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Jul 27, 2006

Days of Being Mild

I believe that we’re all at that point where nobody really gives a shit if we ever see Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’ baby, but I have to entertain this particular theory. Of course, this probably isn’t an original theory and it’s been written somewhere else, but you know, who cares. Call me crazy, but the reason why the public hasn’t seen Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’ baby yet is because the kid has to be deformed or have something like Down syndrome. If the baby was normal, then we would’ve seen it by now. Forget all the baby is made up, Scientology, fake marriage business and let’s assume that they made a baby out of love and what not. A benefit of doubt, if you will. Let’s assume if this child looked remotely normal, we would’ve seen it by now; either in a professional photograph in an issue of PeopleInTouchLife&StyleUsOK magazine by now or at least some blurry paparazzi shot of like Katie Holmes playing with the kid somewhere or Tom Cruise teaching the kid how to surf in the backyard. The baby has to be deformed and not some beautiful creature like everybody assumes that the offspring of Tom Cruise would be. Maybe, the baby has a cleft palate or something crazy.

Or the Holmes-Cruises will release the baby photos when they release their wedding photos. Kill two birds with one stone and get a decent bit change with it.

Fincher & Brad Pitt are getting the band back together for Benjamin Button. The first album was pretty moody and dark where as the last album was pretty political and too experimental for people at the time, but has become a cult classic. So maybe the new album will be a big hit.

“Arrested Development” reruns to air on G4 in the fall, which is pretty awesome, but not nearly as awesome as a Club Cory Kennedy reality TV show. Although, Fox kinda misses the boat by licensing the digital rights to MSN and not Apple. Didn’t Fox realize that a majority of “Arrested Development’s fan base act and dress like that asshole guy in the Mac commercials

Speaking of Club Cory Kennedy, the Cory K Live Journal communities must be a buzz about the new ‘it’ accessory, a Nintendo DS.

I think CBS should try to steal away Olivia Munn for the next season of “Rock Star,” if there’s a next season; maybe to find the new new singer of Super Nova. Munn, while being rather attractive if not more attractive than Brooke Burke also has the same problem as Brooke Burke: they can’t read a teleprompter to save their lives. Watching “Attack of the Show,” one could play a mean drinking game if they’re just playing based on the times Munn stumbles over her words while reading the prompter (although, the game to play if you’re looking to get drunk is drink every time Kevin Perihina tries to be funny). Brooke Burke just reads a teleprompter as if it’s an eye exam. No emotion, no passion, nothing, but Olivia Munn has a bit of energy to her delivery. If those guys at MIT didn’t work so hard on creating Brooke Burke, she’d be perfect to work as the voice when you call to see what time it is and naturally Olivia Munn would look rather cool in some rock n roll clothing.

That Rick Ross album leaked. Guess what? It kinda blows. I can’t even get past the tune that samples the music from Scarface.

People, haven’t we learned anything yet from the events of the last couple of weeks and the comic con incident? Lohan collapses from heat exhaustion. People let’s stay hydrated the rest of this summer because we’re not going to make it through if we just drink cold beer the whole time. I know how good a cold beer can be on an extremely hot day, but you know, have a bunch of water before hand.

I think the reason why US diplomacy won’t work during the current Middle East conflict because Condie Rice uses her sunglasses as a headband. I know that all the girls are trying their darnest to rock a L.C. esque headband these days, but honestly, have you ever taken anybody seriously who chooses to wear their shades on the top of their heads? Either tuck them in your shirt or just take them off all together and put them to the side. Granted, she didn’t put her shades on the back of her neck like most cool guys do (saw a lot of dudes in the ATL doing that while cruising over to some night club). Rice is attempting to prevent World War 3 from happening and the least, she can do is take off her shades. Aren’t there secret service guys who do this such thing?

If I didn’t dig the BTLS so much, I would’ve probably canceled my subscription to Sirius yesterday. If Perez Hilton replaces Mike Walker as the main gossip guy, then I’m dunzo with the Stern show. Earlier in the day, I heard a small part of Perez Hilton’s interview and thought it was interesting, but I heard most of it on another replay and was extremely annoying. Hilton doesn’t seem capable of providing sound bites for great phony calls, let alone, making the greatest fart in the history of radio.

Rachel B rockin’ icy white is always good thing. Granted it’d be a lot better if “Five Man Army” by Massive Attack was playing in the background and I was drinking a Red Stripe.


At 9:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

am i sensing some hostility towards justin long?

At 11:57 AM , Blogger Passion of the Weiss said...

That's all the world needs Brad Pitt acting as an F. Scott Fitzgerald protagonist. That's awesome. If Redford couldn't pull it off, I'm sure his low-budget Mexican equivalent Sr. Pitt will really do just fine.

At 7:34 PM , Blogger Chuck Reinhardt said...

Maybe Condi Rice is thinking about running for politcal office and wants to create a young, hip image wiht the glasses. Or, she could be getting ready to take over the NFL Commissioner's job and wants to show that she can wear glasses just like Al Davis and be cool about it.

At 1:41 PM , Blogger christa t said...

Condi needs to lose the bangs, or do some sort of partnership with Jonathan products.


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