’s even worse is I think I’ve already made this same joke a couple of times already. Shit. It’s too hot today.

I was listening to DJ Drama on the radio the other day and he started to play this amazing version of the song, dare I even say, my favorite song of the year so far, well “Playhouses” by TV On The Radio and “Cannon”. But anyways, this version of “Cannon” had all of the good verses from the various versions of the song and the Busta Rhymes verse as well, but you know, it was all edited together al la Marley Marl’s classic, “The Symphony,” and I want to make the comparison that like all of these girls in a car together is sorta like the “Cannon” mega mix with like Weezey, Freeway, T.I. and I want to believe Detroit Red made the song as well. And you know, Busta Rhymes is sorta like the Cobra Snake taking the photo. It doesn’t really make that sense, but you know, somebody has to sing the hook


At 12:07 PM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

Completely with you on Entourage. The problem with the show is that it should be an hour since in weeks 1 and 3, absolutely nothing happens. Think about it, the entire episode was just setting up plot. HBO's just trying to milk it out and plus if the show was a full hour which it prolly should be, I think people would get bored. It's tough to watch Grenier radiate charisma deficiency for half an hour at a time, let alone double that.

I think They're starved for ideas. They had to make him a star because they've exhausted the avenues of him being vaguely but not incredibly famous. This way if it keeps going much longer, they can do the whole rise and fall angle. It seems like they don't know if they want to be a drama or a comedy and subsequently their attempts to create conflict (ie. that douchebag friend of theirs from Queens) looks really forced. That being said, the Valley episode was awesome. I suppose 1/3 makes you a HOF'er in baseball. But it isn't baseball.


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